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Insomnia how to deal with it

Updated on January 19, 2018

Insomnia And How To Deal With It

What is Insomnia? Insomnia is a lack of sleep during the night and it can be limitless depending on the type of insomnia you have, but I have a list of ways to treat it. Everyone has a little bit of insomnia in their life, I know for certain that I do, and most of the people that I talk to do too. They might not have insomnia all the time but at least once in a person’s life, they experience this. Let’s talk about what causes insomnia and how to fix it, also when my insomnia started and how I deal with it. First off what is Insomnia, according to the the definition of insomnia is insomnia is a persistent disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both, despite the opportunity for adequate sleep. With Insomnia, you usually awaken feeling unrefreshed, which takes a toll on your ability to function during the day. Insomnia can take a toll on not only your energy level and mood but also your health work performance and quality of life. It can be limitless but it also can be fixed.

Here is a list of things that can cause insomnia

  • Difficulty falling asleep despite being tired
  • Waking up frequently during the night
  • Trouble getting back to sleep when awakened
  • Exhausting sleep
  • Relying on sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep
  • Waking up too early in the morning
  • Daytime drowsiness, fatigue, or irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating during the day

Insomnia is a disease that a lot of people have, and most of them probably don’t even know it. Kids in high school might think that they have it because they are staying up late doing homework to get by in school, but that is not what insomnia is. Although staying up late doing homework is normal and might not cause insomnia for some it might for others. If you listen to your teenager when they say my brain will never turn off after a late night of doing homework and getting to bed after midnight. That might be the first sign. After staying up late doing homework and then trying to go to sleep for a few hours before having to get up for school, might be a challenge.

Insomnia How to deal with it

What do you do to help you with Insomnia?

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What are the causes of Insomnia

Here are the causes of Insomnia, If you have insomina do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Are you under a lot of stress?
  • Are you depressed or feel emotionally flat or hopeless?
  • Do you struggle with chronic feelings of anxiety or worry?
  • Have you recently gone through a traumatic experience?
  • Are you taking any medications that might be affecting your sleep?
  • Do you have any health problems that may be interfering with sleep?
  • Is your sleep environment quiet and comfortable?
  • Are you spending enough time in sunlight during the day and in darkness at night?
  • Do you try to go to bed and get up around the same time every day?

Most high school students suffer from Insomnia because of the amount of homework they have, although homework is important, your sleep is too. Sure you could probably start your homework earlier, and most of the time you do but there is just so much that, you stay up until after midnight finishing it. When that happens, it is a reality check that is how life will be like when you get older and have your own kids. When you finally actually get to go to sleep, do you find that your mind won’t shut off? That is when insomnia really sets in this usually happens because you have had a very long active day. With a long active day, your brain is in overdrive and won’t shut off, how do you deal with that, though.

I know that I suffer from Insomnia from time to time, although it is not diagnosed. My insomnia depends on what I do throughout the day, like most people. Although there are things that can help with sleeping at night, whether it be sleepy time tea, a warm glass of milk, music or even reading a book. There can also be strange things that help people sleep at night, for example, if I don’t have my cell phone in my room at night it is very hard for me to fall asleep. I know that sounds strange but it is true, I am not on it all night long I just text before I go to bed, and that seems to make me sleep better, weird I know but hey whatever works right. Depending on the night I will sleep through it or I may not and when I don’t sometimes I will read a book on my phone or listen to music on it because it’s an iPhone and music helps me sleep.

Although my insomnia is due to what I do throughout the day, and I know that, sometimes it really bugs me when I am really tired but can’t sleep doesn’t it bug you? So what can we do about it, as I mentioned before drink warm milk or sleepy time tea or read a book, or listen to music to make you feel sleepy sometimes for me sending a text message works, too weird I know but whatever works and if you can sleep after that for the rest of the night then that is good right. If you suffer from insomnia figure out what works for you to help you sleep and use that, it will help you in the future. Insomnia is a disease that may be able to be cured it just depends on the person and how bad it is.

Insomnia can be caused by limitless things that most people wouldn't even think of, for example, a long stressful day at work, your family life, your eating habits. Just to name a few the list is limitless, though, but if you have insomnia and you don't know what it is caused from why not check this out and see if the things listed here are what might be causing your insomnia.

Look for this book if you have trouble sleeping
Look for this book if you have trouble sleeping

Insomnia can be limitless

There is not just one thing that can cause insomnia since we are all different and we all suffer from insomnia at least once in our lives there can a limitless number of causes. In order to stop suffering from it, we need to figure out what the cause is, and once we figure out what the cause is, we can figure out ways to fix it. If we know what the cause is we will be able to figure out how to deal with it properly.

If you have Insomnia what tricks do you use to get yourself back to sleep?

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