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Indian herbs for healthy body - Healing properties of Adalodakam, Arogya Pacha, Ashokam, Irattimadhuram and more

Updated on August 29, 2012

Why you should eat asafetida, black pepper, anise seed, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves

These spices that you use as garam masala has numerous medicinal values. These spices can cure varieties of diseases. Read to learn more

Healing properties of Indian spices asafetida, black pepper, anise seed, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves

Adalodakam with numerous medical benefits
Adalodakam with numerous medical benefits

Adalodakam, the South Indian ayurvedic remedy for cough, bronchitis and asthma

Adalodakam (in Malayalam) (Adathoda beddomei) is a popular herb used in Kerala. It is believed to have excellent therapeutic properties. Leaves of adalodakam is used to treat chronic cough, asthma and chest congestion. Early days in Kerala people used adalodakam for treating chronic cough. Adalodakam would bring out mucus, thereby relieving cough. Leaves of adalodakam is an ingredient for ayurvedic food for nursing women. Being rich with Vitamin C, adalodakam is a wonderful cure for bronchitis and cold. Leaves of adalodakam are fried (in kadai, without oil, just fry and make dry) and powdered. This powder can be eaten. This would cure chronic cough and bronchitis. Only disadvantage is the bitter taste. Adalodakam is otherwise Adhatoda vasica, and is commonly used in Kerala. It is also known as Malabar nut. Adalodakam is believed to be curing different respiratory disorders also.

Adalodakam for external bleeding, blood toxin removal, jaundice and leprosy

Adalodakam is also used for gum infections and bleeding. If you suffer from bleeding gums, swelling and pain, try this home remedy. It is also effective for bleeding piles, peptic ulcers and other external bleeding problems. It is also considered as a remedy for tuberculosis. Boil the leaves of adalodakam in water and drink this water. This would cure cold, sore throat, cough and chest congestion. Juice of adalodakam leaves can be applied to bleeding sites as it would clear infection. Leaves extract when applied to joints would relieve pain. Adalodakam is also found to be a blood-purifying herb that helps get rid of acne. Adalodakam is an ingredient of different herbal medicines meant for leprosy, memory loss, skin problems, jaundice and blood problems. Earlier it had also been used for quick childbirth (easy labor).

A home remedy for stomach pain, diarrhoea and indigestion for adults and children

Keep nutmeg at home. The best remedy for stomach pain and diarrhoea. See how to use nutmeg for children and adults.

Nutmeg, the remedy for stomach problems in adults and children

arogyapacha with flower
arogyapacha with flower

Arogya Pacha (in Malayalam), the magic fatigue-relieving herb of India

Arogya pacha is a herb with great medicinal properties. Tribal people and nomads of Western Ghats used this herb for refreshment. The herb is believed to remove tiredness and bring health and refreshment. Fruit of arogya pacha brings energy and refreshment. Arogya pacha has innumerable therapeutic benefits. The plant when used would bring health, freshness, and energy. It can also relieve anxiety and stress. When used regularly, it would prolong aging. Arogya pacha is also a toxin removing herb. When consumed it would free body from poisons, toxins and purify blood. Fruits of the plant bring energy and relive stress and tiredness. Arogya pacha is a rare hub with special medicinal properties. It is proven to be a powerful restorative medicine. Arogya pacha is abundantly found in agasthyavanam in Kerala.

This Indian herb can cool your stomach and body in summer

A wonder diet for summer - Arrowroot. Arrowroot can cure stomach heat, loose motion, stomach pain and urinary tract infection. Know how to prepare arrowroot in the below article

Arrowroot, the best food for stomach - Have arrowroot porridge in summer - Arrowroot the best food for Kids

Ashoka tree with flowers
Ashoka tree with flowers

Ashokam (in Malayalam) (Saraca Indica), nature’s gift for women

Ashokam the herb with medicinal values is used to treat excessive menstruation in women. In ancient Kerala people widely used this herb. It is still significant in ayurvedic treatment. Flowers of the plant is dried and used. It is found to be effective for diabetes and certain types of dysentery. The bark of the plant is also useful. It is boiled in water and the water is used. This is used for skin infections. For scorpion bite and other insect bites, the bark of the tree can be grinded and applied. This would bring relief. The bark of Ashokam is also a beauty enhancer. It is believed to improve skin complexion. Bark of Ashokam is also found to be effective for problems like uterine fibroids and loose motion. Bark should be boiled with water and this water should be consumed for curing diarrhea. Extract of the flower of Ashokam is found to be effective for diarrhea, especially haemorrhagic dysentery. Ashokam is a good cure for stomach pain. Consume powdered Ashokam (seeds) in water.

A cool sherbet recipe for cooling stomach

Indian herbal drink that cools body - A natural drink with medicinal properties. Forget soft drinks and artificial squash drinks. Use sarsaparilla drink

The best home made squash drink to cool body. Herbal root drink with therapeutic values

Ashokam, natural blood purifier, the best home remedy

Ashokam is an excellent blood purifier. Ayurvedic blood purifier tonics contain Ashokam. Ashokam (tree bark) is used for treating piles also. Drink made of Ashokam flowers and bark is useful for clearing intestinal worms or stomach worms. Ashokam is an ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine Kashayam. Ashokam is a wonderful cure for menstrual problems. It does not give any side effects. For irregular menses, Ashokam is a good home remedy. Ashokam is found to be helping general tiredness and body weakness also. Ashokam has the reputation of being a remedy for gynecological issues like uterine bleeding. Ashokam herb help stops excess bleeding. It is a powerful herb that can make menstruation cycles normal and regular. Ashokam is therefore a herb which is a blessing for women. Ashokam is a herbal solution for menstrual problems like stomach pain and hip pain. Premenstrual troubles and tiredness can also be treated with Ashokam. Seeds of Ashokam is used in regularizing urinary discharges also.

