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Inspiration Boards for Dreams, Goals & Actualization

Updated on February 13, 2013

Inspiration boards are your mental pictures come to life!

Inspiration boards can be simple or complicated.

They can be physical or digital.

They can convey messages, hopes and aspirations.

Lots of industries utilize Inspiration boards. Any business that needs to convey incentive, motivation and direction typically use them to get their whole team on the same page so that collaboration and visualization are in sink for a product to go from concept to manufacturing.

Examples are graphic arts, fashion design, textile design and everything in between that uses boards to convey information.

Inspiration boards can be summed up as a collage of ideas and themes!

They can also relay a vision for other's to become a part of because they are visually stimulated as well as verbally motivated.

Inspiration boards tell a story.

Actually the true function of a Inspiration board is to Convey an idea visually so one has something to work towards. It guides a person!

Typically you start with a theme.

  • a dream
  • a goal
  • a vision
  • a color
  • a thought
  • a phrase or a word

It's like a light bulb goes off and you build up a network of ideas from there. You have to have a ruling, central theme that drives the vision.

Collecting pictures or visual aids

  • magazines
  • photos
  • sketches


  • words
  • quotes
  • phrases
  • a continuous thought
  • a journal

An inspiration board can take the shape of anything! Most of them morph from a single idea or a collection of ideas that are tied together by some single cohesive train of thought.

A good inspiration board will continue to grow, expand, take on new meanings but will always be leading people to one goal.

Inspiration boards, message boards, dream boards, goal boards should always keep one on track or be the basic guideline for what a person wants to accomplish in this world. It stream lines a vision.

It narrows what could be broad and scattered and gives it a focus!

An inspiration board is necessary to keep the person building something - focused.

Albert Einstein had one. So did Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci is known for all the inventions he put on paper. Most of them can still be used to design and build from what he sketched on paper.

Any good inventor, creator, genius carries a notebook, so that what they visualize in their heads and dreams has a place to reside, while they turn it into a tangible item. This is so as the idea or concept forms, so that all of it's parts and values can be captured through placing the data on paper. Nothing is forgotten and someone else can read it.

Nothing just appears out of thin air!

Someone thought about it first. Visualized it. Wrote it down. Sketched it or explained it to someone to create it, first on paper - giving it dimensions and life. They tweaked it, they built it using materials to give it a 3D effect, so that it's appearance is more realistic and tangible.

This all comes together when a Inspiration board is available...

Setting up

be sure you give yourself lots of room, so you can move around freely if you need to.

  • private space
  • large table or floor space
  • comfortable chair or pillows
  • inspiration sources or concepts

Materials needed

  • book, card board or form board
  • glue or tape
  • scissors
  • pictures
  • inspirational items

Digital is different but pretty much the same in concept.

  • Find your pictures, words and ideas
  • assemble
  • move around board
  • paste

For digital boards -

Saving things as you go, every 3 to 5 mins is a good increment of time to make sure you are doing this. It's like taking snap shots of the same subject,as you move things around to get the best set up possible for visual stimulation.

Organized assembly, so that the eye reads it garnering understanding as it does so!

Manual board reminder -

Never glue your ideas down before you've taken time to walk away, and take a breather. This is your opportunity to allow everything to settle into place without being permanent.

You can think of inspirational boards in terms of Scrapbooks!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks Rosie writes, i think they are wonderful because most of us are inspired differently, verbally, visually or a collaboration of both. Go for it and enjoy the process!

    • Rosie writes profile image

      Rosie writes 5 years ago from Virginia

      I love this idea. I just might be making one soon. This reminds me of Pinterest boards, although those usually focus on one specific idea, instead of collection that involves things you want in your life. Beautiful idea! Voted up.