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Influenza Virus Symptoms From Hell

Updated on May 28, 2014
When you have illness in your home everything looks pretty bleak.  Lake Michigan in Winter
When you have illness in your home everything looks pretty bleak. Lake Michigan in Winter | Source

Another Year Another Flu Season

Our son awakes up, on the first day of a new job, throwing up. Terror strikes my heart as the memory of last years flu season haunts me. The timing is inconvenient, but it doesn't mean we have a repeat of last flu season.

Some events in our lives haunt us forever. Sometimes we are grateful for the experiences, like my cancer. From the cancer adventure I have learned so much about eating well, and how to take care of my body The cancer road has lead to relationships that wouldn't have happen otherwise It is never fun to have cancer. The story you are about to hear was devastating. Far worse than cancer with a better ending. We had a shortened occurrence recently that sent me into a panic. Every time someone in the family has a stomach bug my stomach knots. The nightmare virus I was little prepared for happened like this.

Suspect Symptoms

If your feeling a little achy without exercising or doing yard work, or you feel feverish and have chills, you may have the flu. Add diarrhea and vomiting to your symptoms and you definitely have something. My husband got a flu shot in October. Here it is February and he has been doing the two step to the bathroom for two weeks.

The First Week

Monday morning we awoke to the first significant rain since October. My true love listened to the rain and decided to take a later train. He got up rode his bike to the train station for the 6:30am train. Around 4:00pm I got a call, "I fell asleep in my last meeting and missed the first train. I am going to leave my bike here. Will you pick me up?" I knew when the bicycle was being tethered at work that the man was in a bad way. Last year he rode his bike to work all but three days. Unlike my usual late self, I was at the station when the train arrived. My True Love could hardly walk. When he got home he fell into bed. A few hours later awoke to race to the bathroom. The smell was putrid; he fell back into bed after taking some Imodium. He was exhausted. The fatigue was extreme.

Something is definitely going around. The kids have taken turns feeling crummy all weekend. Each one slept for a whole day and night and then they were fine.

Tuesday, my true Love spent the day taking more Imodium and sleeping. Wednesday, he felt well enough to work from home. Thursday he felt like he was ready to go back to work. The bike was at work, so I drove him to the train. Then he took the shuttle to work. After work he rode his bike to the train. Then from the train home. He was very tired.

Friday was a busy day, he intended to be on the early train, but didn't make it. Then the train's head lights were out. The train had to go through every railroad crossings at 20 mph the entire way to Stockton, where the train originates. . The train was super late, we had company over for dinner. Great!

Saturday and Sunday

We had a new grandson/ His parents moved into their new home this weekend. True Love is our go to guy when just about anything needs to be done. so when Saturday morning True Love had a relapse, the world started to fall apart. The new range didn't fit despite our best measurements. Part of the cabinet needed to be cut. You can't live without a stove, so True Love dragged himself over to supervise the construction. True Love is amazing.

All the symptoms from before along with chills, no fever, but a terrible stomach ache returned. The vomiting commenced on Sunday. It was apparent dehydration was beginning; I tried to get True Love to increase fluids, but the plea fell on deaf ears. He is feeling miserable. He doesn't like to drink water even on a good day.

