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Insanity Program Review

Updated on May 2, 2019

One product that I have personally used over the course of my fitness journey is Insanity. This product was designed by the Beachbody On Demand team and they have done a fantastic job. There are many different videos included in the package. They all do an outstanding job of engaging your entire body. The program itself also keeps you motivated each day, and it truly makes you want to workout rather than feeling as if you have to.

The package comes with the following materials:

  • Fitness Guide→ It is short and to the point. It gives pointers on how to perform the exercises and overall content of the program.
  • Fit Test→ This is a great way to track your progress by performing the test multiple times throughout the program. This was one of my favorite parts because you can see the numbers recorded and watch yourself advance through each stage.
  • Calendar→ The calendar gives you a day by day plan on which videos you should do, and you can cross each day off as you get closer to your goal.
  • Eating Plan→ The eating plan gives suggested meals that are healthy and great post workout meals in order to rebuild your muscles and energy.
  • FAQ→ Frequently asked questions come with the package.
  • Spotify Playlist→ There are many upbeat songs that go along with the videos to keep you motivated during your workouts.

The Insanity package also comes with the following twelve workout videos:

  • Fit Test→ As stated above, this test will help you track your progress throughout the course of the two month training.
  • Plyometrics Cardio Circuit→ Burns fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat inducing cardio.
  • Cardio Power and Resistance→ Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength training and power moves.
  • Pure Cardio→ This is a very extreme cardio workout. There are no intervals and it is non stop.
  • Cardio Abs→ Intensive core workout so that you can build your core and produce visible abs.
  • Recovery→ This video is slow paced and provides recovery in order to prepare for the next round. It involves a yoga based strength training, as well as balance improvement.
  • Max Interval Circuit→ Interval circuit that is more intense than anything before.
  • Max Interval Plyo→ This pushes your legs to the max with different plyo and power workouts.
  • Max Cardio Conditioning→ This video will push you to your limit with a highly intense cardio workout.
  • Max Recovery→ This gives you a rest and continues to build your strength for future rounds of training.
  • Core Cardio and Balance→ This video is similar to the recovery video, but includes more in depth strength training and yoga.
  • Fast and Furious→ This video gives you an entire forty five minute workout packed down into twenty minutes.

This product does a great job of giving you a step by step workout routine. All of the workouts can be done at home without any equipment. It is one of the best workouts for your entire body that you will ever see. The entire program does a great job of motivating you to continue pushing yourself. It does this through a very enthusiastic trainer named Shaun T.

My favorite aspect of the Insanity program is that it can be done in only sixty days. The videos listed above all continuously build off of one another which is very important to gradually progressing rather than attempting to take large jumps in activity that would be difficult for your body to handle. The first six videos that come with the Insanity package are all done during the first month. Each week, the videos appear in a similar order on the calendar. Each time you do a video, you realize your progress because you will take less and less breaks. By the end of the month you are able to complete each video entirely and it is a great rewarding feeling.

The Last six videos are much more intense than the first section. These videos put all of what you learned and trained for throughout the first section to the test. At first, they are just as difficult as when you started the program due to the increase in exercises, as well as an increase in intensity. As you go through the last section of videos you will notice the videos become easier as did the first half. Shaun T continues to motivate you throughout these difficult videos. By the end of this section you will notice significant improvement to your body overall, and you will also have a different mindset on motivation after completing the entire two months.

One aspect of the Insanity program that I found very helpful was the credibility of the trainer Shaun T. Even though he is only on the screen, it feels as if he is in the room coaching you. The step by step tutorials on how to perform exercises throughout the videos are very crucial. Shaun T often explains that you should never sacrifice form regardless of how tired you are from the workout. He is all about your safety throughout each video. His constant reminders to drink water, stop and breathe, as well as only pushing yourself to your limits instead of beyond are very motivating and helpful.

The last reason that I really enjoyed this program is that it is all laid out in front of you before you start. Sometimes the hardest part about getting a workout routine started is knowing what you are going to do each day. With this program you never have to think about what your workout each day is going to consist of. You simply start the video each day, and move on to the next. You can also use the videos at your will. Once you are done with the program it is amazing to have the video available and mix them in with your workout routine. I often times will use my favorite videos for cardio days rather than going for a run. The Beachbody team has many other videos that are similar to insanity. Some are for weight training, and some are specifically for cardio.


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