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Indigestion - Causes and Cure

Updated on October 17, 2010

The hunger is always satisfied but one doesn’t often keep the thought of getting any after effects from what they eat, how they eat, when they eat and how much they eat.  Many are unaware of the fact that the simple indigestion occurs due to the food they eat as it’s believed to happen by any body disorder. Indigestion has its own severity and minority too. The body of every person deals right away with food and anything that one eats or drinks and in any form, the reason for the indigestion thus can have variety of reasons and so must be dealt according to the body type at least.

 A fat person and a thin person may have eaten the same food but as the body acts to that in a different manner there are possibilities of indigestion in the fat person and the thin person too due to many reasons associated with the type of food, time of the day, quantity ,etc as mentioned earlier too. The reasons are in plenty as are the methods to deal with to also.

Causes and Easy Remedies for Indigestion

  • The food when doesn’t get taken in properly the possibilities of the occurrence of the indigestion is very much in the scene. When one makes quick departures while the time spent for eating and thus has the food without getting it properly chewed and in unsuitable quantity as such, the person will face indigestion in the later stage of the day. Whenever food is consumed always drink lots of water and also never show hurrying while eating.
  • While one is going for an exercise or a rigorous work out try avoid having food just before that and also less fluids. The body when gets all agitated and stretched out and gets changed all the time the risk of getting indigestion is more.

  • Try avoiding to going to sleep right away after the food, but instead spending a little walking outside or any other involvement in forms of any work can be good and make of not get the food undigested. Also keeping the slices of carrots, tomatoes, onions and even the fruits like pineapples, lemon, orange is advised as they are good digestives of any food.
  • During the consumption of food its should be taken care that avoid drinking water or any other fluids regularly and thus make the stomach get filled with more fluid than food and enhancing the rate of indigestion.

  • Indigestion has been found when the foods like the meat, chicken, fried eatables, oily one’s are had in huge quantities and in times during the regular food. This makes the chances high too.
  • When the food is eaten up, make sure you do not get involved in activities such as bending over, making your body get all shaken up or even get the feel in mood to run at the instant. These factors makes one suffer from this problem as well as from disorders like feel of vomiting, stomach aches, etc.

  • The taking of the medicines that have the ability to readily get the indigestion vanish can be permitted if this is not to be made a habit and thus always keeping it as a second option o the treatment if needed in urgency only.


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