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Improving Your Lifestyle for a Career-Personal Life Balance

Updated on August 6, 2015

Balance is always the key to harmony.

— Unknown

Balance in Career and Personal Life

Are you one of those who find difficulty in balancing your work and personal life? If you are, then it’s high time for you to reassess your priorities and improve a more balanced lifestyle before everything eventually SNAPS YOU OUT!

Achieving this balance is not impossible!

It may looks impossible to achieve a healthy personal-career life balance in today’s fast-paced civilization but it’s never taboo to say that IF THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY! It’s just a matter of believing that you can plus a little amount of knowing that an imbalanced lifestyle will not only set your stress on a skyrocket but will cause you to drop off your productivity level. Depression will surely set in, in the long run.

How to Pull it Off?

You can always achieve a healthy personal-career life balance if you really desire for it. There are lots of ways to do it and here are some tips to improve your present lifestyle.

But the good news is that you can achieve a healthy work-life balance as long as you are well-versed on how to go about it. If you aren’t, here a couple of tips that can help improve your work-life balance and change it for the better.

Trim Down your Work Load

Career-oriented people are usually workaholic and they go about giving up their personal time to boost their careers only to suffer the consequence in their later years. When you had worked hard for your position, you tend to develop that kind of attachment to your responsibility which you don’t want to be part with, even as you go up the ladder. As you are added more responsibilities, plus your unwillingness to part with every single task you had been doing for years even if there are other else to do it for you, you are left with an insurmountable workload. To avoid this, learn to delegate your responsibility. Teamwork and decentralization are today’s corporate practical themes that you should not fail to understand if you want to leave some time for yourself.

With your current lifestyle, what aspect of your life, you are spending much time with?

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A Life Free of Worry and Anxiety

· Separate Career and Personal Life

If you don’t know what you are about to lose, you tend to overwork you self. Your responsibilities are no longer confined to your office, but you even bring them home to work in between family responsibilities. Working overtime, in or out of office can lead to a poor personal-career lifestyle balance.

To have an improved lifestyle, separate your career and your personal or family life. Stop bringing home works. Mentally draw a line between your work and your personal life. The boundary that you will create will set the time for your recharging. Remember that we have that built-in detector in us that automatically sets off once we reach out maximum productivity level.

Most of the time, when people are on the peak of their careers, personal life is given less priority that even relationships suffer resulting to anxiety and worries. If you are facing the same difficulties, and unless you learn to balance every aspect in your life, eventually, you will be embracing depression in the end.

· Take Time to Rest

In as much as you believe that the corporate life depends on you and your ability to do many things possible, you need others to do the work. You can’t be alone in everything if you want to accomplish anything. The more you try to do things on your own, the more you limit your capacity to be productive, and you are indeed robbing yourself of your personal life for that matter. If things will continue to be this way with you, you will find yourself totally exhausted and ineffective in the end.

Always remember that life can always go on with or without you and that applies even in the corporate world. You need to accept the fact that by over doing everything including doing over time, you are in fact robbing yourself of that most valuable asset you have which is TIME!

You can never get back the hands of time and that what makes it more valuable than anything in this world. Time could be anything! It could be MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY or CAREER.

It could be everything you want it to be.

I don’t mean that you stop giving value to your work or career but at least, have a well-define boundary between your personal time and career. Start investing your personal time in rest while at home. With rest, I mean physically, mentally and psychologically. Totally get work off your senses. Knowing the right amount of time for work without compromising your personal time is the key element to a balance lifestyle.

Have Fun and Leisure

All work and no play can make John, a dull boy.

Burying yourself down there in those mountains of workload is not the key to success but the fastest way to earn stress and depression. When you work too much, you drive yourself to your limits and that lowers down even your productivity level. You will only be able to raise it up again once you had proper rest but even rest is not enough to get your mind off your task if you’re the type who can’t separate your career and personal life. This is a disgusting lifestyle.

Before, you end up in a sanitarium, totally get out of that bad lifestyle. Have fun and take pleasure in spending your leisure time with yourself or your family. Indulge in healthy and gainful activities once you are not in your work. This will balance everything for you.

Indulge in Spiritual Meditation

Some of you may find this last part rather out of content. Nonetheless, I’m mentioning this as I consider this with utmost importance. I understand that I am not dealing with a spiritual topic on this one but I somehow had this inner conviction that having an inner sense of peacefulness can give us an overall renewal from this tiring and fast-paced industry.

One can gain inner solace through meditation. Regardless of one’s spiritual belief, spiritual meditation can gift a lift to a downcast spirit. We can’t deny the fact that our physical body is totally entwined with our inner being, our spirit, which somehow happen, to get affected when we lost this sense of balance in our lifestyle. To revive our spirit means to regain back our physical strength and fervor.

Meditation is the act of getting into a state of inner solace and comfort. It puts you completely at ease with everything as your mind is void of negative thought and ideas that could burden your physical being. It is during meditation that you totally drain yourself of bad vibes and develop a clearer disposition in life. For Christians, meditation is hearing and listening to God’s voice. What a better way to feel comfort and Peace while listening to His Words.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line in improving your lifestyle to create a personal-career life balance depends on how you follow the following guide:

  • · Separate Career and Personal Life
  • · Take Time to Rest After Work
  • · Have Fun and Leisure with Your Family
  • · Experience Solace and Comfort Through Spiritual Meditation

There may be a lot more to this and may you sign up in here if you want to receive regular updates. As of now, Why not give this a try?


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