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Influenza: Can Homeopathy Help In Burning Sore Throat Cough and Chest Coughing?

Updated on January 27, 2016

Homeopathic Remedies For Colds

This hub will be built around the issue of colds and flus. You will learn that many remedies address the symptoms and you must discern the essentials to find the matching energy of the individual to the remedy. This page will be built over the course of the next few months.

Dulcamara is not typically supplied in an emergency remedy kit. However, this remedy commonly known as Woody Nightshade or Bittersweet comes in handy for colds in the Autumn season.

You will learn that "plant" remedies can be very sensitive individuals. Especially plants in the solanaceae family, such as Belladonna. People who need Dulcamara are sensitive to cold and damp weather, which happens as the season changes from hot summer to the cooler nights with the windy and rainy days of autumn. This can be artificially produced in summer when people move from a chilly air-conditioned area to hot outdoors or cars and back again. Most especially be careful of paralysis after cold and damp conditions.

The effects from moving in changing conditions can be infection in different organ systems. The extreme would result in paralysis, such as Bell's Palsy, so functions may shut down. With a kidney or bladder infection the body may sweat while these organs don't work; speech may be affected as the tongue doesn't work properly or paralysis of vocal cords, or even come out with cold sores on the lips. Eruptions can appear on hands, arms or face especially around the menstrual period.

There may be spasms and trembling. As the body and organs are unable to move, one might feel or say they are ‘made of wood,' just like the plant itself, or have crawling and itching on parts of the body as if the needles of the plant were tickling. The inability to move causes stiffness, numbness, aching and soreness of muscles, especially in the back and lower part of abdomen. Since there is no movement, parts of the body begin to feel icy cold.

Have you noticed that the eye is susceptible to colds during this time of year, as well? Dulcamara may help inflammation of the membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the surface of the eyeball called conjunctivitis. Often people get this symptom when they are allergic to cats.

In terms of personality, imagine how with all this paralysis the person would feel like they are constantly trying to move, with inability to do so. Thus, they may exhibit fear, and feel alone or under threat. Individuals needing dulcamara are constantly think about family matters, but have that inability to speak due to paralysis. As a reaction to their condition they may become domineering and quite disagreeable. As a result, family members may want to run from the ill patient leaving them alone in their misery. After trying so hard, they may finally accept their condition, with the expression of their illness forming on their skin as warts and other crusty eruptions.

Read more about Woody Nightshade


Humor | "Man Cold" from Man Stroke Woman on YouTube for a little skit about the way a man deals with being sick and down with the flu
Humor | "Man Cold" from Man Stroke Woman on YouTube for a little skit about the way a man deals with being sick and down with the flu

Bittersweet Nightshade

Belladonna Bittersweet Nightshade photo courtesy of Garry Kessler
Belladonna Bittersweet Nightshade photo courtesy of Garry Kessler

Toxic Elemental Arsenic becomes A Rapidly Healing Homeopathic Remedy When Someone Experiences Food Poisoning

Arsenic is a crystalline solid that tarnishes rapidly in air, and at high temperatures burns to form a white cloud of arsenic trioxide
Arsenic is a crystalline solid that tarnishes rapidly in air, and at high temperatures burns to form a white cloud of arsenic trioxide

Arsenicum Album for Exhaustion and Burning

Arsenicum album to the rescue when flu hits hard and fast with sneezing, burning discharge and total exhaustion. All of your energy just sinks out of you and depression takes over. Boy, are you anxious and full of fear. You can’t stop moving, fixing things, looking for ways to get better.

You try making some hot tea and taking little sips. Watch out anyone who comes near because the irritable disposition shows that you are suffering intensely. Yes! You are even afraid you might die. The restlessness is only one side of the action of this remedy. The other side is being so weak you can’t move, but still you want to move from place to place looking for solace.

“Hold me momma” you might hear a child plead. Surely, this little one looks like he’s going to die and is so afraid of being alone, or to go to bed alone. The nights are the worst, especially after midnight, just when momma has finally settle in her own bed for the night.

