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Information on Asthma

Updated on February 22, 2012

Two years ago when I found out that I had asthma, you can imagine how I felt. I was sad and very depressed at that moment. To me it seemed like my world had gone down because of the condition that I was told that I had. My parents and my friends told me that it wasn't the end of the world for me just because I had asthma, I just had to learn to control it. Now two years later, I am able to say that I have control of asthma and it doesn't have control of me.

I did my research on asthma so I could familiar myself with it and its symptoms, as well as its treatments. It is said that asthma is now one condition that is almost like a global epidemic. Lots of times allergies and asthma go hand in hand most of the time. Allergies can be the lead cause of asthma and that is how I got asthma. I am sure a lot of other people have been diagnosed with asthma and in their history they had allergies.

With asthma we have to be careful what we do because if we do anything exciting or to hectic it can trigger our asthma symptoms in the worst way. We even have to be careful on what kind of exercise we do because even the most fastest exercise we do can trigger the asthma that we have. But if we keep our bodies in good physical condition we are able to control our asthma easier and they say that will help those with asthma to do more exercising.

There is a list of guidelines that is good to keep in mind to be able to manage the asthma that they have:

1. It is very important to eat well. It is good to add meats, fresh fruits, fish, grains, and vegetables in the diet.

2. Getting the sleep that we need is also very important when it comes to managing the asthma conditions.

3. One should stay fit because it is easier to manage your asthma and it enables you to be able do exercises that other people can do, that you may be limit to do if you didn't stay fit.

4. You should be able to reduce your stress because you are not as anxious and this will also help in not having asthma attacks because we do not have as much stress.

5. Watch the allergens that you are exposed to outside and inside because those can also trigger your asthma.

These are only a few guidelines in managing the asthma that you may have or even someone else may have. I have learned to control mine with the help of Advair and at times the emergency inhaler that I have just in case. You can learn to control it too, is just depends on what the doctor gives you to help control your asthma and how bad it is.

You may have your asthma under control and that is good, but it is important to catch it on time before it gets worse. If you notice you are wheezing more often, you can't breathe or even run out of breath then those are signs that you may have asthma. Go to the doctor and find out what it is because as they told me asthma really has no cure and it is better to have it treated so it won't get any worse.


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