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Infuse New Life Into Your Brain By Training It

Updated on June 21, 2012

It is true that there are certain things in life over which we have no control. Aging is one among them. As we age, our brains get sluggish. But, if we take a few steps, we can retain the health of our brain. We should never forget the fact that the human brain is the most fascinating organ. But, unfortunately, most of us take things for granted. We think that its capacity and health will remain in tact even if we do not take any action. This is wrong. We have to exercise our brains as we exercise our limbs. By doing these exercises, we can retain its efficiency and protect it from one of the most uncomfortable problems called cognitive decline also. If we use our brain appropriately, the number of links connecting the brain cells will increase. These links are known as dendritic branches and if their number increases, the brain will function more efficiently.

On the other hand, if we do not exercise our brain, it may deteriorate in its capacity. The benefits of brain exercises are innumerable. We can develop our memory and concentration. We will be able to think coherently and with more clarity. Our brains will be protected against the dreadful Alzheimer's and vascular dementia.

Brain exercises positively impact many areas of our nervous system. Secretion of chemicals like serotonin will increase and hence, we will be able to feel happy and calm. Therefore, you are advised to try these ways to improve the capacity and health of your brain.

- You can try to learn new tasks about which you are not familiar at all. These tasks include learning a new game or a language, trying to prepare a new dish, attempting a new software or a new compute game, purchasing from a new store, trying a new route, meeting and talking to new people and so on. Even simple things like trying to use your other hand for moving the computer mouse, brushing or for dialing a number will help. In other words, your brain will get excited when you are trying to teach it something new. This will ultimately improve the flexibility of your brain. The more the fun you have, the more active your brain will be.

- You can travel to new destinations. It is not necessary that you should try the same place for your vacation as everyone does. Your brain will get stimulated if it is used for exploring and discovering details about unknown places.

- Experts have found out a new type of brain exercises or brain games called Neurobics. These involve the five physical senses along with the brain. You should find out ways to make exciting changes to your routine tasks. By doing so, you will be stimulating your brain to produce the required nutrients that may strengthen and grow its cells. Another way to do this is to do use one of your five senses along with your brain as often as possible. You can try a combination like eating and reading, driving and listening to music, etc.

- Physical exercises have been proved to be very good for the health of human brain. When you do your exercises, more number of neurons are created in your brain. The more the number of neurons created, the better the health of your brain will be.

- Reading is another great brain exercise. Some people have a wrong notion that reading newspapers and magazines is enough. You should try reading all types of materials including fiction, serious topics and so on. To get better results, you can read books of two different genres at the same time. Simply put, your creative and imaginative powers should be stimulated.

- Memory games like trying to memorize things like facts and numbers are another way to strengthen your brain. Likewise, learning new things like a new mathematical problem, a new language, new facts, etc. will be of great help. Similarly, solving crosswords, sudoku, puzzle games, brain teasers, etc. will also help immensely in stimulating your brain.

- Above all, you should eat healthy and nutritious foods. You should eat more of fiber foods like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, wholesome grains, nuts, beans, etc. These diets supply folate that is very much needed for countering Alzheimer's. You should also ensure to take foods that contain omega fatty acids. You should avoid taking sugary items, processed foods and junk foods. Consumption of alcohol should be reduced. You should stop smoking completely because studies have revealed that smoking of tobacco may cause Alzheimer's.

These steps will certainly keep your brain healthy and active. Even if you age physically, your mental capacity will not decline and this will go a long way in helping you lead a happy life.


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