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Updated on February 7, 2016

Increase your memory powers

Memory is a integral part of our mental process.we can not learn any thing without memory.In this era of 4G and 5G ,we all need Good memory we will tell you how you can increase your memory power

1.Learn things in chunks

We can not store things in a large number at a time as we all have limited memory capacity.Hence you need to learns the facts or data by dividing them in smalls sets called chunks.
Can you learn this series
I think none of us.but if we divide them in chunks then it will be easy to learn .
456 789 393 873 909

2.Associate things to previous memory

If you will associate the thinks with previous memory then it will be easy to learn
word : Hydrocondriya
learn: Hy-Hie dro-draw cond - condom riya -friend name
hence : i said hie and draw condom on my friend riya = Hydrocondriya

3.Picture method

Always imagine the picture of the things in your mind then learn
when you learn that leaves make their food for plants then try to imagine the inner part of leavesand picturize the scence of making food

Do You Know this ?

How many percent of our brain is used by human

See results

4.Relax of 30 seconds when you learn new information

Our biological computer(mind) needs to be refreshed so when you want to learn something new then close your eyes and take a breath for 30 seconds, it will increase your mental performance.

Here we discussed some effective tricks to improve the memory powers that can increase your memory performance.


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