The key thing you will note is the exhaustion and the burning pains like fire. Even though the person is hot, they want hot drinks and hot applications. Cold water will not do and just sits in the stomach, even though it is desired.

This flu is so bad that you cannot even stand the smell or sight of food, and you feel badly after taking ice-cream, tainted foods, alcoholic drinks or strong cheese. Which could easily result in BURNING diarrhea, afterwards the exhaustion sets in again.

Those who are familiar with suffocative asthmatic attacks after midnight may be familiar with the rapid healing power of arsenicum album.

Arsenicum album features the essence of the destructive power of the element oxide of arsenic. Just as iron rusts, so arsenic has a decaying state, losing it’s strength, and so there is weakness, exhaustion. When under the influence of this element, one might feel they are losing what was once their own security. In that state, one could imagine robbers breaking in to the house or that they might lose their job. In an attempt to keep their position, the person may be a stickler to details, being ultra precise. So, don’t move anything from its designated position or the ill person may get quite upset. Keep everything neat or you’ll get hell for it, even though they do want your company.

I hope this short picture of arsenicum will help you choose it in time of need. Just remember BURNING pains or discharge, plus desire for sips from that hot drink [brew up some vitamin C powders] and company so they don’t feel alone in their fear of death.

  • For another very humorous short video on "How To Deal With Man Flu" you will find it on videojug YouTube.

Percentage of People Who Use Homeopathy

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Short Synopsis of Influenza Remedies

Absinthium - artemisia

Aconite: Sudden onset of the flu with great anxiety and fear. She thinks she is about to die. Symptoms come on very suddenly, especially after exposure to a dry, cold wind or from an emotional shock or fright. High fever, dry cough, sore throat and feeling of great worry and fear. The individual is very restless. Fear of death with anxiety, tossing and trembling. Croupy cough, early stages of croup. Pneumonia with sudden onset. Coughing up of blood. Better: in fresh air. Worse: in a warm room, in the evening or at night, lying on the left side, hearing music, when exposed to tobacco smoke. Other uses: any situation where the person is scared, such if they just witnessed something horrible, were just involved in an accident, etc.

Allium cepa: Irritating and smarting nasal discharge and throat symptoms as when you cut an onion with tearing. Tissue linings of nose, mouth, throat, bladder and skin burn. Worse in warm room and toward evening. Apathetic disposition during colds and damp cold weather.

Anthoxanthum odoratum - a hay fever remedy made from hay for seasonal allergies.

Antimonium tartaricum: pneumonia with rattling of mucus in the chest. Profuse mucus in bronchi with drowsiness. Loose, coarse rattling but scanty expectoration. Suffocative shortness of breath; alternating with cough. Chest seems full, yet less and less is raised, followed by vomiting or sleep. Nausea; in waves; with weakness and cold sweat. Forcible vomiting, followed by exhaustion and sleep Tongue coated thick white with reddened papillae and edges. Vomiting better lying on right side. Desire for acids, apples. Anxiety, aversion to being looked at; wants to be left alone. Sleepy, weak, sweaty. Worse: heat; warm room.

Apis mellifica: If a person has dry fever that alternates with sweating, facial flushing, and a very sore throat with swollen tonsils , then this homeopathic remedy may be prescribed. Pain may extend to the ears, and the eyelids may be swollen. Exposure to cool air and cold applications may bring relief. Despite the fever, thirst usually is low. The person can be very irritable, disliking interference.

Aralia racemosa - known as an asthmatic remedy, the cough is especially aggravated upon lying down. Drenching sweat during sleep. Extreme sensitiveness to drafts. Diarrhoea, prolapse of rectum. Aching in rectum extending upwards; worse lying on side lain upon. Cough worse about 11 p.m.

Arnica: Flu with a feeling of soreness, as if bruised internally and externally. Sends others away saying, “I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong with me,” when it’s evident that they are very sick. Complains that the bed feels too hard. Fear of others approaching and touching them because their body is so sore. Desires sour drinks and alcohol. Other uses: This is the main initial remedy for acute trauma, injuries and accidents. Bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, cuts, etc. It is commonly given to patients before and after surgery to improve outcome, decrease bleeding and bruising and promote healing.

