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Increase your Bench Press Max

Updated on February 3, 2011

Increase Your Bench Press Max With These Tips

If you lift weights or even workout, it seems everyone wants to know how much weight you can bench press. The bench press exercise is considered the king of upper body strength, and as a result almost everyone that lifts weights wants to know how to increase their bench press max.  This article is meant for people who have been lifting weights for a couple of years and cannot increase the amount of weight they use on their bench press.

The main problem with not being able to increase your bench press max is being stuck in the same routine.  You need change in your training for the body to adapt to. You can accomplish this change by changing up your workout routine.

Most people who lift weights are set in the same routine of three sets of bench press for eight to ten reps per set. This is what I call a beginner’s routine. Once you have lifted weights for a couple of years it is time to change to a more advanced weight lifting program, and your strength and also muscle size gains will increase again.

From my personal experience changing to the classic 5x5 training that was popularized by Bill Star, is a great way to change up your weightlifting routine. With the 5x5 method of weight training, you will be using the same weight for five sets of five repetitions. With this program your body must adapt to the training by becoming stronger.

Since we are most concerned with increasing our bench press max, we need to focus on the muscles that attribute to the bench press. These include the triceps, shoulders, pectoral muscles, and the bodies’ core.  This routine should be done three days a week, with a rest day into between each workout, and two day’s rest after the third workout, and then the routine should be cycled again.

The first day we will focus on the chest, by performing five sets of five repetitions, with a weight that should bring you to muscle failure on the fifth repetition.  The exercises are bench press, dumbbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, and decline bench press with dumb bells.

The second day of training will be a shoulder and tricep day. Again five sets of five repetitions of push presses, side lateral raises, upright rows, and close grip bench press.

The third day of training will again focus on the chest. Perform the bench press, cable cross-overs, incline dumb bell bench press, and flyes for five sets of five each.

Follow this routine for three months and your bench press max will increase through the roof. After three months of following this training routine, I recommend changing your repetition scheme or doing different exercises.

bench press
bench press


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