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Injuries and sports related injuries

Updated on May 26, 2017

Injuries and sports related injuries

Injuries can be limitless, everyone gets injured sometimes and the injuries that people get are usually preventable. To prevent any injury you have to be careful. Walk looking straight ahead so you don’t trip, tie your shoelaces, wear a seatbelt in a moving vehicle, don’t get too close when another sports player is going for the goal. Things like that, but what if you get hurt in something like a car accident and you couldn’t prevent that. Or running a marathon or something. Those are the types of things sometimes that you can’t prevent, so how do you deal with them?

If you are trying to not get a sports related injury they either, exercise or wear a knee or tensor bandage to keep their muscles, in the place that they are supposed to be. You can even do the same thing that you would do for a sports related injury if you have another injury that wasn’t caused by doing sports. For example, a fracture from a car accident, if it isn’t set properly you could try using a tensor bandage to keep in place while doing sports, or other activities in order to not re-injure yourself. Sports related injuries can be limitless if you don't stretch before you do any sport to warm up your muscles. You can pull out your muscles if you don't warm up properly first and the more you pull out your muscles the harder it is for them to heal or at least that is what I think.

How to prevent these types of injuries, well the sports related ones at least. You should always stretch before doing any type of sport, because if you stretch before sports then your muscles are loose. When your muscles are loose then you more flexible and less likely to hurt yourself. Even though you stretch before a sport, you should always do some cool down stretches after your sports, so that your muscles can relax after the intense of the sport that you just participated in. Also if you stretch before sports you won’t get as many cramps in your arms and legs, which can cause injury too if you are not careful. If you do pull out your muscles or hurt yourself doing anything, you should stop doing it and rest until your muscle or body is healed.

If you already have either an injury related to sports or something unrelated to sports what do you do? Either the injury hasn’t healed or it has healed, what do you do to prevent yourself from hurting after doing any type of sport? For example, running warm up before you do any type of running like doing lungs the splits moving your arms in a circular motion to loosen them up along with your shoulders. Even turn your ankles in a circular motion so that you don’t roll them while running. Also if you have any ankle, leg or shoulder injury but you still want to participate in sports besides doing the exercises you should wear a tensor bandage or ankle supports. Some people say that these things don't work, but they do because wearing them prevents, the already hurt muscles, from moving while you are doing sports so that they don't get injured more. For example, I have a shoulder injury, not from sports but something else. when I went to get it looked at, they said they couldn't do anything for it, they didn't even put my arm in a sling, although I was really young so it would heal on its own but it would have helped. The doctor said, that it would hurt for the rest of my life and it does, hurt when I play sports or run, I can feel the bone and ligaments move in my shoulder when it hurts and that shouldn't happen, but I am dealing with it, What I am saying if you can treat an injury then do so it will be better for you in the long run.

Injuries and sports related injuries

How do you deal with injuries and sports related injuries?

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How to prevent Injuries, either from sports or other injuries

This is just a little bit about how you would prevent, and treat sport-related injuries. Have you ever had a sports related injury and how did you go about dealing with it? Sports are great for exercise but what happens when you get an injury? Do you just fight through it or do you stop and get better. I would say that you stop and get better no matter how much you still want to play the sport because if you play through the injury, and you get hurt even more you may never recover from it.So don't fight through your injuries let them heal it will be better for you in the end.

Most sports-related injuries are torn or pulled ligaments or muscles that heal pretty quickly, Although if you don't take care of the sports related injury right when it happens, then it will take longer to heal and it may never heal fully. So make sure that you take the right precautions to prevent injury or if you get injured while playing sports make sure that you get it looked at right away, Even if you get an injury that is not sports related be sure to take care of it right away, because limitless problems could be caused if you don't get it looked at and fixed properly the first time and nobody wants that.

It really doesn't matter what I type of injury you get they are all limitless and in order to get better from it and back to your normal self you have to make sure to get it checked out and listen to what the doctor says in terms of what to do to fix it. If you don't listen to what the doctor says it might never it heal and it could get worse so listen to whatever the doctor says in terms of how to heal it. Some injuries can be healed if they are taken care of right away, if you let them go for too long and continue to do what you usually do with the injury it could get worse and never get better, so at the first sign of injury go to the doctor and get it checked out you will be glad you did.

Sports related injury that you use a tensor bandage for
Sports related injury that you use a tensor bandage for

Injuries hurt once they are healed when they are getting stronger

Sports-related injuries are limitless if you aren't careful. When playing sports you have to be careful on how you move, because you might pull something or use a muscle that you haven't used in awhile which might hurt in the end but sometimes when they hurt it is a good thing because that means the part of the body that is injured is healing and getting stronger.

How do you prevent a sports related injury or deal with the injuries you already have?

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