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Increase height 100% : No diet and hardwork

Updated on March 18, 2016


We all want to look good and taller.But being a short heighted person, s make us less confident and effect on our personal and social achievement .Here are simple tips that can help you to increase your height.

1.Jumping therapy

In morning and evening time, you need to stand straight and put your hands up then start jumping high as high as you can. Do this exercise for 5 minutes with 1 minute rest meanwhile.

2.Eat half boil eggs

Half boil eggs are rich in protein and nutrients that helps our body to grow proportionately. Hence you should include 6 half boil eggs in a day in your diet chart.

3.‘On the Toe’ exercise

This exercise is unique part of YOGA. In this exercise you just need to stand straight on flat platform then slowly raise yourself upward and stand on your toes only. Do this exercise 5 times for 3 minutes each time. This exercise shows positive effect on height, hence it is also called Height grow exercise.

4.Sweating idea

Sweating is good for health as well as it also results tall height. Hence do the task that give your body to sweat as much as it can..Do hard work, play sports games or do exercises that maximum eliminate toxins of your body along with sweat. You can do running, swimming, Boxing, or you can join your sport club like football etc..

Let me remind you that your height is product of your parents and grand parents mathematical height.But these tips can help you to grow as much as you can.


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