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Insanity Extreme Workout: You wanna see for yourself? (Part One)

Updated on February 24, 2011

Only the Beginning....

Ever wonder if those exercise programs you constantly hear the hype about on TV, Radio, and Net, are really worth it? I always thought it to be a bunch of crap, so I never wasted my money. Now look what I did, paid for the full Insanity Extreme Workout Package. This was a costly investment at full price its a deep cut of $150+. I surely didn't have the money to just throw away but like most people you hit a desperate point and with a little extra tax money I am giving it a shot. To be honest the only reason I personally chose INSANITY over anything else. Simple because it decided to challenge me, I don't like to give up so I am taking the challenge.

The Package You Will Recieve


No Backing Out Now....

 Well I gotta give the exercise campaign a bit of credit. They put up a nice concept of realism behind the word Insanity. (just look at the box) Shawn T. is your own personal at home trainer, he shouts you follow. If you don't then just stay fat, because you paid for it after all. I hate seeing money go to waste so I already began my training the day it arrived, which was about 4 days ago. My first response after just a few days of this crazy exercise is: " I probably should have checked with the Doctor first!".

What You Get


The Idea...

My reason behind this Hub is to simply give you a little perspective on what your in for with this exercise program. Those of you who are interested in getting this, but just quite aren't sure then keep reading. Those of you who are dead heart skeptics and don't believe TV nonsense, still KEEP READING! I plan to give you a play by play look at what I will end up going through over the next 60 days. Insanity claims I will have a much leaner more fit body then I did previous within 60 days of doing this programs step by step. So I plan to do the work and show you readers the results in three seperate posts. This is the first giving you the highlights of what you get and what your first few days consist of. Oh by the way ask yourself this question, if I were working for this company to try and sell this to you. Then why would I waste my time on here and give you all the details for free? Don't bother me with the sales bull, I paid for this and I wanna share my opinions with those interested. Honestly this is exactly what I would want to know if I was interested in buying something.

Open it up



 Included in ever specially marked box of Insanity comes with your very own, Asylum Straight Jacket. (whoops wrong insanity) What you get is a well made box with lots of different things. First is a flier from your very own Shawn T. welcoming you to the team of Insanity. Second is a pamphlet from Beach Body (the company that owns it)  stating what the next 60 days look like for you. Third is a pack of DVD's, 10 to be exact that have a fit test as well as some intense workouts. Fourth you get a flier from, don't know alot about them but the shakes look good. To go with the fourth part you also get a nutritional cook book, that I am excited to try. Finally you get the calendar poster and the fit test card. Now let me explain a little about the fit test. I thought I was going to die, and that was just to test your condition. Its a hard series of 8 different types of exercises that range from flexibility to cardio. You right down how much you can handle in the amount of time given and then in two weeks you check it again to compare your results. I felt pretty good the first 3 then I just bombed the rest.

More Contents


A little more Detail...

Now this may be sounding like fun and maybe not. Everyone makes the decision themselves, however its only been a few days with this thing and I am like a sweat fountain each time. Its actually a little funny sometimes because you watch the dvd with all these fit people that are in shape. Then suddenly your half way through it and if you can see through the pouring rain of sweat from your own fore head, you will notice a pool of sweat on the floor beneath every tone-cut person on the program. This is quite real I can say that without the hint of doubt. However like every skeptic I am wating for the end result so I have to stick with this all the way through. The calendar you'd recieve is nice to have because all I have to do is go to it each day and know what I have to do next. Its almost like the feeling of a military drill, or it would be if I was ever in the military. You always know what to do and when to do it as long as you pay attention and follow orders. Its a 6 day a week blast, and at day 4 I am sore as hell and exhausted already.

Ha...Yeah Thats Me


Don't Listen to Me, See for Yourself..

Here at the bottom of the entire hub I have placed my photo that I took of me a week before the Insanity Exercise Program arrived. I already am aware I'm ugly and fat, but I am not trying to win a beauty pagent here. (Maybe I will do miss america after the 60 days....) As embarrassing as it is to put my photo up to a vast audience, I really don't care because this is for those of you who truly want to know. Like I said before, you will see two other posts after this one. Next will be at 30 days giving you a complete update maybe a few pics and some in depth detail to whats going on and how I am affected. Last will be at 60 days so we call all see for ourselves the completed transformation. Keep in mind I am a lazy college student with a daughter and this is the only exercise I am getting, don't belive me? Look at my other posts they will have computers and video games because I am a geek that sits and plays them. I was thinking about uploading the FIT TEST video for everyone to try themselves, but I dunno. I mean its not like I have any followers or fans yet, but if thats something anyone would be interested in then I might consider it. Lets see how well you respond to this first.


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      simcontor 6 years ago

      I look forward to your results