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Influence Your Own Mind to Manifest Everything

Updated on November 30, 2019
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Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

Can you Influence your own Mind to Think a certain way?

There has always been this theory "Mind over matter." Mind can control the body, the materia, and other people too! Even though these remain hypothesis for most of us, the idea is clear. The mind has power to change the material world, reshape it, to its own wish.

But, how can we influence the mind, and reshape our own thoughts, before they grow strong enough to influence the material world?

1. If you need some will power, tense your muscles. Scientists have found that if you tense your muscles before a hard work, or to resist something that tempts you, than you will activate your will power, and you will be able not to consume the whole box of chocolates.

2. Make yourself feel warmth, if you feel lonely. Have a hot bath, hold a hot cup of coffee, or tea, whichever you prefer. Studies has shown that the warmth you feel is associated with impersonal contacts, so by tricking the temperature rising around you, you won't feel lonely anymore.

3. If you are in pain, open your arms. Whether you improvise a hug, or just a stretch, scientist tell that when you perform a power move, you are more prone to tolerate the pain.

4. When dealing with a hard task, cross your arms. It makes you persistence, and more likely to find a solution to the problem ahead, which seems impossible to deal with.

5. To suppress your anger in a sunny day, wear your sunglasses. I think we have dealt with anger every sunny day, when the sun would shine directly in our eyes, making it impossible to relax the muscles, to see clearly, making us feel dizzy, thinking that we might just go blind from all the sunlight. Yeah, not the best situation! And if you are a girl, you know too well what it means to leave the house without your sunglasses - ruined makeup, mascara all over your face.

6. Lie down for creativity. This one may come a bit of an unusual thing to do, but studies show that it works! Who are you to say otherwise? Just lie down, and let the inspiration wash over you. I will lie down in my writers block moments!

7. Walk happily to remember information. Remember the famous walk of Leo di Caprio? That is how you should walk too. Shoulders back, arms swinging, chin high, bouncing steps, and a pretty big smile on your face.

8. You can as well Jump for joy. Jumping up and down will make you feel happy, and of course burn some extra calories! Express your joy!

3 Habits to Motivate Yourself Daily

Why are you doing what you're doing? What are you trying to accomplish by crossing that task off of the list? Why is that important for you and what is the result that you are looking for? Take a page from the strong willed people who are already pretty focused and working with a to-do-list on their minds.

I, myself, every night before, write a list of stuff I have to do the other day, from cleaning and cooking to the projects and posts I have to write for this blog. Then I set the reminder on for the next day at 9 am. From that I go on crossing things off of the list once I have accomplished them. I must say that there are days when I am able to cross only 1-2 things off, but either way I am still doing something rather than wasting time in vain all day long and not being able to finish one project. Why do I do a list, when I can simply remember things or take the day as it comes? Well, the main tip to get things done is to take them one by one. Do one thing at a time. Sure, me and you, feel like we can do many things and at the same time, but this usually lowers the quality of the work done because you are constantly trying to focus and accomplish different things at once, while you would work better and get things done faster if you focus your energy in just one thing at a time.

The second tip, which I find very important, but most people miss on it, is to find the best time of the day for you. I can't work on the mornings, or study, or do anything else, no matter how small or big, except for watching TV and having coffee. My best time of the day and when I am most productive, effective self, is at Night! I am a night owl basically. It is easier for me to stay up all night long, then sacrifice my mornings sanity to do stuff. So, observe your own productivity on the mornings and evenings, and find the best time of the day that works for you. Schedule the things that will want you to focus and work harder at those hours.

I bet you have heard a lot about meditation and the benefits of it. Well, this third tip, does not really consists of meditating for minutes or hours, but simply taking 2 minutes of relaxed, deep breathing before you dive into your work. This will help your brain take more oxygen and therefore start focusing on the work on your hands. Try this little breathing meditation trick and let me know how it goes.

What's your best trick to influence how you feel and motivate yourself?

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