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Incompetent Parlor Solutions: Sacred Self-Sabotaging Liberating Esoteric Consciousness

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Come Into My Magic Parlor
Come Into My Magic Parlor

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Impersonal Consciousness Reveals Its Sublime Secrets

The impersonal underlying motivating impetus in esoteric consciousness is without error; it remains constant and true incapable of being swayed, coerced or influenced. All preferential desired actions to bring about a favored personal end will end in obscurity, misunderstanding and confusion.

Trying to delineate the underlying impersonal impetus would do nothing but deliver a platter full of fool’s folly wildly flavored finely chopped desiccated opinion. No more than splintered incompetent parlor solutions would result. For consciousness, though widely prevalent, remains the most controversial mystery baring none.

Buried deep within the incomparable consciousness, self-sabotage exists in order to liberate. If we were capable of discerning exactly what consciousness entails, it would not remain an incalculable mystery but deliver to us remarkable unfettered comprehension.

Debilitating complexes, neuroses, addictions, psychoses, and anxieties stem from the fact that unstated opposition resides parallel to the release of our ‘supposed’ difficulties. These difficulties are based in/on/around specific fears which have been indelibly imprinted during the process of our unmitigated fragile journey.

Along the way, we have inadvertently gathered more junk that the old series “Sandford & Son’ could have ever accumulated and gotten rid of.

Instead of investigating the whens, whats, whys, hows, and wherefores, of our ingrained accepted displayed beliefs, we sort of coast through the wave of perplexing unsettlement without much of a whimper of disturbance until at such time, the incompetent parlor solutions no longer work for us.

We needed the limiting, obstructing, preventative self-imposed rules, guidelines, and accustomed ‘methods’ of doing things so that we would come to the place of crossing the great abyss of absurdity for relevant understanding. No one other than ourselves can build the bridge for our courageous exodus. We have to travel that precariously narrow road, alone.

Everybody’s supposedly got an opinion, advice, and recommendation, {including me}. But, the infallible truth is we must work out our own salvation through “fear and trembling” as Paul stated in one ancient script. The fear of not knowing and the trembling that resides in believing anything that does not resonate with us unreservedly.

There are numerous incompetent parlor solutions based upon the ‘supposed’ knowledge of experts but let it never be said that anyone is more of a specialist in our lives than the one who resides within. Our esoteric self sabotages us for a divine reason. No one else has that kind of power to confirm expedient limitation or apparent harm.

We are deliberately maneuvered by a sacred esoteric consciousness which will not reveal the content of its divine purposed message before the event has conveyed the obstructing factors. In other words, whatever is needful to overcome the circumstances, (people, place and thing) will arrive via unsuspecting situations and affairs.

May I add, complicated, sticky, lingering, webbous romantic liaisons, most especially. Reiterated: all problematic psychological mental difficulties arise because and in spite of the human conscious state exiting within the parameters of the esoteric consciousness.

Consciousness holds within its nebulously sealed vacuum the distortion of what appears to be protective, loving, nurturing, defending, secure, and familiar events and relationships who serve only to bind and restrict.

These quill formed unions are created so that we may be concentrated and focused enough to pull from the pool of potential possibilities found within. In other words, the ‘so-called’ protective barriers we find in life are the lion’s pits of despair and desperation.

We have all heard it said, “Familiarity breeds contempt’, but moreover it builds an even more vengeful emotion: intolerance.

Emotions are developed in order to transcend them. Their viciously vicarious cultivating tentacles of concern breed nothing but pretentiousness and disdain. In the effort to appear authentically loving, interested and helpful, the emotion of impudence raises its foreboding head only to hewn down for fear of embarrassment and ridiculed rejection.

When left to its own accord, divine consciousnesses will only do that which is pure and unbeguling. It has no personal agenda to attend to, nothing to gain, nothing to get, no one to impress. There in lies pure raw unadulterated truth.

If we are alive and breathing, we are motivated by and for personal gain of some sort. This being the undisputed case, we need be ever so watchful for the incompetent parlor games we amuse ourselves with.

Our instinctive fears have been designed by and through a repressed wish of some sort attached to the ‘doubt of manifestation’ whereby it may not come to pass. In this case, the unconscious solicits definitive situations presenting us with the appealing thralls of delight needful for our fears to be exorcised.

Without the lure of enticing increase, we would none be motivated to act. Desire then becomes the therapeutic escalating factor of the incompetent parlor game. Presented in panoramic color, our dreams ensnare us, as well.

As Carl G. Jung so aptly stated, “Dreams are not clear and uncomplicated.” We are caught between a rock and a hard place, in the sense that we are forever trying to unravel what it is we really truly unmistakably want and need as part of our evolutionary growth. As we continue to evolve, many things (trinkets of our one time pleasure filled pursuits) no longer entice or interest us.

Yet, we continue to follow them as if we are hypnotized into believing we are still attracted. A fate, surely worse than death, itself is to be driven to distraction by something or someone who matters no more than brushing a fly from our knee. In fact, swatting the fly would be more productive.

One of the most fearful and uncomfortable emotions is that of detachment. But, in actuality until we recognize detachment as unvested adoration, we will continue to pretend our lives have not been altered. When we have no personal vested interest in our intimate involvements, we are on the road to authentic recovery from addicting falsehood.

We can, do and will love freely, uninhibitedly, sensually and creatively if we remove our needs from the picture. Passion runs in our veins ‘naturally and conveniently’ without our having to do a thing.

Incompetent Parlor Games may have, at one time, been an amusing entertaining form of appeal. But no longer are we led by the nose into a world of unconscious actions. Now is the day and hour of tapping into genuine self-liberating esoteric consciousness without regard for outcome or reward. We’ll do what we do because we WANT to do it and for no other reason.

Then, and only then, will esoteric consciousness cease to be an unconscious eluding inscrutability.


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