For gas problem, digestion problem and diarrhoea try these remedies from kitchen

Ashokam for skin

Ashokam is a beauty enhancer too. It can clear your pimples off. Mix the powder of this herb with lime juice or orange juice and apply. Pimples will go away in few days. Ashokam is good for skin infections also. Boil the bark of Ashokam in water and apply to the affected area. It would cure the inflammation and infection. Flower of Ashokam when consumed is a good medicine that would control blood sugar level. Flowers should be dried, powdered and consumed.


Karingali (in Malayalam) (Acacia catechu), medicinal herbal drink

Karingali is a medicinal root used for making a drink. Karingali root is boiled with water and the water is consumed. People of Kerala drink karingali water instead of normal drinking water. Karingali water is prepared early morning in big earthen pot. Entire household drink Karingali water instead of plain water. If you visit a house in Kerala you will get Karingali water to drink. Karingali is otherwise Khadira (in Sanskrit). Karingali is found to be effective for skin problems, dental problems and digestion problems. It is an ingredient of ayurvedic toothpastes also. Khadira treats skin diseases and is helpful in losing weight. The habit of drinking Karingali water is good for health. Karingali is found to be good for different skin diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems, overweight problems, blood toxins and disorders, intestinal worms, cough and asthma and fever. It is the best herbal decoction to drink. Karingali or khadira is found to be good for bleeding in gums. It can be externally applied to wounds and skin diseases.

Why vayambu or vasambu is given to infants in South India

The medicinal properties of Vayambu. Vayambu is given to infants in South India. Vayambu paste is mixed with honey and given to infants.

Vayambu for infant colic, gas problem and indigestion. Why infants are given paste of vayambu or vasambu

Karingali for skin diseases, stomach problems, ulcers and canker sores - Karingali water benefits

People suffering from tonsillitis would be benefited by drinking Karingali water. Khadira or Karingali has the ability to clear mucous, thereby curing sore throat. Karingali drink is also found to be effective for diarrhea and stomach upset. Karingali helps body shed excess weight. It is also effective in clearing certain types of skin diseases. Yet another therapeutic benefit of Karingali is that it gives curing benefit in vaginal diseases and ulcers. Aurvedic medicines for anal fistula also have Khadira as an ingredient. Acacia catechu or Karingali is further proven to be effective for cancer, throat and nose swelling and stomach problems. Karingali has antibacterial properties that it is used in mouth washes also. Mouth infections, gingivitis would be cured by drinking Karingali water. Being brought up in Kerala I have the practice of drinking Karingali water daily. I am highly benefitted from this practice. In Kerala we used to apply it externally for insect bites, injuries, wounds and skin problems. It is very effective. For gum diseases, mouth swelling, canker sores and sore throat Karingali is an effective home remedy.

Use these spices to lose weight

Indian Spices that help you lose weight, spices warm body, Bird's eye chili, Indian green chili, avoid spices in summer

Spices used in Indian dishes to lose weight. Bird's eye chili and other spices


The wonder herb for Jaundice - Keezhar nelli

This herb in South India can heal jaundice. Using this herb would cure jaundice in few days. This is a wonderful natural remedy for jaundice. Know more in the article below

Keezhar nelli for jaundice. How keezhar nelli cures urinary infection, jaundice, kidney problems, gallbladder stones and tuberculosis?

Raktachandanam (in Malayalam, lalchandan in hindi) – Raktachandanam for skin scars

I have a personal testimony about Raktachandanam. I was affected by chicken pox one year back. My face was filled with the ugly scars of chicken pox. I came to know from my grandparents in Kerala that applying Rakthachandanam would erase my chicken pox scars. I tried it and it was successful. Within one month the scars went off. Raktachandanam has strong power to erase the scars on skin. It would also whiten the skin. It would cool the skin and enhance complexion. Raktachandanam is effective for the treatment of scars, pimples, age wrinkles, swellings etc. It is a famous ayurvedic anti-septic. It can act on the skin and heal it. It is also proven to be effective for curing acne problems. Paste of red sandalwood should be applied on face. Fruit of Raktachandanam is boiled with water and the water is consumed for curing stomach problems and dysentery. Paste of the red sandalwood can be applied on forehead to get relief headache. Lalachandan or Raktachandanam is highly useful herb for skin problems. If applied as a paste it would mitigate burning sensation in skin. It would also lessen the itching problem in skin. The wood can be boiled and this water can be applied on affected skin. Raktachandanam is also applied on wounds for cooling effect and healing.


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      ma majeed herbalist 

      3 years ago

      very informative......thank you dhanya madam

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    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      thank you dinkan53 for your very much encouraged seeing your appreciation..

    • dinkan53 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      A lot of people around the world are using Ayurvedic medicines for various purposes. Articles like this give us an idea of various medicinal plants and its benefits. Welldone dhannyya and thanks for sharing. Thumbs up, useful and shared.

    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      thank you unknown spy for the comment...yes there are more medicinal plants that have innumerable therepeutic benefits

    • unknown spy profile image

      Not Found 

      6 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      India have lots of medicinal plants and herbs that we can benefit. thanks for sharing this.

    • dhannyya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      thank you dghbrh..happy that you found the information useful...many many more thanks for sharing

    • dghbrh profile image


      6 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      very informative and useful as well....mainly the last one remedy is just wonderful for skin. Its always best to go for natural remedy through herbal way. Thank sfor this one...all votes up and sharing too:-)


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