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Increase your Height Naturally in just 5 Steps :

Updated on January 15, 2016

Increase your height naturally in simple steps

If you are short person with short height and usually become the center of laughter then we will help you to grow naturally without any hard work. As we all know height of a person matters so much in his life as it builds his personality and confidence but when a person is short then he has to face many difficulties. Here are some steps which can help you increase your height.

Step 1. Join any sports

In this facility full life, we don’t prefer to got out instead we join the indoor hobbies that hinder our physical growth. Hence you just need to come out of your home and join any sport like cricket, football, baseball or basketball. These sports will help your body do grow properly

Step 2. Take GH( growth harmons) Promoting Food

Pitutary gland , in the brain, secrets growth harmons. These hamones help our muscles and bones to grow.Thus we all should take GH promoting harmons which are listed below

1.Protein rich food- Eggs, soya, milk and meat

2.Fruits and juices


Step 3.YOGA and ASANS

Download some yogas and asans that help our body to stretch out and regulate the body metabolism. You can perform these yoga’s in yearly morning and evening without having food. Drink one glass juice after performing YOGA.

4.Take sleep of 12 hours a day

Do you know that body of a person grows when it is relaxing or sleeping.In short body needs rest to grow your tissues , muscles and bones.Hence you should take sleep for 10 hours collectively : 8 hours at night and 2 hours at Noon.

5. Follow tips to look taller

Not only a tall is height enough, to look taller is also important.Sometimes we are tall enough but we still look short so you should keep in mind these things to look taller.

1.Straighten your backbone

2.Put up high heel shoes

3.Be slim not fatty

4.Dont wear the dresses that make you look short

It is a bitter truth that our height also have a heredity base that depends on the height of your parents and grand parents.But still you can reach your maximum height by following these steps which are much convenient.


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