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Insanity Unleashed.

Updated on October 15, 2009


Insanity unleashed. 


The call came in
this afternoon about 12:00 P.M.
a relative relating news of horror,
my cousin had been shot to death,
by three men in ski masks,
who boldly broke into his apartment.
He fought them with a gun,
till one wounded fell outside the window,
where police later captured him
two others escaped, but one was found
at a local hospital,
with a gunshot report filed.
But my cousin was dead,
shot twice in the chest!
Time reversed itself,
and swept me back
with huge sweeping secondhands
to all the joy and laughter
we had both so often shared,
He died protecting his girlfriend,
from three intruders of unknown intent,
I wish he had been a better shot,
and had a much bigger gun,
but they knew their weapons well,
his was simply to protect,
and so we bury a great friend in his twenties
far too soon sealed in satin and mahogoney,
while they live on in barred rooms,
till the state decides
they too should die.
Give me just three minutes in a room alone
with all three, and nothing would be left.
I would render them into hamburglars,
with fingernails, and bludgeoning fists,
and then piss on thier remains.
But we live in a humane country,
where everyone is treated civilized,
where after three barbarians butchered
a man in his home,
they will get full protection from my
lust to destroy them.
but my cousin did get a piece of them,
I hope they fester and bleed,
gangrene and organ malfunctions,
because I will have to live with just that,
and without him forevermore.


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