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What Is Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Updated on May 13, 2013
Insanity - 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program
Insanity - 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program | Source

Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit is a 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program which will push your body to the limits but will give you the best results of any other workout DVD.

In the set of DVD's you are provided with a personal trainer in the form of Shaun T who guides you through the full set of 10 DVD's crammed full of plyometric and cardio routines, or drills if you prefer?

These will give your body resistance, power and strength and of course core training, you will hear a lot about core throughout the DVD.

All you need is a DVD player and TV. No gym equipment is required and the workouts can be done in the privacy of your own home.

This is the ultimate workout. This is not just for men. Women are also addicted to this great workout.

Just as long as you stick with it, find that inner strength to continue and you will have the body you've craved after 60 days. It's called INSANITY cause you will think what you are doing is insane and want to give up?

You will only get that body you deserve if you dig deep and follow the course. It's a hard solid workout but well worth it in the end when you have an INSANE physique.

Insanity - Before and After
Insanity - Before and After | Source

Insanity Is A Best Seller On Amazon

Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit has been reviewed by 1,252 people on Amazon giving it 4.4 stars out of 5. This is an excellent rating and has been labelled as a best seller.

This total body conditioning workout DVD program was given 5 stars by 877 people with only 52 giving it 1 star.

This workout is really making waves. It beats any other workout you have done. Easy fun but hard, but hey you don't get anywhere without hard work. The feeling you get from finishing the drills is awesome. You feel like you've accomplished something and have a fantastic fit body.

Here are a few quick snippets from reviews on

"The program is very intense but, stick with it and you will see great results."
William Shipman

"I have completed this once and now do the workout 3 times a week between the days I jog."
D. Meek

"Shaun T is a great motivator"
T Gill

Get the body you've always craved
Get the body you've always craved | Source
Everything included in package
Everything included in package | Source

What You Get In The Insanity Package

Not only does Insanity consist of workouts it also gives great advice and support. The free material included are superb to help you eat well and generally live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Elite Nutrition Plan: Designed to with intense workouts. Your body will need fuel and nutrition.
  • Fitness Guide: All the information you will need. Straight talking and to the point.
  • Insanity Calendar: Track your progress through the whole course. Good motivational tool which sets goals. Follow your results via the Fit Test Tracker.
  • Free Online Support Tools: 24/7 access to support and experts knowledge of fitness.

The Ten Insane Workouts To Put You Through Your Paces

This is where the hard work starts. Shaun is a great motivator, just as long as you stick with it and complete the course you will have an amazing body and be fit as well.

  1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test: Your personal instructor Shaun will put you through your paces and test your body. This is tough but it will show the stuff your made of. (30 minutes)
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Sweat producing cardio. Lower body plyometrics. This will burn... but this is progress. (40 minutes)
  3. Cardio Power & Resistance: The power moves and strength routines will give you a great upper body definition and amazing muscles.(40 minutes)
  4. Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: This is the cool down. Although for 80 minutes this once a week session will get you prepared for the next. Shaun doesn't put you through your paces too much and goes easier on you.
  5. Pure Cardio & Abs: Totally extreme cardio workout continuously, don't stop. (40 minutes)
  6. Cardio Abs: Core moves will give you hard abs and the explosive intervals of cardio will do the job nicely (20 minutes)
  7. Core Cardio & Balance: A 40 minutes easy workout giving you a reward for the last months intense workout. This gears you up for the next 4 weeks.
  8. Max Interval Circuit: Beware!! Intense interval training to the maximum. You will have never felt anything like this before. This separates the men from the boys. (60 minutes)
  9. Max Interval Plyo: Your legs won't feel like your own. The power and plyometric Intense routine get your legs begging to stop. Don't and the results are amazing. (55 minutes of you at your MAX).
  10. Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: You will reach your limits with this ultra extreme cardio workout. (50 minutes)

Insanity Workout Documentary

Check out this is a great documentary of a guy showing you his daily routine and working out along with the insanity DVD. Very informative and well presented. Well worth a look.


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