The Second Week

Monday morning because True Love had diarrhea, weakness, dizziness and terrible diarrhea we went to the Emergency Room. Our timing was good. We were taken right in and put in the only room with a toilet. They started an IV, gave anti nausea and anti diarrhea drugs. The ER got very busy and they sort of forgot about us. I worked on a new hub about making dog jackets. True Love slept and eight hours later they sent us home with more drugs. True Love hadn't eaten much since Friday night. The anti nausea drug worked, though nothing slowed the diarrhea. Acupuncture is always on my radar as a possible solution for what ails; I call the doctor and he gave me some herbs. That was Tuesday. We were encouraged by having another avenue for solving the problem. True Love, dutifully downed the herbs. Then the second dose and the third. Nothing. Dehydration looming again. more anti nausea drugs, so liquids would stay down. Wednesday, sleep, nausea, and more running to the toilet. Wednesday night the hiccups started. Thursday, true love met Dr. Jens for acupuncture treatment. Doctor had talked over symptoms via phone so the visit was short. Hiccups were so violent the treatment was difficult. The nausea abated, but not the hiccups. True love did feel better after the treatment. Friday, true love tries very hard to drink as much as he needs to stay hydrated and tries eating. Hiccups make eating difficult, even dangerous, He persevered on his quest for the perfect food. Following the BRAT diet religiously ( bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast). He was drinking G2 Gatorade diluted,but nothing was working. While while out shopping, I stopped at the health food store. They recommended potatoes and lots of pro biotic. Friday night I have a brilliant idea. Why not call his sister the pediatric advice nurse. Who in the world deals with diarrhea more than a pediatric advice nurse. Usually the 3 hour time difference really kick us, but this night, she is working until 12, we are in luck. Her reply to my text says " Will be off work in 15 minutes. Will call then. When she calls we go through everything we have done. Could it be C diff? C diff is a a bacterial infection that frequently occurs after antibiotic treatments. True love hasn't been on antibiotics in years. She is pleased we are doing the BRAT diet, Suggests G2 Gatorade should be diluted unless low sugar, Good that they did all the labs in the ER. No reason to go to ER unless dehydrated. Hiccups no suggestions for hiccups. "Oh by the way a virus can last 7-14 days". Three days until day 14.

Listening to your true love try to talk, eat or sleep through hiccups is painful.

True love isn't thrilled about trying hiccup cures. But they go on and on with an occasional stopping for odd reasons. When hiccups started Goggled for remedies. There was amazing information. True Love was not in the mood for any , Managed to stop hiccups temporarily by eating, but that didn't last.

Comfort height has a whole new meaning when spending hours on the toilet
Comfort height has a whole new meaning when spending hours on the toilet | Source

Saturday and Sunday Week Two

Saturday morning we really wanted to know lab results, so we called the advice nurse. She made a phone appointment with a doctor. The doctor called and discussed the matter. She ordered more lab work. True love is a little hungry Saturday. Not thrilled with BRAT diet. Close enough to dehydration that rice and dry toast are not an option can't swallow dry food. True love, the man who will happily eat turkey sandwiches 10 days straight, suddenly wants variety. Nothing tastes good. Trying desperately to keep someone hydrated who doesn't like to drink water is a no fun.

Week Three

Monday finds us at the doctors office. He hooks up another IV. The office is closer to home than the hospital so tireless races to do chores while True Love is getting fluids. Doctor sends True Love home with drugs that will help with hiccups and potassium. Liquid potassium has to be ordered and won't be available until Tuesday. Start the hiccup drug that is actually for schizophrenia with the side effect of helping with hiccups. Another side effect is supposed to be constipation. If only! The drug makes TL sleepy and gives him bad dreams.Tuesday the hiccups disappear for a little while. First dose of liquid potassium burns all the way down. hiccups come and go. Wednesday, True Love takes another dose of potassium on almost empty stomach. Never take liquid potassium on an almost empty stomach. None the less True Love works most of the day. Hungry, but little tastes good or settles the stomach. Thursday feeling pretty good. True Love refuses to take liquid potassium. (Don't blame at all) Hiccups stop about 9 am and don't return until late afternoon when True Love decides to eat an ice cream; sandwich. We go to visit with #1 grandchild. True Love eats small dinner and we play Quiddler. Another sign of healing hopefully. All symptoms return when we get home, but are attacked with Kaopectate. During the night hiccups slow down. Friday strict BRAT diet. Rice cooked until mushy with bananas and cinnamon. A piece of cinnamon toast wraps up breakfast. Nice start to the day. Goes to lab for blood work. Attends virtual meetings the rest of the morning and conducts a virtual meeting in the afternoon. Finally everything is settling down. Tireless and son go to the gym. True Love makes himself hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is not on the BRAT diet. Dairy with the exception of yogurt should be avoided like the plague for days after illness. All symptoms return and Tireless has a fit over the hot chocolate. True Love gets the message. Takes more Kaopectate. Tireless is coughing, probably allergies,and takes Benadryl goes to bed."Do you need something True Love? "Yes",.

