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Infused water - Detoxing your body!

Updated on January 11, 2016

"How do I lose weight?" - This question never dies down. Now we all know there are tonnes of exercises and diet plans out there that DO work for weight loss. But is that enough? A healthy weight loss asks for a healthy lifestyle. Following a workout with a can of soda is not a healthy choice. Our body is smarter than we can imagine. In a world where we eat out of boxes and cans, our body has become sluggish. So where do we get the natural from?

Now there are numerous ways to eat and drink healthy, but in our busy and fast lives one of my favorite ways to get the 'natural' is Infused Water.


What is infused water?

One of my favorite 'healthy-on-the-go' things is infused water. It is simply water infused with your favorite fruit, vegetable or herb. The ingredients are simple, you just need water with pieces of your favorite fruit/vegetable and ice (optional). Let the water sit for few minutes so that the fruit releases its flavor and you're good to go. Drink this water the whole day.

Water with the benefits of fruit. Yes, its that simple.

Benefits of infused water

Now studies have already shown that water is good for us in too many ways. It boots our metabolism, pumps up the weight loss process, keeps us hydrated and reduces fatigue among many other benefits.

Drinking fruit infused water for weight loss can be even more fruitful:

  • Almost zero calories
  • A good way to increase water intake.
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Goodness of fruits that we skip to eat everyday.
  • Helps you avoid artificially flavored water.
  • Helps you avoid junk food by keeping you full.
  • Detoxes your body
  • Helps body release fat cells
  • Improves your mood
  • Keeps organs healthy
  • Nothing artificial about it
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Its yummy!

Infusion combinations

There is no limit to the combinations you can try for infused water. But here are some of my favorite:

  • Round slices of lemons, limes and cucumbers along with mint leaves and very little ginger. This is believed to be the most popular kind of infused water since it really gives the metabolism a kick and improves digestion. And it tastes of freshness!
  • Strawberry infused water. Simply my favorite kind. Slice up a few strawberries for your bottle, carry and refill it all day.
  • Lemons and basil leaves. Crush a few leaves and add in water with lemon.
  • Oranges. Simply amazing! Your daily quotient of vitamin C right here. Add a little ginger for that extra zing. It acts as an antioxidant.
  • Watermelon and mint. This is best for a hot summer day. The watermelon keeps you cool, water keeps you hydrated and the mint keeps you fresh.
  • Simply add kiwi slices in cold water. It is so refreshing that you will want to come back for more.
  • Blueberries and lemon. Berries are known to keep illness at bay. Lightly crush blueberries in cold water and add either lemon slices or rind.
  • Apple and cinnamon. Not just for pies!
  • Pears and apple, for a light flavor and the goodness of fiber.
  • Raspberries and Blackberries. Another combination for days you want to increase your berry intake.
  • Melon and cantaloupe. This is easily the most refreshing combination. The water becomes sweet in the most natural way possible, the colors look beautiful and the taste is straight out of heaven.

You can make any combination as long as you enjoy having that water.

Tip: Cut the fruits in cubes or spheres (with the help of a small scooper) to make the drink look irresistible.

P.S: Kids love it!



Now since its established that fruit infused water is good for health, here are a few tips that will help you consume it more often:

  • Make a pitcher of infused water and keep it in your refrigerator at all times.
  • Have a glass or two right after waking up.
  • Drink a glass of infused water before a meal. Helps you keep full!
  • Drink the water in between meals or whenever you feel hungry at odd hours.
  • Drink one glass before your bath. Keeps your blood pressure in check.
  • Buy an infused water bottle/jug.
  • Keep changing the fruit/ vegatable combinations everyday.
  • Chop your favorite fruit in small pieces and place them in your ice tray. Next time you want immediate infused water just use those fruit infused ice cubes!
  • Great to serve at house parties!

We can obviously see the healthy choice here. So go ahead, cut the artificial out of your life. It does not matter how much these 'flavored water' companies shout healthy in your face - It is NOT! Infused water is the wiser, healthier, easier and cheaper way of life.

So go natural!

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