Arsenicum album: For smelly diarrhea after eating poisoined food at the same time as vomiting, with constant change of position and chilliness that is better with heat and company. Even while very ill concerned with things being neat and clean. Worse time of day is between 12PM and 2AM, especially cold temperature. All symptoms burn. Skin is dry and itching. Scratching makes itching worse, and applying heat soothes. Indigestion also has burning pain.

Arsenicum iodatum- chronic pneumonia. When mucus membranes are persistently acrid, profuse, thic,k, gluey, yellow like honey in chronic conditions and thin in acute conditions. Burning in all parts like arsenicum.Better from open air. Worse from dry, cold, windy, foggy weather. Worse from exertion, apples and tobacco smoke.

Arundo maruitanica- Another grass remedy made from reedy root shoots for hay fever. Begins with burning and itching of palate and conjunctiva. Constant watery diarrhea when babies are nursing or teething. Mouth burning. Thirst. Pain in liver. Discharge from the ear. Laughs easily. Mucus in bronchus. Itching in nostrils and roof of mouth. Loss of smell.

Asclepias syriaca- called pleurisy root is used for bronchitis and pleurisy. Used for dysentary with panful diarrhea, person is worse from cold, damp weather conditions. Pains in lungs better bending forward. Stitches in left side, shooting over to the right and up to the left shoulder. Profuse perspiration in pleuro-pneumonia. High fever with hot sweat. Sick headache. Sensitive to tobacco. Irritation in laryns with huskiness, and pleuritic pain.

Asclepias tuberosa: Influenza with marked weakness on walking. Shooting pleuritic pains (pains with inspiration) during and lingering after influenza. Bleeding from gums, coughing up blood, bleeding from nose. Worse: Lying, especially on left side. Motion of arms. Deep inspiration. Better: Bending forward.

Badiaga - Fresh water sponge for fits of coughing with mucus flying out of mouth, caused by ticklin in larynx. Better in wrm room. Pleuritic stitching pain in chest, neck and back. Suffocative cough. Soreness of tissues and muscles as if beaten. Profuse coryza gushing from nose. Left cheek and malar bone sore to touch. Sharp pains in stomach, liver, below scapulae, urethra and chest. Sharp stinging back of right heel, worse from pressure.

Baptisia: Looks drowsy and drunk. Flu with high fever and a feeling of being bruised all over. Flu that comes on suddenly. Sensation of being bruised and sore all over, the body and limbs feel as if they are scattered. Profuse sweating with a high fever and an intense thirst. Dull red face, looks dazed and sluggish as if they may fall asleep at any time. The bed feels hard (Compare with Pyrogenium and Arnica) Stupefying headache, with confusion. Delirium with strange sensations, like as if there is somebody else in bed with him, parts of her body are separated, etc. Patient smells bad.

Belladonna: Flu with a high fever, red face and dilated pupils. Dryness and burning heat. Everything is intense and concentrated in the head. High fever that comes on suddenly, often as a result of a change in temperature (e.g. becoming chilled or overheated, washing the hair). Flushed face, sore throat, eyes wide and staring, pupils dilated, bright red tongue, red throat with white spots on the tonsils. Constriction on attempting to swallow Ejection of food and drink through the nose and mouth from spasm. There may be confusion, delirium or vivid hallucinations. Twitching and starting. Headache. Symptoms tend to affect the right side of the body. Craving for lemon or lemonade. General aggravation at 3 p.m. Better: standing, sitting upright, in a warm room. Worse: any noise, bright light, movement, lying down, night. Other uses: strep throat, meningitis, abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, etc, when the overall picture fits.

