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In rainy season HEALTH IS WEALTH

Updated on January 28, 2012

As the first rain falls everyone is excited to drown in the rain children as well as elders and everyone wants to play in the rain and have fun even elders behave as children. But here arises the problem if they wet in the rain for a long time which results in ill health status. So we need to take special care in rainy season.

As the rainy season starts we notice sudden changes in the weather conditions the temperature is suddenly cooled and humidity rises which spreads many micro-organisms along with the humid air. Disease conditions mainly caused With the bacteria, frequently cold, cough and fever is caused. As school children will gather there is every chance of contamination of these disease ! In the rainy season mosquitoes spread easily these diseases. So even Elders must be cautious about these diseases and as soon as they feel ill health they must consult the doctor. Many people are practicing self medication for small problems thinking that consulting fee of doctor is high. But, its very danger because there may be incompatibilities so be cautious while you use your own treatment methods.

If we take necessary measures we can be safe and away from diseased condition.

Keep your premises clean such that water is not stagnated:

In the rainy season we notice every where water to stagnate. This stagnated water is very dangerous because it supports the growth of mosquito larva as soon as the larva develops it becomes a mosquito and leads to spread of disease like Dengue, Malaria and other diseases. We must avoid such water stagnation and if we can’t eliminate the problem we need to spray mosquito killing agents on the stagnant water . This must be seriously considered if we neglect we are surely affected with dreadful diseases like dengue, Malaria. We need to take care of drinking water whenever we are needed to dring water from well or river heat it and purify. Don’t use water which is not purified.

Food items must be FRESH:

Generally school children prefer to eat out side food while they return from school. Parents must be cautious about this because those food items may not be fresh and they may be contaminated with houseflies and mosquitoes so avoid such food items and warn your children. In rainy season there is heavy food contamination. Keep children away from areas where neatness is not observed especially in areas like hotels, hospitals, sweet shops, Roads. Eating contaminated food items may cause Typhoid, Jaundice, Blood motions, cholera etc.

Eating food items that available in plastic covers is also no a good habit so avoid such instances. Keep your premises clean. Do Not wear wet clothes and if you get wet in the rain get dried as soon as possible because it cause skin diseases. Wash your hands before eating and use a antimicrobial cleaning agent after you go to bath room. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits only, clean them thoroughly before you use .

Have fun in rain with care.

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