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Industrial Safety Spectacles and Safety Glasses to keep your Eyes Protected.

Updated on April 6, 2016

Right now you are probably thinking I haven't needed safety glasses so far why should I buy some now? Statistics show that you might be lucky but your luck will run out when your least expecting it. Why take the risk?

There is nothing more important to you than your eyes. People take their eyesight for granted, why do some people take risks by not wearing personal protective equipment to protect their eyes. Your eye protection safety can be almost guaranteed by wearing safety glasses or safety goggles.

Industrial accidents to eyes accounts for over 2000 eye related accidents every day in the USA. When you think how precious your eyes are to you, there must be a lot of people taking chances or risks that could be avoided. I worked in mechanical engineering for over 25 years and never had to visit the hospital, first aid room or seek medical assistance because of not wearing eye protection. If you work in industry your employer should provide eye protection for you to use when you are using machinery, working in a laboratory or working with chemical substances.

It is estimated that approximately 90 per cent of all eye injuries could have been prevented if they had been wearing safety glasses. If you work at home at fixing/repairing your car or doing DIY then it makes sense to wear safety glasses or goggles when you are cutting any material. If you move liquid materials around in your yard then keep a pair of safety glasses close by.

There is a large variety of different industries which could benefit from the use of industrial safety glasses. It isn't just engineering or the building/construction industry where workers are at risk. If you work in any type of factory or industrial site where you work in or are subjected to flying debris, falling objects, chemical spillages and such things then it is essential that you protect your eyes with industrial safety goggle or glasses.

Most companies will provide them if they are needed, it's the law. Make sure you know where they are kept, report any damage to them to your boss, they are cheap to buy and your boss doesn't want to have an industrial eye accident happen to his/her workers. Eye protection should be part of your personal protective gear that you are issued with, it should be checked regularly and kept in good order, ready for you to use.

Go and see your boss today and tell him you need some for your job, he wont say no he has your best interests at heart and doesn't want you to be off work with a serious eye accident.

Dewalt DPG52-1C Contractor Pro Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses.

Whether you choose a pair of safety glasses to wear or a pair of safety goggles depends on the risks and circumstances that you faced with. If there is a chance that parts or flying objects could get behind your glasses then wear goggles instead.

This is a pair of high performance safety glasses made by Dewalt.  These are light weight, so are easy to keep with you in your pocket. They are made of tough durable poly carbonate that are used against impact flying objects. The lens are distortion free, so your eyes will not tire by wearing them. These types of safety glasses should wrap around your head staying close to eyes, giving little chance of anything getting over the top or underneath.

AO Safety 11329 Virtua Anti-Fog Safety Glasses, Clear Frame, Clear Lens.

Occasionally if you are working close to heat, or steam rising or in an area where it could mist up, it's very important to get the right type of safety glasses. This pair have anti-fog properties which keeps the lens clear so you can see exactly what you are doing. There is a tendency for some types of safety glasses to mist up a little when you perspire or get hot, or if you have your glasses on for long periods and suffer from these difficulties try choosing this pair of safety glasses, you will see the difference straight away.

These safety glasses from AO are light weight and strong, they have impact resistant lens fitted. They meet current legislation in the USA with ANSI minimum requirements. The frame is contoured to fit around your face and they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Dewalt DPG58-11C Reinforcer Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temple Pads.

This pair made by Dewalt have an ergonomically styled hand grip pattern on the temple which offers a secure dependable grip, and they also have a soft, non slip rubber nose section and cushioned nonslip temple pads for all day comfort. These very small improvements will mean a lot to the person wearing them, especially if you wear them continually in your role at work.

The safety glass lens is made from tough, durable, hard wearing poly carbonate. The lens are high impact resistant and meet the required legislation in the US. This pair is excellent for all day use, they have clear anti fog lens, are lightweight and easy to keep with you at all times, and are scratch resistant. An outstanding pair of safety glasses built for comfort, are practical, with anti-fog protection and are come in a great design.

MSA Safety Works 10021259 Straight Temple Safety Glasses, Clear.

Are you looking for a tried and tested pair of safety glasses that have been built with quality in mind, then look no further, these are a teriffic pair made by MSA. These glasses have the added protection of being wrap around plus the lens covers your temples as well. If you have to work close to another worker then these glasses will save you from getting anything in your eyes from the side. You don't want to have to start worrying about your work collegue picking up a grinding machine to do some work right next to you, these safety glasses will protect you.

These glasses also have anti fog protection so you will not get hot or steamed up in them. They are scratch resistant, comfortable, they have rubber sections at the ends of the frame to stop  your ears from getting sore. They are made of high impact polycarbonate and come with the latest OHSA safety requirements.

AO Safety 91264 Professional Chemical Splash Goggle.

These safety goggles from AO have been made to protect you from high impact flying objects and from chemical slashes. They are made to fit any sized face, and they will fit comfortably against your face held in place by a thick elasticated strap. Totally adjustable for all head sizes.

They are impact resistant and come with scratch resistant lens. Designed for performance and to look good at the same time. These sporty looking ski style goggles will provide great protection. They have an anti fog lens fitted and they meet ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety standard.These goggles are perfect at work or for use at home where 90% of all eye accidents happen. So when your using your chipper, planning some wood or grinding out a scratch on your truck make sure you have these goggles with you.

Dewalt DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle.

Are you looking for the best goggles on the market for your workshop or to use in your landscaping business, if so take a close look at this pair from Dewalt. They have high impact resistant, anti fog lens with additional built in ventilation to aid keeping you in full view of your work. Built with great design features such as easy lens replacement if necessary. A comfortable stretchy cloth headband that is fully adjustable for your comfort.

These goggles come with a dual injected rubber which provides a soft, comfortable seal around your face. The lens are made from a tough poly carbonate that is scratch free and easy to clean. Wearing a pair of goggles makes good sense, they only take a minute to find and put on, look after your eyes whether you are at work or doing jobs around your home.


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