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Indoor Surfing Machine Workout

Updated on July 31, 2017
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My work with top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor teach me health tips that I am proud to share.

Surf's Up

The surf`s up in many fitness clubs like this Boston athletic club. People who want mix up their fitness routines can check out a new workout regime that is being introduced around the world. The new craze is called SurfSET Fitness based on offering people a workout that surfer dudes do all the time. The mastermind behind the effective workout is Mike Hartwick. He invented the Rip Surfer X. A machine for one-person to use for a complete workout. Hartwich developed the machine as a way to exercise when he was away from the real surf.

Surf Board Rides

The surf board rides on three inflatable pouches that assist in simulating the feel of surfing on a wave, riders can perform classic maneuvers like carving a wave. Even though it is a machine, it is quite simple with two handles at the front to replicate the sensation of paddling with the help of resistance lines on the handles.

Performing Movements

The workout class focuses on performing the movements that get surfers in shape. Hartwick told the that surfers are not into bulky muscles, but rather a more lean and mean body to withstand the rigors of taking a wave, involving paddling, popping up on the board and balance.

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Try a New Workout

Trying a new workout like surfing indoors with a class might prove to be a great way to breakway from your normal workout routine. The classes are successful with a drive to actually hit the real waves.


Even kids are joining the surfboard workout, which is really beneficial for developing balance, motor skills, and confidence.

Parents if you are trying to find something unique for your kid’s birthday party and want to change it up from your typical parties, girl's night out, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or even kid's play date, you can rent a surfboard fitness room for an hour or so. Some clubs do all the setup and host great get-togethers, and all you have to do is show up, sweat, smile with a group of friends, relatives, or kids.

I am sure in regions where surfing is really popular this type of workout class, party or what have you is super popular as well. I mean, if I live in a surfing town and near a beach, I would do a surfboard class three times a week for about three months before I'd try to hit the real waves.

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