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Influence your Mind to attract Happiness in your Life.

Updated on April 5, 2017

Influence your own mind!

There has always been this theory "Mind over matter." Mind can control the body, the materia, and other people too! Even though these remain hypothesis for most of us, the idea is clear. The mind has power to change the material world, reshape it, to its own wish.

But, how can we influence the mind, and reshape our own thoughts, before they grow strong enough to influence the material world?

1. If you need some will power, tense your muscles. Scientists have found that if you tense your muscles before a hard work, or to resist something that tempts you, than you will activate your will power, and you will be able not to consume the whole box of chocolates.

2. Make yourself feel warmth, if you feel lonely. Have a hot bath, hold a hot cup of coffee, or tea, whichever you prefer. Studies has shown that the warmth you feel is associated with impersonal contacts, so by tricking the temperature rising around you, you won't feel lonely anymore.

3. If you are in pain, open your arms. Whether you improvise a hug, or just a stretch, scientist tell that when you perform a power move, you are more prone to tolerate the pain.

4. When dealing with a hard task, cross your arms. It makes you persistence, and more likely to find a solution to the problem ahead, which seems impossible to deal with.

5. To suppress your anger in a sunny day, wear your sunglasses. I think we have dealt with anger every sunny day, when the sun would shine directly in our eyes, making it impossible to relax the muscles, to see clearly, making us feel dizzy, thinking that we might just go blind from all the sunlight. Yeah, not the best situation! And if you are a girl, you know too well what it means to leave the house without your sunglasses - ruined makeup, mascara all over your face.

6. Lie down for creativity. This one may come a bit of an unusual thing to do, but studies show that it works! Who are you to say otherwise? Just lie down, and let the inspiration wash over you. I will lie down in my writers block moments!

7. Walk happily to remember information. Remember the famous walk of Leo di Caprio? That is how you should walk too. Shoulders back, arms swinging, chin high, bouncing steps, and a pretty big smile on your face.

8. You can as well Jump for joy. Jumping up and down will make you feel happy, and of course burn some extra calories! Express your joy!

The 3 questions of Happiness!

Happiness is one of those subjects for which is written a lot and often, and yet no one seems to really say "I'm happy". Mostly because they perceive happiness as a constant state of living, while happiness is actually hidden in the moments.

1. Are you a perfectionist?

- Life is not perfect, you have to put up with the fact. Sometimes you just can't reach perfection, maybe because it doesn't exist. You are constantly improving yourself, so why worry about doing everything in the perfect way? Cherish your journey, and learn from your mistakes. Tomorrow is another day to make things right.

Remarque has put it right "The person that claims to be perfect, has no place in the society, his place is in the museum!"

2. What do you admire in others?

- What you see in others tells more about you then it reveals about them. When you focus on what you value and admire in others, it gives you an insight on what you love and value in yourself. If you know that about yourself, you won't want to check on how others are doing, but how you are doing and you won't try to compete with them.

3. What do you appreciate?

- Learn to show you gratitude. If you appreciate the little things in life, the big things will find the way to you. Take time in the morning, or before bed, or whenever you can to give a big "Thank you" to your God or Universe for whatever material or spiritual thing you possess and for the people in your life and the possibilities that hit your doorway. It will make you realize how rich you are and how beautiful life really is.

The Law of Attraction in your life to attract happiness.

We all know relationships are hard work and who claims otherwise is either lying or not in a real relationship at all. Once those 3 first months of cute lovely messages and surprises, are long gone, the struggles and secrets make their way to the surface.

Sometimes we feel so bad for things of the past, things they did or you did, that we poison the relationship itself, with thinking 'what might have happened' or with the deadly words 'what if'. Once you start filling the blank spaces by yourself, without communicating with your friend or partner, you get so lost in your own game that you find it hard to move on, to let go and to cherish the relationship.

You can un-poison your relationship in 3 ways, if you are willing to let your pride aside and let your heart [and mind] do the job:

1. For every negative comment or thought, think 5 more positive things. This one is backed up by science, so start working on it.

2. Pay compliments. Nothing warms the heart more than a couple of compliments that make you both, the giver and the receiver, happy.

3. If you have any concerns, fears, bad thoughts write them down. If your partner upsets you about something and even though you talked the whole day about it, but you still can't get it out of your head, write it down. Once you write it down, you will feel like your burden is lighter, the fear is gone.

Question those beliefs you just put on paper. Are they true, or are they mostly your imagination? Is it possible that the other person shares the same concern as you, but in an other way? It is your choice to dwell in this or not. You can choose a much easier way: Throw the letter, do not re-read it, or you will get it into your head again.

© 2017 Enchel


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