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Relax with Indian Head Massage

Updated on June 13, 2011

Indian head massage is a fantastic way to relax and renew your weary head, neck and shoulders. We often carry most of our tension in the shoulders, neck and head because the average person under stress tenses their body which leads to clenching the shoulders up and into the body, which can lead to chronic headaches and migraines.

How can Indian head massage help your neck, shoulders and head?

The process of Indian head massage begins at the shoulders and upper back area. Because of the practitioner working on the upper back and shoulders, the client has the option of removing her shirt and using a wrap or staying completely clothed. The practitioner will begin to massage the said areas using a few different methods, known as the thumb roll, diagonal thumb push, finger rolls, plucking, kneading, thumb circles and hacking. Another method commonly used in Indian head massage can involve pressing the fingers into specific areas on the body, known as acupressure points, which help to release the build up of stress. Once the shoulders have been massaged for some time and the practitioner feels that they have been worked on long enough, she will begin on the neck. She massages the neck gently and again uses the acupressure points to release the built up tension. The practitioner will then move onto the head and begin with combing the hair with her fingers and using other techniques that involve stimulating the scalp. She then ends the session within the allotted time booked for the massage, usually within half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Brief History

Indian head massage comes is thousands of years old and as the name says, it comes from India. It is also known as a method of healing called ayurvedic and falls under these philosophies of natural healing. Natives of India have practised Indian head massage as a part of celebrating everyday life and connecting to one another. To us westerners, this seems odd that family would be so affectionate and helpful to each other. But just imagine the benefits of connecting to one another and the money savings. It is worth learning just to practice on others you care about. There are excellent books and videos that demonstrate the techniques and its very simple to learn.

The Benefits

The benefits of Indian head massage can be felt almost immediately! They range from improved blood circulation and the lymphatic flow, relaxes the body, gets rid of knotted areas, improves hair growth and reduces stress and tensions that have built up over time.

Indian head massage has to be felt to truly appreciate. It will have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud, so it is also important to have time to lay down and relax after a treatment and drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins.

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    • Steph0596 profile image

      Steph0596 6 years ago from Ontario

      Thanks for the comment, I love giving Indian head massage and getting one is even better!

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      Beautifully written. I bookmarked this hub for sure. Great advice, simple techniques were provided and it's such a nice change of topic. Thank You