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Insanity Extreme Workout: The most anticipated end....(Part Three)

Updated on November 24, 2015
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Better late, then never?

Welcome to the final cut! Yes its true I have neglected my hub fans and never followed through with the 3rd part of my "Insanity Extreme Workout articles" as planned. My apologies, but prepare yourself for this ending takes a twist, here it is.

Let me tell you this, I probably never would have purchased the Insanity workout DVD's had I been where I am today. Though that doesn't mean I regret buying them and experiencing the workout for myself. Its crazy to think its been a year and I have not done the insanity workout, instead I have been using the gift it gave me to get the real results that I wanted. I spent a good amount of money and every last bit of effort that "The Insanity Extreme Workout Program" asked for. My results seemed promising when I noticed how much better I felt after a few weeks. Then the weeks turned into months and something changed alright, just not what I expected..

Taken after Insanity 60 days. When I got my shirt!
Taken after Insanity 60 days. When I got my shirt!

Exhaustion, thing of the past.

Insanity by definition means: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Well at least it did, I believe it has changed over time. However for the sake of this argument this will be the definition that will use. Because in the sense of this workout, that is exactly the mind set you are in when you continually do this each day for 60 days. Tell me I'm wrong, everyone wants to be skinny and sexy and healthy. So we tend to thrive on that mind set as we do any form of exercise, sometimes this can be a positive encouragement and sometimes a depressing one. Though for me I expected to lose weight consistently and build up some tone in my frame for how much effort I put into this. What I actually earn was quite the opposite.

I went from a lazy couch potato, to a runner capable of a 3 mile run in 24 mins. This actually caught me completely off-guard because I hate running and never would run not even when lifting weights in high school. Strangely it was only a couple weeks before I had achieved this accomplishment. But I am getting ahead of myself so lets start with the story from the beginning shall we?...

What once was, is no longer!

Over a year ago I had purchased the Insanity DvD's, and I began these hubs intended as proof of my accomplishments. I stuck through the grind of day in and day out exhausting workouts from this crazy exercise program. When you were a low stamina and endurance fatty like me, then this workout was literally every part of the word insanity. At the time P90X was in motion as well and some people claimed it was more difficult then insanity, but I have not tried P90X so I can not make that claim. Insanity was by far a complete overturn in my health it was the unique stepping stone I needed to claim my new found fitness drive. During the course of 60 days, I wrote hubs based on the immediate results that had been occurring, I even posted pics of before and after. Those 60 days were intense and extremely hard to stick with, I remember the last two weeks of it I just wanted to stop and give up on it because I was actually getting tired of the same routine. However I stuck with my promise to myself and finished. When it was all said and done, I took one look in the mirror and asked myself; what changed?

I'm afraid nothing changed at least in appearance physically. Granted I am sure I lost a few pounds and maybe made a tad bit of muscle growth. Though I was highly disappointed, I didn't do insanity ever again after that. I lent the DVD's to a family member and I talked it up to be a great thing, in hopes it would work better for them. I have not seen the DVD's since.

A few weeks passed by and I started a new job, I was actually a little depressed. Luck came waltzing in though and made my life happy for about 9 months. I met a girl that gave me motivation to start exercising again. The problem was I did not know where to start, so last summer I began to jog from work to her house and the distance was about 5 1/2 miles one way. I even used the treadmill in the exercise room at my work. What's this?! I thought, I am not getting tired, I am not exhausted and breathing like I am going to die! Somehow my body immediately was drafted into the ranks of a runner, which I never was before. Months passed and I began to do it more and more, I even later on got a gym pass and added a little weightlifting into the mix. I had more built up stamina and endurance then I knew what to do with, in fact it was growing exponentially. But how? Why? What could have caused this?

Before insanity (left) During and after insanity (middle) After Elimination Diet (right)
Before insanity (left) During and after insanity (middle) After Elimination Diet (right)

The right food, The right mind, The right body.

Well when I began running it was still a small trial but I really did feel amazingly more in control then ever before. I believe that insanity workout actually gave me a hidden built up endurance and stamina that was waiting to be used. See it was about a few months in to the time my girlfriend and I had been dating, she was so kind as to show me my double chin and pudginess?!? Ha ha. Well she asked me if I wanted to try this diet thing that she tried once and maybe it would help. I had only a short thought that this would change everything, and I already knew why. I told her that I eat like a garbage truck and I remain at 198 lbs, because I have a high metabolism. I said; I know for a fact that if I do this diet I will immediately drop to dangerous weight. However, love had prevailed and I went through with her diet plan. It was called the Elimination Diet which I will be so kind as to provide as a link for everyone to enjoy.

