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Indelible Insight

Updated on September 6, 2013

The definition of insight from The act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner.

They say "hindsight" is 20/20, and I quite agree. What if we had constant insight? Many of us are blessed with this gift, it's true. I believe that insight is an innate sense of knowing that alot of us don't know we have. Some of us know we have it but choose to ignore it. Sometimes, we are so entrenched in our drama, our "comfortable misery", that we think that if we listen to that indelible insight, we think we still won't be making the right choice. They say it's a "gut" feeling. They say that if we listen to our gut, we will know what to do. We will know that it really is the "right" decision.

For those who have come from dysfunction, chaos and an insecure background, it's a lot harder to trust that innate ability. We have learned that trusting people has done nothing but cause disaster and seriously negative consequences. We believe that if we can't trust people, how in the world can we trust ourselves? We haven't made wise choices in the people we choose to draw into our lives, so therefore, our "gut" definitely cannot be trustworthy! If it was worth listening to, we would surely make healthier choices emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, would we not?

Well, guess what? There is hope! I am not saying it happens overnight, because it doesn't. We didn't become dramatic, chaotic or dysfunctional overnight so we definitely cannot be whole and centered and secure overnight. But, if we desperately want to change our lives for the better, we will soon realize that doing something totally different is the way to get out of our "insane" circumstances or to make better choices for ourselves. Remember Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result!" We will realize that the indelible insight we know we have is a gift from our spirit. We will know that we would be wise to listen to it. We will realize that our spirit is the Highest part of us, the part that is never wrong, because it is the gift given by God. It's like having an inner compass, an inner lighthouse. It never fails!

Much of our lives are clouded and drowned in misery, insecurity, false beliefs about who we are and how valuable and precious our existence truly is. Most of those perceptions and beliefs were taught to us when we were children. As adults, we carry most of those forward into our present lives. Honestly, in all sincerity, we carry so much self-talk, so many "recordings" of voices from our past, that we are the only ones that can erase those old "tapes."

It's not about forgetting. We may never forget. It's in the forgiving. It's in the replacing all the negative thoughts, words and pictures in our head with positive, self-affirming words and thoughts in our hearts. It takes literally one-hundred positive words or thoughts to erase literally one single negative word or thought! It blows the mind, but it gives us that much more reason to do whatever it takes to overcome. If we so choose. Of course, I have always said that we create our universe with our thoughts. We all have choices about what we do with those thoughts.

They also say that those things in life worth having are worth fighting for. The fight they speak of is the determination, the innate fortitude it takes to strive. It's awesome to discover that the definition of fortitude is: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage . To believe in your innate courage is a powerful motivator! The "things in life worth having", in my perspective, are: my self-worth, my self-esteem, the expression of my innate abilities, the expression of my innate compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love. Again, in my perspective, there is nothing in this world that is more valuable than being centered, whole and complete in who we are. Once we achieve that, we can truly see that the indelible insight we have is honestly worth trusting. That wholeness and insight will allow us to experience goodness and gifts and blessings far greater than we could ever have imagined!


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