Bryonia: Extremely irritable, talks about business. Flu with a severe, throbbing headache, body pains. All symptoms are worse from any motion. Slow onset. Thirst for large amounts infrequently, preferably cold. Pains (headache, body pains) better by pressure. Lies on the painful part. Dryness everywhere, dry tongue, with generally a white coating Nose bleed Pneumonia, especially of the right side; pleurisy (pain on breathing and coughing). Business: worries, talks and dreams about it. Wants to go home. May be confused and not realize she is at home. Better: pressure, rest Worse: any excitement, noise, touch, movement, bright light, from eating and coughing and at around 3am and 9pm. Other uses: Aching joints and worse from movement.

Carbo vegetalis: "Corpse reviver” Desperate cases. Cold; even the breath and tongue are cold; very pale, air – hunger, asks for the windows to be opened, to be fanned. Shortness of breath. Must sit up in bed. Bloating, indigestion, and tremendous amount of gas. This is a frequent ICU remedy, when life seems to be draining away.

China (Cinchona officinalis): Ailment from loss of fluids: blood loss, vomiting, diarrhea. Desperate cases. Debility with chilliness. Anemic; pallid; weak. Sensitive to touch: motion: to cold air. Worse at regular period: alternate days, every third day, every seven days, etc. Weariness of the limbs, with desire to stretch, move or change position. Painless diarrhea with a lot of gas. Other uses: A very common remedy for diarrhea

Dulcamara - See story above...

Eucalyptus: One inhale and the fragrance of their branches opens your sinuses. For stuffy nose with smelling discharge or else keeps running, helps expell lung congestion, stomach discomfort with gas and irritation hours after eating; diarrhea. Fevers keep coming back and increase in urination and bleeding. Fevers of a RELAPSING character. Produces diuresis and great increase of urea. Desire to exercise. Eyes and throat smart and burn, even saliva burns; phlegm in throat with inflamed tonsils. Also for whooping cough and malaria.

Eupatorium –perfoliatum: Flu with body pains so severe, that the bones feel broken. Feels as if run over by a truck, with pain deep in the bones. Bursting headache and sore eyes. Thirsty for ice cold water (opposite to Gelsemium, which is not thirsty). Chills running up and down the back. High fever preceded by chills, especially from 7 – 9am. Worse: movement

Euphorbium resinifera: Flu with burning pains in the bones. Intense burning pains as if a live coal were on, or in the part. Pharyngitis with a sensation as if expired air was a burning flame. Worse: Touch; rest; sitting; beginning of motion. Better: Continued motion; cold applications (compare with Arsenicum, which has burning pains better from hot applications).

Euphrasia: Flu with eye symptoms. Acrid tears and bland nasal discharge. Burning, smarting eyes and aversion to light and constant winking. Cough with large quantities of mucus.

Ferrum phosphoricum: This remedy may be helpful during flu for the child who often gets non-specific fever and headaches, with rosy cheeks. A feeling of weariness, Sensitive eyes, A short hard cough, Strong thirst ,Vomiting after eating, This remedy is also prescribed in early stages of flu or fever, even if symptoms are not especially clear.

Gelsemium: Flu with chills and paralytic weakness. They feel as if run over by a truck. This tends to be the number 1 flu remedy. Slow onset After worrying about a forthcoming task or event such as a public speaking engagement. Sore throat. Bursting headache beginning in the neck and which may extend over the head to the eyes and forehead; relieved by copious urination. Double vision often before or during the headache. Eyelids are heavy and droopy, can’t keep them open. Fatigue, heaviness and dullness. The legs feel weak and shaky and they just want to lie in bed. Pain is felt in the muscles. No thirst. Aching muscles. Chills begin in the hands and feet, and run up and down the spine. Worse: early morning and last thing at night, in the sun, and when exposed to tobacco smoke. Better: urination, fresh air

House Dust - Allergy to dust specific to your environment. Isopathic remedy.

Ipecacuanha: She coughs till she vomits. Dry, spasmodic cough ending in choking, gagging and vomiting. Person stiffens and becomes pale or blue; gasps for breath. Constant nausea not relieved by vomiting. Clean tongue. Profuse salivation with the nausea. No thirst. Worse: Heat. Other uses: Any ailments or pains attended with constant nausea and clean tongue. Whooping cough.

