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Star, Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Children: Are these children ADD, ADHD, Autistic--or Exceptional and Gifted instead?

Updated on February 25, 2014
Star children, Crystal children, Rainbow children, and Indigo they exist?
Star children, Crystal children, Rainbow children, and Indigo they exist? | Source

Star Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and Indigo Children are current labels circulating about the internet describing exceptional and gifted children who have unique paranormal or meta physical abilities. Do these children really exist and do they have real gifts and genuine exceptionalities? Do you hope your ADD, ADHD, or Autistic child has been mis-diagnosed and one of these gifted children instead? These are some of the many questions being asked about the new age child and children diagnosed on the spectrum.

According to the website Indigo Child, the term Indigo child was first used by Nancy Ann Tappe who believed she saw blue auras around certain children. According to Indigo Child, the term now refers to the "children of new consciousness".

The site lists 10 attributes which describe Indigo children:

  • They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).
  • They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don's share that.
  • Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents "who they are."
  • They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
  • They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
  • They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don't require creative thought.
  • They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school which makes them seem like "system busters" (nonconforming to any system).
  • They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others with consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
  • They will not respond to "guilt" discipline ("Wait till you father gets home and finds out what did").
  • They are not shy in letting you know what they need.

Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn, in Channeling from the Ascended Masters, June 4th 2002, combines both terms "indigo" and crystalline" children into one category. Rev. Dr. Blackburn states these children "inherently carry that which is the crystalline energies." She further states these children "carry the harmonics of the pyramids, those which are tetrahedron in form." Rev. Dr. Blackburn describes further characteristics of these children which "carry an entirety of the spectrum of light." She suggests that the combination of "light and frequencies" are a "complete set of energies--perfection in existence." Star children, and rainbow children appear to be similar terms to designate a child that is new age and gifted with meta physical exceptionalities.

Is there any proof of this phenomena? Is your child on "the spectrum" or gifted in another way? Perhaps the more essential question is to ask yourself "why are you asking?" In other words, why do you wish to know if your child is special. Does your child have problems in school, social settings, at home? Do you feel your child could benefit from some type of treatment? Do you feel your child could be helpful to others?

Three categories of questions emerge here. One--your child is suffering and needs help. Two, you are suffering and need help. And three, you or your child feel they can be helpful to others and you wish to help them discover their potential.

Scientific proof that this condition exists is likely impossible. Perhaps like trying to disprove the existence of unicorns or mermaids, one can not disprove this phenomena. Searching for scientific proof therefore is not likely going to be helpful.

Asking questions about help for your child because they are suffering bullying, not doing well in school, having social problems, all these questions could be answered by a very good counselor who specializes in special children. Your child is special if they do not fit into the mainstream population. The exact reason they do not fit in may be less important then finding treatment options. A very good counselor will seek to find the correct treatment for the specific problems. A problem based therapeutic approach will address each problem specifically and apply solutions to each problem regardless of "diagnosis". Yes diagnosis can be helpful, but frequently eludes even the best counselor because people are unique and frequently do not fit into specific categories for diagnosis--hence--"the spectrum" diagnosis for many children. Having said all of the above, having all "disorders" ruled out by a good doctor is often a good choice. If you are not finding help through your counselor and your child is still suffering start with your primary care doctor who can refer you to a psychologist for testing or other specialists for special analysis.

If you are searching for a reason your child is special because you want to feel good that you are an appropriate parent then support groups will likely be helpful to you. Searching for parent support groups for special children in your area will likely be your best bet. Parents of special children are frequently the best source of help and understanding.

Lastly, are you searching for a reason to call your child special because you think they can help enlighten the world? There may be no diagnosis or label to fit this cause ever. If you think or feel that your child is full of love and hope and will help others then exposing them to love and hope continually will help foster their inner being. Introducing them to religious materials for reading and socialization, offering them art opportunities for self expression, providing healthy green living options, living with nature as much as possible, and various healthy living styles will no doubt help foster their loving spirit. How you can guide them to help others might be a matter of example and option. Provide good examples for them as you choose a life of giving. Take them to volunteer with you to animal rescue, homeless shelters, veteran hospitals, retirement homes, etc. Your children will likely become an extension of you.


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    • cherylscott profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from US

      Hi Suzie, sorry for the late response. To answer your question about a center to verify the existence of Indigo phenomena I do not believe such a center exists because the phenomena is not currently proven by science. It is not included in any diagnostic manual. This does not preclude the existence as one can not disprove existence of unicorns or mermaids or faeries. Who is to say the phenomena does not exist? Please post your specific concerns for wanting to know and I can address those specific concerns. That is the best way to proceed in my opinion.

    • profile image

      Joanna Dam 

      6 years ago

      I have to agree with you guys ,I am very happy that you guys did research and did not medicate our future children.All these disorders are opinion of our fellow citizen who again just like us ,at the end of it all. We as human are here to evolve .The universe is all way moving and we are here to ascend with it to a new way of living .I been told by doctors in the past that nothing was wrong for almost 2 years .I took a trip to china when I was about 21 and i landed in village near a mountain side ,my cousin uncle say to me right away your sick . He knew everything that was wrong with me ,he burnt all my meridian points and i drank bark soil grass for over a month straight and now Im cured! Unbelievable right , this is proof for me that Natural healing is the way to go . Im been blessed and I'm grateful !! Never medicate your children it will dumb down your child its proven when u medicate your child it will effect your child third eye were they spiritual incline ! Fluoride has the same effect so parents please use fluoride free toothpaste and don't drink fluoride water ever and don't buy Jason products from organic store which has relation to The Monsanto company !!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi all, may I know if there is a centre that could do a test on whether a particular child is indigo child or not? It would be helpful to know if there is somewhere we could go to verify I guess.

    • profile image

      susan gale 

      7 years ago

      In my experience, ADD and ADHD are caused by the environmental expectation as much as the actual child. That is to say that some children cannot conform to the expectations of sitting still in a chair for six hours, which is totally unnatural anyway. When I had my own school, pre-K through 12, no one was expected to sit. They were only expected to be respectful of each other and to leave the room more knowledgeable than they were when they entered.

      Indigo and crystal are just other ways to speak about being intuitive. The only thing new about it is the vocabulary. Many of us believe that those who are labeled as autistic are simply not fully present in the physical world, but rather more in the spirit world. However, I also worked with a 3 year old who had been labeled as autistic, but who was simply a telepath and did not want to be bothered with that "clumsy and slow speaking stuff."

      At any rate, it is good to see people talking about this in a practical way!!

    • Ayse profile image


      7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Personally, I'm so tired of parents that don't do there due diligence in figuring out things that might be wrong with there kids. I guess we live in a society of Doctors and highly educated opinions...bologna! They always want to diagnose and label children or even adults for that matter.

      My oldest was diagnosed with "ADD" many moons ago and they wanted to immediately put him on drugs. No way, I was against it from the get go. Instead, I became aware and took necessary action to get him the right kind of help. He will be 18 next month and there isn't a sliver of "ADD" in him. He is an Indigo child.

      My youngest is a Crystal child. He is just so loving and doesn't show signs of autism or ADD or any of that stuff. He is brilliant!

      Parents need to seek advise outside of Doctors!

      :) Ayse


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