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Increase Virtues, Self- Confidence

Updated on July 11, 2020

Increase virtues, Adopt manners

Man has the largest capital sessions. The richer he is, the richer he is. In the same way that all things can be bought from the market in exchange for money, the desired progress can be made in any direction with the capital of virtues. Self-confidence and self-confidence always show the way to progress like divine help to the one who has the capital of goodness within him.
Due to its sweet nature, it makes its place wherever it goes. He impresses everyone with his qualities and gains the sympathy of all.


Human Duty

It is our human duty. If we don't follow it, we will be considered as normal behave. This is the root of Indian etiquette. On the basis of which welcoming a guest is considered to be the greatest religion of the household.

Religious, moral and moral etiquette

  1. It is very bad to eat without asking for hard work even though the body is efficient.
  2. If it does not seem appropriate to give alms to a beggar, do not tell him clearly.
  3. . The place of worship should have an atmosphere of peace and virtue.
  4. Getting up before sunrise is the golden rule of Indian culture.
  5. Apart from health, it also raises the mental and spiritual instincts of human beings.
  6. Not to go to a religious holy place wearing shoes according to Indian civilization
  7. If an acquaintance is found on the way, greet yourself as much as possible. The elderly, the sick, the lame, etc. should move and sit on the road.
  8. It is not appropriate to be angry or insult a person or a servant of the house in front of a respected person.
  9. Never sit on a seat higher than those who are older or more honorable than us. Keeping a handkerchief in front of the mouth when yawning, sneezing, or coughing is a sign of civility. Should give way.


Etiquette is a virtue that can be cultivated through study and conduct. No special circumstances or superiority is required for it. A person of any position can study etiquette diligently in life. It requires tenderness of a sensitive heart. The planet also pays attention to small things.

Self-introspection and its importance. One percent of the time a human being wastes in looking at the faults of others is spent on introspection.

Accept The Truth

We should keep searching for the goodness and truthfulness that appears within us as much as the other virtues appear. If they are found, they should be happy with it and start irrigating and raising them. The clever farmer is happy to see a good plant grow in the middle of the weeds and arranges for its care and growth, so that small plant becomes a huge tree and the farmer can get all the benefits from it. We also have our own virtues.
Does not occur. Many people consider education and good dress to be the main part of civility and etiquette, but this assumption is wrong. The man who wears expensive and beautiful clothes can also be rude and the uneducated farmer who plows the village can also be polite. From this point of view, when we look around us and look at the modern educated youth, we have to sadly admit that we have to adopt the ancient etiquette of etiquette from our country today.


Truth Relationship

Is a true person, there is a close relationship between etiquette and kindness, whose ideology and mental tendencies have become dry, dull, and harsh. He cannot get along with anyone with love or even treat someone with kind manners. As a result, other people will treat him with contempt and he will be left alone in the world. Kindness is a virtue by which even a common man becomes a good friend of many, a close friend, and leads a happy life even though he is not well-equipped.

Self Love

Self Importance

Self-introspection and its importance. One percent of the time a human being wastes in looking at the faults of others is spent on introspection.
The faults of the seed are visible, but to see our faults we have to meditate and observe ourselves. The mirror that shows our character has never been and never will be. Those who see the flaws of the seed call it bad behind their backs and condemn it. Most of the time, the subject of our conversation is yourself. People have a bad price in mind, yet people compliment or appreciate others. Such praise prevents us from introspecting. The weakness of man is that he is hungry for his own praise. The truth is in our hearts.


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