Kali bichromicum - Known for thick, sticky, ropy, stringy touch, lumpy or thick discharges of mucus membranes. Mucus in pharyns, larynx, bronchi an dnose STRINGY. Polyps. Pains in Small Spots. Pains appear and disappear suddenly. Cracking of joints. Feels heavy in different parts. As if a hair were on the tongue. Yellow discharges. Better from heat and wrapping up, motion and pressure. Worse from alcohol, beer, stooping, sitting, eating, cold, hot weather, damp, open air, springtime and from 2-3 AM. Migraines.

Kali carbonicum - never well since pneumonia, catching cold and overstrain. Sensitive to atmospheric changes to every draft of air. Better in warm weather, sitting with elbows on knees an din open air. Worse from exertion and from 2-4AM. Stiching pains. Lungs seem to stick to the ribs. Worse lying on right side. Whole chest very sensitive during coughing. Swelling over upper eyelids like little bags. Asthmatic wheezing. Falls asleep while eating. Feels as if stomach full of water. Hoarse. Sweating. Violent sneezing. Irritable. Cannot bear to be touched. Constant back ache.

Kali iodatum - Craves motion in open air.Glands enlarged and indurated. Sharp stitching pains. Copious watery, acrid, salty, thick, green or foul discharge. Weak. Whistling asthma, worse in morning. Awakes choking. Pneumonia. Colds travel into chest. Expectoration like soapsuds, greenish. Profuse hot, acrid watery discharge from nose. Weeps during sleep. Larynx raw. Tonsils enlarged. Cannot bear to be touched.

Kali sulphuricum: Yellow, slimy Fever with easy sweating Yellow slimy tongue, nasal discharge, ear discharge, diarrhea. Cough with easily expelled yellow slimy sputum. Thirsty. Averse to hot drinks. Wants to lie down, but it makes her worse, so she must walk for relief.

Lachesis - Loud and senstive with depression. Very jealous and loquacious. Hot blooded.Hemorrhagic tendency. Septic condition. Blocked eustachian tubes. Flushes of heat. Hungry. Worse hot drinks. Headache bursting. Sun headache. Suffocation and strangulation on lying down. Breathing almost stops on falling asleep. Vertigo.

Linum usitatissimum-

Lobelia inflata

Lobelia syphilitica

Malaria officinalis

Mercurius biniodatus cum Kali iodatum

Mercurius solubilis: Dirty, smelly, drooling. Increased salivation, offensive breath, profuse offensive sweat. Filthy tongue, large, flabby, tooth – notched Thirsty Craves bread and butter. Worse: night, heat of bed

Mixed pollens



Natrum iodatum

Nux Vomica: Flu with great irritability and over sensitivity. Easily offended, angry, cold. Irritable, impatient, angry and easily offended. Very chilly. Chilliness on the slightest movement. On the slightest exposure to the open air, shivering and chilliness for an hour; dreads to go out into the open air. By the slightest draught he gets chilled. He cannot get warm. Great coldness not removed by heat, or by bed coverings. Wants to be completely covered. Very sensitive to light, noise and odors. Shivering and chilliness immediately after drinking. Fastidious. Wants everything just so. Collapse and fatigue states from overwork. Other uses: Ailments from overdoing: overeating, overwork, etc. Hangover.

Phosphorus: The flu quickly affects the lungs, especially the base of the right lung. Lots of cough. Bleeding. Bloody sputum, bright red. Craves cold drinks, which may be vomited when they become warm in the stomach. Burning, ressure and constriction in the chest; worse lying on the left side; worse lying on the painful side (patient and the cough). Nose bleed, bright red. Cough, worse talking and laughing.

