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Infectious Attitude - Developing 5 Keys

Updated on September 13, 2013
Meditation, out door bench area
Meditation, out door bench area | Source
Open chapel, prayer
Open chapel, prayer | Source
Inspirational | Source


Mental Attitude

Thoughts have a way of showing up in our demeanor. Which means what we are thinking expresses itself in our physical presence.

Mastering the art of the poker face or neutral stance sounds good but typically many of us can't do it for a prolonged period of time.

If we can, then we need to check out the mental state of the person.

What we are thinking normally also drives how we will behave. The majority of us that don't act on our impulses have been taught that being impulsive does not always lead to a good thing. We typically over think something that should bring us joy if we allow ourselves just to go with the flow.

Yet our thoughts communicate themselves easily if the other person knows how to read - body language.

So the first things to develop are good thoughts.

  • Be grateful
  • meditate
  • de stress
  • journal
  • read happy inspirational things
  • help someone
  • exercise
  • eat well
  • hobby, do something you personally like, be selfish about it

Anything that promotes the feel good endorphin's in your brain is sure to influence your behavior.

Endorphins are released through pleasure. They also counteract pain!

  • sex
  • laughter
  • exercise
  • touch
  • pleasurable activities

Another trait to develop is positive self talk. Yes! Self talk. I always say i get the best answers when i talk to myself.

Self talk

If it is negative change it to a positive...

  • positive
  • figure stuff out
  • encouragement

Mastering thought patterns

Thoughts can't be erased, but our thinking can be retrained.

  • read positive, uplifting things
  • listen to positive, uplifting things
  • limit negativity
  • sing happy songs
  • give things, money away
  • do something nice
  • say something nice

Change the emotional attachment

Change what you are saying from a negative emotional attachment to a positive emotional attachment.

  • Instead of saying, "hate", say "like".
  • remind yourself of what is good about it
  • if the urge is not to do something, 'do', it anyway.


Body language is referred to as non verbal communication. My thoughts, my unconscious mind conveys messages before my conscious mind shuts them down.

For instance like our first reaction to something we see. Something slightly different, out of the normal, for us.

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Oh how we love to say this, but who really goes by this, we live by our senses. Especially our sight.

Which can be deceptive in some of the best case scenarios. Yet it is all we have to make our first evaluations.




Body Language


Eye contact

Listening posture


You have to be in tune with yourself.

This is a little more difficult to explain and can only be cultivated through interaction with human beings on a regular and consistent basis.

It's more spiritual, instinctual or in more layman's terms a 'gut' feeling.

A 'gut' feeling is how we usually refer to this kind of instinctive understanding of someone's innate character although we may have never met them before or may not know them personally.

Yet, something in us responds to them according to something we hear or not hear, but some undercurrent we pick up on.

This usually goes back to judging.

Discernment is more instinctual. As we become adults though we teach ourselves to ignore these signs or warnings in favor of intellectual reasoning and logic.

Children and animals tend to just know when things are not right with a person, place or thing. This subtle vibe that we get is normally a warning system alerting us to danger.

Listening and developing it is key to 'reading' people accurately.

It also helps with guarding one's good infectious attitude.

Fake it

Fake it til you make it...


Do it with as best an attitude as you can conjure up. Smile even though you don't want to, say something pleasant even though you would rather be negative.

All this means is that you consciously do the opposite of what you are thinking and feeling. So if you are feeling depressed act silly, and happy.

Do everything you possibly can to push away the darkness of depression and turn on the light of euphoria.

  • Get out of bed
  • watch something funny
  • get some outside sunny activity, 20 mins
  • force yourself to laugh, to get out of bed, to turn on the light
  • find something fresh, crunchy and healthy to eat


Your surroundings can impact how you feel more potently than most anything else. Which is why businesses, like stores pipe in music.

Decorating for an infectious attitude is another great tool that can advance happiness and serenity or stimulation.

Making a place inviting is the top priority as well as promoting feelings of well being.

Like stores we all want to promote good moods and less stress. Our working and living environments contribute to our mental state.

The Chinese have a concept known as Feng Shui, that is used to duplicate harmony and balance said to influence behavior and creativity.

It is actually a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with our surrounding environment, according to Wikipedia. There are five arts, but the ultimate goal is to bring about harmony to improve one's life.

Basic elements

  • wood
  • fire
  • earth
  • water
  • metal

Adding these elements are thought to bring about balance.

Check what you know.

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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 4 years ago

      Thanks, denise.w.anderson, yeah me too - most times we get past things that way. Gratitude is great, it is possibly the #1 way of going positive...

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I like that, fake it till you make it! That is a great way to shift focus from negative to positive. Gratitude also works great for getting a person out of the doldrums. We all have it within us to change what we feel, if we just make the effort.