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Inadvertently Healing Massages

Updated on June 13, 2015

Girlfriend's sister named "Mating"

She said Baleegh has a healing hands after he gave her a massage.
She said Baleegh has a healing hands after he gave her a massage. | Source


I am healed by him. I had arthritis and ulcer, all gone.
I am healed by him. I had arthritis and ulcer, all gone. | Source

My friend Baleegh shared with me about his massages with his girlfriends. He said he was hesitant to believe that his massage can heal but it happened many times. He didn't believe that he could heal.

Here are some of his experiences in massages...

He said:

" I'm a big guy but I'm very sensitive even when it comes to even killing insects. Crazy I know but I see everything as having a life that is precious even to the insect. Anyway...I can recall some years back when this lady friend of mines would always massage her temple when I was setting across the table from her, complaining about the migraine headaches she had for years. She was sometimes in tears,I felt bad for her so I offered to massage your temple. I cannot recall how long I had massaged her temple when she looked up with a big surprise on her face "IT GONE!!!" Even years later the migraines never returned."

Another scene he said:

"I was lying in bed with a girlfriend and i noticed she would get a frown on her forehead when she would move her body in certain position. I asked what's the problem. She explained that several years ago, she had been in a car accident and had been seeing doctors and chiropractor for years but no relieve. I offered to massage her pain in her back. As I started massaging I could feel a knot in her back the size of a small pecan. As I massaged her, the knot began to move farther down her back so I moved right along with the knot massaging vigorously. I cannot recall how long I had been massaging here back when the sudden I felt this sharp pain in the middle of my palm as she screamed out "ITS GONE!!!"... and it never returned."

He continued telling me another story, he said:

" I had a girlfriend in the Philippines that loved my massages not for any reason aside from loving to be pampered. She asks me if I would massage her sisters back because she had several babies and her back had been out of whack ever since she had children. Sis is very pretty so of course I offered to give her a back massage. Anyway... few days later my girlfriend said "DADDY,MATING SAID YOU HAVE HEALING HANDS". This taken place few years back so I didn't give any credence to her comment because Philippines people can be superstitious about certain things so I paid little attention to her comment but this was the very 1st time my massages was related to healing."

When he's done with his stories, I told him that only few people can heal others. That's because of the positive energy in them coming from the universe. Only the gifted and the blessed ones. Not all has the ability to heal...

So, because of his stories I asked him to give me a massage too. I was complaining and always complaining about my knee on the left side because of my arthritis. He gave me massages twice and all of a sudden the pain's gone. I usually feel the pain when too long on sitting but now I won't complain anymore. I was suffering for too long since my high school days and I know I already had a gout in there. I am feeling okay now. From then on, I believe that he can heal so I asked him to massage my tummy because I had Ulcer. He just laugh at me because he didn't believe I had Ulcer as he didn't believe i had arthritis.He said your too young for that.. I did not force him even I believe in him. One day, I felt so much pain that I can not stand and can not sleep. I went to kitchen to get stomach upset drink to relieve the pain. I told him if he can put his hand on my tummy and pray over me. I told him that his prayer is powerful, he does not need to massage it because it was so painful. So, he did it.No more Ulcer. Amazing!

Now, I don't feel my ulcer anymore. I can't believe that I'm not bothered anymore with upset stomach. I do believe that God blessed him with ability to heal. God hears his voice loud and clearly when he prays.

I also do prayer a lot but I observed his prayers/voice is powerful. I told him you can heal with your prayers...

He does believe in prayers now.


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