Pulsatilla: Clingy and weepy when sick. Flitting chilliness; chills in spots. Chilly in a warm room. One sided chilliness – heat – sweat. One cheek red, the other white. Palpitations with anxiety: must throw off the clothes. Dry cough at night, better sitting up, worse on lying down again. Thick yellow-green discharge from nose. Yellow-green expectoration. Craves butter, cream, pastries. Thirstless. Tearful, craves company and sympathy. Worse: external warmth, closed room Better: open air, outside, slow motion

Polygala senega [snakeroot] : The Senegaw Indians used senega against the poisonous rattlesnake poison bites and could be applied to dress wounds or taken internally. Well known for respiratory ailment, specifically flu.


Pyrogenium: Septic states. Extremely restless. Has to keep on moving, rocking, wringing, for momentary relief. The bed feels too hard, aching everywhere, feels beaten and bruised. Everything is offensive: sweat, breath, discharges, stool, etc. The pulse is abnormally rapid for the temperature. High temperature with slow pulse, or the reverse. Creeping chills in the back, with a thumping heart. Bursting headache. Rapid bed sores. Feels as if someone else is in his bed. Consciousness of the heart beating.

Ranunculous bulbosus

Rhus toxicodendron: Stiff and restless, better with movement. Restlessness. Wants to move all the time. Aching and stiffness in the joints, worse on first starting to move and better with continued movement. Red triangle on the tip of the tongue. Intense fever: thirsty: great prostration: weeps without knowing why. Severe aching in the bones. Fear of poisoning. She may refuse taking medicine feeling it is poison. Anxiety and fear which are worse at night. Other uses: Sprains, strains, when the pain is better with movement (opposite of Bryonia).

Rosa damascena


Sanguinaria: Flu with burning in various parts and headache. Right-sided remedy. Burning in various parts: eyeballs, cheeks, tongue, throat, chest, stomach, palms and soles. Headaches, especially right sided, spreading from shoulder over the head to the eye. Spasmodic cough with expectoration of rust-colored sputum. Runny or stopped-up nose, followed by diarrhea. Dryness of mucous membranes. Desire for spicy and pungent food. Warm-blooded.


senna - sneexing with heat

Sinapis alba

Skookum chuck

Sticta pulmonaria


Sulphur iodatum

Sulphur: Hot, burning sensations. This is a well known remedy for skin irritation. Partially recovers and then relapses. Very sensitive to the open air and drafts (opposite to Pulsatilla); worse from washing and taking a bath. The crown of the head is very hot but the feet are cold. The soles of the feet burn at night; they must be put out of the bed. Hungry and starving at 11am, but not before then. Often left-sided This one is hard to figure out. Your professional homeopath will know when it is indicated.

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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      7 years ago

      Hello Sweet Pea ~ Glad you enjoyed the review. Peace, Debby

    • Urban Healing profile image

      Claudia Dias 

      7 years ago from London

      Five star Hub Debby. Excellent coverage of homeopathic remedies useful for cold, flu, sore throats, respiratory symptoms and allergies - Thank you.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      ToKnowInfo ~ Sorry to hear of your illness. It's been going around. Bookmark this page for a future reference and check out all the other links. Blessings, Debby

    • toknowinfo profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub. I try to learn whatever I can about homeopathy. Thanks for the great info. Just getting over the flu myself, I should have read this two weeks ago.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hello Dr Shreya ~ I really appreciate your compliments on this hub article. I now have 100 Hubpages. Enjoy! Love, Debby

    • profile image

      Dr Shreya Deshpande 

      9 years ago

      Wonderful Debby! Had missed this piece of writing from you! Homeopathy is amazing!

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Dear VocalCoach - I love making friends on Hubpages. Thanks for "hopping" by and commenting. I've just written a few more pieces that may be of interest. Hugs, Debby

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      9 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Debby -

      Wonderful information on homeopathy and I am so greatful to have found you. I am looking forward to learning more from you about homeopathy.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      11 years ago

      Cool. Thanks for reading. I've got tons more writing to do. Take care. Debby

    • profile image


      11 years ago from Channahon, IL

      Hi Debby:

      Good hub! I am a big believer in homeopathy. If more people used herbs instead of antibiotics. the world would be a healthier place. Good luck!



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