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Indian diet plan for weight loss

Updated on September 19, 2015

There are so many diet plans that are available in the market and are considered to be best if followed strictly. Diet is a main portion of weight loss plans as there are several of them available. If you are looking for more information on Indian diet plans then this article will throw more light on the various diet plans that are available. We will also see how these diet plans work and the basic structure of these diet plans. Salads are the main course of food that comes to mind when we say diet. But there are various interesting diet plans that can keep you away from hunger and can also satisfy your tongue the taste master. Oats is a dietary fibre that can help in weight loss. Variations on cooking with this can be a good option. Calorie consumed in wheat products is lesser than the calories that rice products produce. Calories in 3 small chapattis are equal to 1 cup of rice. Choose wisely.

Specific diet combinations that works well:

If you are planning on a diet course then look for combinations like sugar free and oil free diet. Cutting down a main ingredient that adds on the calories can be a great idea to lose that over weight. Stop using any direct sugar contents such as sweets and even beverages. The sugar content that your beverages contain is more dangerous than the ones that is in semi solid or solid forms. Aerated beverages add on unwanted calories that are only used for building up those extra calories. There is no benefit that your body gains out of it. The first step for a rigorous diet would be to stay away from these unwanted calorie adders. Substituting baked food for oil fried food would be a good choice. Avoid bakery food products that include sugar and oil. The choice of food that you make matters not the quantity of it. Choosing a bowl of salad is better than choosing a piece of pastry. Favour your sweet tooth with dates. Even a small addition of sweet to your diet can lead you to more. So it is better to stay away completely from those tempting foods.

Low calories diet plan:

The best way to understand a diet plan is that to have a balanced diet that includes all that your body needs and to exclude all that is unwanted for your body. On an average your body requires a calorie intake of around 2000 calories. Burning 7700 calories will lead to a weight loss of 1 kg from your body. It is hard to burn out all that mass calories in your body. To overcome this situation you can have a running combo of both exercise and diet, both contributing 50% of its effort. You can burn around 500 calories a day and reduce intake of 500 calories from your normal diet which can lead to a weight loss of close to 1 kg in a week. Diet plans are advised to have a bare minimum of 1200 calories intake a day. This can help a lot in reducing your weight. If you can stick on to a diet which contains just 1200 calories then the chances of weight loss are higher. There are different varieties of set foods region wise which is easily available online. Have a habit of noting down your intake and have an account of the number of calories that you intake. This will be a very useful thing to control your eating habit. You will automatically become conscious about your food intake and you will start controlling. Remember one thing you should definitely be cautious about the diet that you are following but don’t overdo it. Crash diets can reduce your weight in a short time but they can be regained too in a short period of time.

Gradual weight loss stays permanent:

If you are able to follow a weight loss plan that is stable and you are able to follow it for a long term then that could be the best plan for you. Gradual weight loss is recommended in any case. A weight loss of 1.5 to 2 kgs a month is the ideal range of weight loss. The reason for weight gain could be several other things apart from your food habit. If there is any under lying reason behind the weight gain then it is better to take medical advice before you go for any kind of diet plans. These diet plans may not work perfectly well with you if the reason of weight gain is something else. The main enemy of weight loss plans are the sweetening agents and the fatty foods that are of no use for your body. Avoid starchy foods, oily fried foods and sweets gradually from your diet and you can see a vast difference in few days. Junk foods will give no energy to your body but instead they just add on those unwanted calories quickly. So be aware that to avoid these kinds of foods are the key to a successful weight loss program.


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