"I think you should go get it yourself".

Tireless sleeps peacefully for the first times is days.

Saturday and Sunday

True Love wakes up stronger than before. Follows strict BRAT diet, with a twist. If toast is good, Why not a bagel? True Love and tireless go to local bagel shop and have a lovely time. Walk to the hardware store. True Love drives for the first time in 3 weeks. Sour stomach returns, but no hiccups in 18 hours. True Love goes to library. Tireless works some more on that dog jacket article that has driven her crazy for nearly a month.(New to making videos) No hiccups all day!

Sunday True Love resumed regular activities slowly. Friends at church are horrified at his weight loss. In the afternoon a nice nap.

What Perhaps Would Have Helped

This flu was nasty. It went away after two days, when True Love felt fine, he worked from home another day, then resumed life as normal. Twenty mile bicycle commute during the winter and high stress job wasn't necessarily the best way to ease back into things. Virus symptoms will hang on until you are rested.

I overheard True Love say to someone "If I hadn't stopped eating and drinking I would have recovered more rapidly". I completely agree about the drinking. In the midst of chemotherapy big nurse insisted I drink 3-4 liters of water a day. When you are losing fluids rapidly there comes a time when you can't drink enough water. Diluted Gatorade or some sort of electrolyte replenish-er.

At the peak of the virus when everything was liquid, Something like chewable or liquid Kaopectate or liquid Milk of Magnesia may have been better than trying to digest Imodium caplets or the medication the doctor prescribed,.. Kaopectate and Milk of Magnesia have the same active ingredient. Kaopectate just has more bismuth

.Sleep. If your body is telling you to sleep don't fight it.

If you don't hear results from the first tests within three days call your doctor.

Doctors don't really have any cure for stomach virus. Cold and flu remedies address upper respiratory symptoms, fever. aches and pains, but not many stomach issues.

The best thing to have done was wash hands better. Washing hands and using hand sanitizer will significantly reduce spreading of virus germs.

One Year Later Tireless Is On The Way...

One year later tireless traveler is on the way to the pharmacy for anti nausea drug prescribed by the doctor for son. Hopefully this will be the end and not just the beginning of the nightmare virus.

On The Way To Health

True Love is on his way to health. He worked a short day yesterday and today. He is eating well. Except being extraordinarily thin my True Love is on the mend. I ,Tireless Traveler am enjoying the quiet.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      idigwebsites- thanks for stopping.

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 6 years ago from United States

      Great hub...very helpful information!!!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      Credence2- I am totally with you as far as hand sanitizer and washing go. I think I may have had a mild strain the the beast when it first started. I did have a cold, that unfortunately TL has now. After a tough couple of months this weekend we had been healthy and done nothing, but rest.

      Thank you for stopping by.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Timelesstraveler, I am glad to hear that you successfully came away from the brink. We are religious about hand santizers in our household because of all the virulently nasty things that flourish in a semitropical climate.

      Be careful that you don't up this viral infection that put TL in such a bad way... Cred2

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      Dim Flaxenwick-Thanks for the good wishes. Should have stayed home this week and rested, but needed to get back to work. Very tired, but on the mend. Thanks for stopping.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Interesting , painful story. Feel sorry for both of you.

      I hope all is well now. (also hope I never get it. Sounds horrendous.!.)

      Great hub.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      jenubouka- so sorry to hear the flu hit your family.

      Kaopectate has been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. It's till the best.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      Oh, how I truly feel your pain. The flu hit our home and after reading your story, I feel very fortunate that ours was only for 48 hours. But let me tell you... it was symptoms from hell... Our poor little toddler, who never pukes, did just that. While he is extremely active the first night he just laid his head on my lap. The next morning, it had hit us. We compared notes and I take the prize for WORST symptoms to boot.

      Wonderful and helpful remedies you have given and while the flu is no laughing matter, you did enlighten me with the measurements, it's soooo true.


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