I was to eat only specific foods for two weeks at a time. So I began my adventure and started week one, in the mean time I was still jogging a little bit at a time (about 1-2 days a week). A few days passed by and I was starving but the diet doesn't say you can't eat, in fact it encourages it. It just wants certain things to be eaten first. Chicken, fish, veggies, sweet potatoes, eggs, almond milk and water. That was my two week diet, and I could make it an all you can eat buffet if I like. The problem was I ate and ate, but no amount of food satisfied my hunger and cravings. I was already hating myself halfway into the first week, but I continued. (After about 4 days: weight 189 lbs.) Then through the weekend into the beginning of the next week, I started feeling exhausted all the time. I ate and I ate and I drank tons of water, because I was so thirst and hungry but only ate what I was supposed to. (Beginning of week two; weight 177 lbs.) I was actually getting worried my clothes were baggy, I no longer could wear a size 34 without a belt. I had to literally tie a belt around my waist just to keep my pants on. (Nearing the end of week two; weight 164 lbs.) STOP! Now I was scared, no more diet it ends today! I had lost over 30 lbs in two weeks. Sure, the double chin was gone, but so was everything else! I stopped most of the diet from there on out, however today I still follow a lot of it to maintain a healthy weight and keep exercising. I shot down to a size 30 in pants and had to spend a bunch of money just to have clothes that actually fit me. The proof of these accomplishments are in full view for your beliefs to become reality. From my pictures you can easily see the massive change in my body from time to time.

Me today! My next challenge is massive muscle change!
Me today! My next challenge is massive muscle change!

Anyone is capable of this!

If someone paid me enough money and gave me one months time, I could easily give their body a dramatic change like mine. When you experience it and you pay close attention it is fairly easy to see what needs to be done to work with your body rather then against it.

I ate in different patterns from there on out to make sure that I was keeping a stable weight. I now am in the healthy range of BMI and continue to keep it that way. It was hard to maintain especially months and months later when I hit depression again after a dramatic break up with my girlfriend. Though with my new found knowledge I was able to keep myself in a confidently healthy figure. One thing I can always rely on to this day is my endurance and stamina, I found that after the weight loss a hidden essence emerged. My endurance was ten fold because it had been there waiting for a lighter body to reveal itself so its power could be harnessed. Insanity did give me something of value after all, it gave me results that last much longer beyond the instant gratification. I earned so much healthy stamina from Insanity that I am happy to have received that instead of a sexy body.

I feel healthy and I look better then I did, I am not greedy to ask for more because this is what I wanted. Thanks to a rough energy building exercise, a stable mind set of motivation, a eliminating diet plan and a consistent level of cardio. I now have a limitless capability to transform my body to that of my choosing.

My change over the course of a year:

Before Insanity - Age 26 ( weight 209) BMI 26.1 - sedentary lifestyle.

After Insanity - Age 26 (Weight 198) BMI 24.7 - very light exercise, still sedentary.

After Diet - Age 26 ( Weight 164) BMI 20.5 - light exercise ( cardio 1-2 times a week)

Today - Age 27 ( Weight 176) BMI 22.0 - Moderate Exercise ( cardio and weight lifting 3-4 times a week) plus a heavy diet with plenty of carbs and proteins.

I am not a professional anything, so I do not claim to know more then anyone else. However I have given you the proof to decided and see for yourself. I live in facts and reality, not in proclaims of something you cannot fathom from a commercial. You want results that you actually like, then do it! Like I said, I could change anyone's appearance dramatically. Its not me that you have to convince though, its yourself!

Problem Locating Link

Well I am not sure what happened I can't seem to find the link to the site I originally got he diet from. But I got a few that is closely related hopefully you will have better luck.

Pics of Diet if you can read it.


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    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 5 years ago from UTAH

      I appreciate the kind words of wisdom, and I hope to return the effort of reading some of your hubs.

      Thanks for the support, it is truly gratifying.

    • RBJ33 profile image

      RBJ33 5 years ago

      xactscienz Forgive me my lateness - I am on a quest to visit each of my followers, read selective hubs, and comment.

      I envy your success - I would if I could - ah to be 27 again - I can't exercise any more as I have spinal stenosis and have had to abandoned my running, my golf, and most all other physical activities.

      Cherish your youth, treat it kindly and be as active as possible for as long as possible.

      Thanks for the "insanity"

    • eddiecarrara profile image

      Eddie Carrara 5 years ago from New Hampshire

      Nice job on documenting your progress xactscienz, I have done P90X and have good results, but I prefer going to the gym for more weightlifting options. I was going to try Insanity, but I knew in my mind, I didn't want to commit to it, that's where the change has to take place first, in the mind. Good hub, voted up and useful.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Interesting hub. I have been looking at Insanity recently but wondering whether at my advanced age it would be insanity to try it! I am reasonably fit for my age but wouldn't mind doing a bit more. Nice to see the pic during and after Insanity. It certainly did a lot for you. Voted up.