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Inducing Labor Naturally

Updated on June 25, 2008
Inducing labor naturally
Inducing labor naturally

Inducing labor naturally

You are not alone, if you are pregnant, passed you estimated due date and are browsing the Internet in order to find information about inducing labor naturally. Many mothers with an overdue pregnancy (or supporting partners) are searching natural ways to induce labor.

The last days of pregnancy might be physically and mentally challenging. You might have difficulties in sleeping, back pain, and difficulty in breathing. Especially, if you have difficulties to move around, it’s difficult to play with your other kids and even doing everyday tasks for them.

No wonder that you are eager to learn about inducing labor naturally.

Did you know this about inducing labor naturally?

Stimulation of specific labor acupressure points has been scientifically shown to be an effective method for inducing labor naturally (Complement Ther Med. 2005). Thus simple acupressure techniques, which you can do at home, remarkably reduce your risk of being medically induced in a hospital.

Medical induction commonly results in several other medical interventions and up to 50% of medically induced labors end up being cesarean sections. Thus, if your doctor has estimated that the induction is necessary, you should start using acupressure immediately.

Even if labor doesn’t start spontaneously, labor acupressure ripens your cervix and helps it to dilate and descends the baby. This significantly increases your chances of having a normal birthing experience with minimal medical intervention.

Inducing labor naturally with labor acupressure

There are specific acupressure points that are the most efficient for inducing labor naturally. You don’t have to use them all. The labor may be delayed for a range of different reasons and thus what is the most powerful combination of acupoints inducing labor naturally will vary from mother to mother. Sometimes treating only one acupoint can kick-start your labor.

Treat the acupoints that you feel work best for you every 2 hours during your waking hours. If a medical induction is imminent you may stimulate the points every half an hour inducing labor naturally, but be aware that the treated areas can become sore from such frequent stimulation. Leave your body to work by itself at night.

Just remember that you should never practice acupressure treatment of these points before you are overdue, or you are booked for medical induction in 2-3 days time. This is to prevent your baby to be born prematurely.

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