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Insecticides & Pesticides That Smell Like Air Fresheners Should Be Banned Worldwide

Updated on November 16, 2011

Good Smelling Poison Very Bad Idea

When I first saw insecticides being sold in stores that smell not like the poison it is but some nice smelling air freshener I thought it an absolutely horrifying idea. Poisons are not like other household products that marketers should redesign every few years. I'd really like to talk to the marketing genius who thought up this crazy idea. I can see that company's board room meeting. The top executive announces to the table of underlings that his company's poison has to pick up and gain sales on their biggest poison company rival and then asks does anyone got any brilliant ideas. Yes!! responds one of the younger up and coming wiz kids in the company, why don't we make it smell like flowers!! Your a brilliant young man says the top dog, I knew you had good ideas, poison that smells good. We will talk with our scientists tomorrow. I can imagine the look on the chemists face as he was told the news. You want me to make poison that smells good? Hey, I have a wife and two young kids at home maybe I can reformulate that pig shit fertilizer we have been thinking about. I think I'd rather work on that. You'd rather work on pig shit then good smelling poison?

Earlier in the year tourists started mysteriously dropping dead in hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At first the police didn't investigate the strange deaths. They just called it a coincidence. Then the number of fatalities rose up to a half dozen and the world heath organization was called in. Called in too late unfortunately to pinpoint the causes of death except to say it was probably something toxic like insecticide. An independent investigation by a New Zealand newspaper narrowed it down to the chemical in bed bug spray. That got me thinking. If I wanted to kill someone with bed bug spray how much would I have to use? Would a whole can of insecticide sprayed on a bed be able to kill all the bed bugs and two people if they slept in the room shortly after it was sprayed. Did the hotel blunder first by sending someone up to the room without proper instructions on the proper use of such spray and then second by making the room available too soon before it had the proper time to air out. It might take days until the toxic fumes would leave the matress useable. So this got me thinking...who would stay in a room that smelled of a nasty insecticide? You would ask for another room right. But what if what they smelled was scented like roses or smelled just like air freshener. It would smell like they just cleaned the room and scented it for you.

I can imagine other horror stories being connected to poisons that smell good. Little kids picking up cans of poison and spraying it all over the house thinking it's air freshener. I think it's time for countries all over the world to ban the sale and distribution of such products. It was a bad idea then and it's a dangerous idea now. Poisons should taste and smell bad just as nature intended, to save our lives and warn us of danger.


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  • gconeyhiden profile image

    gconeyhiden 3 years ago from Brooklyn, N.Y.C. U.S.A

    Hi Audrey, Im really appalled by chemical companies pandering to the lowest market denominators and that is why i call for this ban. Toxic chemicals that smell good also can have a false reassuring effect on the people using them. this is true with some adults as well as unsuspecting children. given the fragrant smell you can easily be fooled into using far too much, so at the very least these type insectcides should carry more warnings and restrictions then the good old toxic smelling poisons that warn our senses straight away. thank you for you comment, take care, gary

  • brakel2 profile image

    Audrey Selig 3 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Hi Gconey. I am becoming more aware of the importance of environment friendly cleaners. Some caustic cleaners have so many warnings and smell so pungent that I don't want to use them. I even think insect spray could be non caustic. Above all, we should never make caustic sprays smell good to hide what they are. Thanks for sharing. Blessings. Audrey