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Birth Story: An Induced Birth Results In A Cesarean Section Delivery

Updated on March 4, 2009

Every Birth Is Different

I had planned a normal birth. We were going to video tape the birth and I was going to have this perfect delivery. I never even considered that I might have to have a c-section. Now I look back and don't regret for a second that I never experienced real labor. I'm glad that when I first saw her I was completely aware and rested. Not exhausted, or in pain from hours of hard labor contractions. Some may frown on that, or feel the pain of labor is an essential part of motherhood, but for me it was a relief after the 14 hours of induction. Her actual birth was a wonderful experience. I would never schedule a c-section for convenience but this was just fine.

Many women are unhappy that they had to have a Cesarean Section delivery. I've participated in message boards with mothers who have babies the same age as my daughter. Around the time everyone was giving birth and the sad posts about women who wanted to also have that perfect birth flooded the sites. Here is my story of a planned perfect birth that didn't turn out that way.

I was due on the 1st of November, 2004. My doctor told me if she's not here by the 9th then that's the day we'll induce. I waited patiently but labor never started so the morning of the 9th I called to see when I could come in. They finally let me come in at 11:30am after being told all morning they were too full. At 1pm. I started the Cevidil (which is something they place beside your cervix to start induction) and I was to leave it in for 12 hours. It kicked in within a 1/2 hour and I started cramping. I soon found myself in pain and so uncomfortable.

I suffered for 6 hours without any pain medication relief. At that point the nurse came in and checked to see if it was working. Not only was there no progress but the Cevidil was actually IN my cervix and not next to it like it should have been.

The nurse fixed the Cevidil and hooked me up to an IV. She brought in some Demerol which helped just enough that I could talk a bit with my family who was there to support me, something I couldn't do before. But the pain was still pretty intense. The Demerol made me incredibly high and helped mask the pain but it was still there so when it wore off I was offered Morphine instead and gladly accepted. The pain was now minimal at that point. I was now just really uncomfortable.

At 1 am they removed the Cevidil and checked me out. I had gone from 1cm and 50% effaced when I arrived to just 1 1/2cm and 70 effaced. My doctor wanted to try again in an hour I took a short break and was able to go and get something from the cafeteria. We resumed at 2:30 AM and I prepared myself for another 12 hours.

I was able to go to sleep after a new Cevidil insert was put in but was woken up at 4am by a nurse saying that my baby's heart rate was dipping and had been very irregular for awhile. My doctor had informed her to remove the Cevidil. I was half asleep so I wasn't computing that something wasn't right and I just went back to sleep after she took my BP. Shortly after that I was awoken again by my nurse putting an oxygen mask on me. She said the baby was still having problems with her heart rate and that this might help. I asked if my baby was in trouble and she just said that her heart rate was abnormal.

At this point I started really watching the monitor and keeping an eye on my baby's heart rate. It appeared to be just a bit on the high side, only a little above the safe zone and it did dip quite a bit at some points. The nurse said they were keeping an eye on me at the front desk so I figured I was in good hands and tried to go back to sleep which was near impossible. By 6:30 the nurse had returned a few more times and checked my BP and temp at each visit. 6:50 she came in and said that my doctor was concerned that my baby was under too much fetal stress and that we would be doing a c-section right then.

My mom had slept through almost everything right next to me (didn't want to wake and worry her) and didn't know anything was wrong. She asked why I was wearing a face mask and I explained the fetal stress and what had been going on all morning While I was telling her my doctor came in and told me why she wanted a c-section while the nurse gave my mom scrubs and prepared to take me out of our birthing room. We didn't have time to call anyone and let them know what was happening

I was wheeled into the surgery room and my doc, a student doc (which I requested to not have but oh well), an anesthesiologist and a bunch of nurses started prepping me. The anesthesiologist had me sit up and gave me my general anesthetic, I heard that it hurts and had been a bit scared up to this point. Honestly my IV was more painful than this! I went numb real quick and from that point hardly noticed anything, and felt no pain whatsoever going on below the blue curtain they put up to keep you from seeing your guts and freaking out .

My mom was sitting right next to me holding my hand. After only a few minutes they told me they had the head and then shoulders. All I could think was boy or girl. Tell me boy or girl. I had been told by ultrasound it was a girl but you never know and I desperately wanted a baby girl for my first. I was overjoyed when they said girl.

They called my mom over while they cleaned her up. I couldn't see anything because of the blue shield they put up and was dying to meet her. I could hear her whimpering, no loud cries, and after what seemed forever my mom brought her to me and held her close enough that I could touch her with one of my fingers. All I could do was stare at her. She was so beautiful. I had prepared myself that she might not look that great right when she was born but she was a perfect pink and she stared back at me and my mom with these beautiful dark blue eyes.

My doctors told me they had no idea why she was under stress in the womb. She didn't have the cord wrapped around her or anything serious and they just figured that the 12 hours of stress I was under must have caused it, or that 41 weeks was just too much for her. They were convinced however that in the end no matter what the situation I would have ended up with a c-section.

They wheeled me into a recovery room and my grandma just happened to arrive minutes later to check up on me thinking I was still in the birthing room "getting ready". After the nurse gave her a bath (the baby not the grandmother) and weighed her (again my baby...grandma knows her weight) I was finally handed my baby girl. I was able to try out breastfeeding right there for the very first time and with the nurses help she took right to me.

Allyson was born Nov 10th at 7:16AM. She weighed 7lbs 6.7oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.


This is just one birth story and in no way reflects what another women may experience. Birth induction does not always result in a cesearan section.


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      10 years ago

      Oh boy, that's what you get for chemically evicting a baby before she and your body were ready to roll. 9 days is not "late" by any definition. No wonder the Cesarean would have seemed like a blessed relief.


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