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Inspirational Quotes About Moving On

Updated on June 18, 2015

Moving Onwards and Upwards

Moving on can refer to many different parts of our life for example losing your job, a relationship breaking up or even a friendship. The reason it's called moving on is because we get 'stuck' in a state where we have either been hurt by someone or maybe we did the hurting. However life is always moving forward and so must we. Whether you need to forgive yourself or someone that's hurt you, the key is to let go and try to make the situation better. Focus on self improve,ent and positivity rather than allowing yourself to get stuck in a rut. Here are some thoughtful quotes to assist you in your quest.

1) Let Go of Fear

Maybe your relationship has broken up after many years of you trying to please that person. You did this because you were afraid to be alone perhaps. Now that it is over you are maybe afraid that you will never find 'the one'. Don't let fear be a bully! So what if you are single ? Enjoy the freedom you have! Write a list of things you have always wanted to do. Take up that photography class or write that book you always put on the long finger.

2) Make a Fresh Start

Sometimes someone or something is dragging you down. That 'friend' who is like an energy vampire. They only call you when they are having a bad time. You support them, help them til they are in high spirits again. Then you don't hear from them for weeks maybe months. You've had a bit of a setback and they are nowhere around. They won't answer your calls or texts. This is not a real friend. When times are good, they don't make any effort to even have so much as a coffee with you. Cut this person out of your life! They will keep draining you til they've sucked all the happy juice out of you and give you nothing in return!

3) Decide to be Happy

It might sound like a cliche but the only one who can make you happy is yourself. Remember the song smile and whole world smiles with you - this is so true. Do things that make you feel good, like exercise. Even ten minutes around the block will get your endorphins going. Having a positive mental attitude will attract like minded people to you , and remember these are the kind of people you want in your life!

4) Be True to Yourself

Being a people pleaser can be exhausting and frustrating because at the core of this you are doing things to appease others while forgetting about you. You can't please all of the people all of the time but you can please yourself. That is not to say that you have to go around being selfish, but more like respecting your needs. No is a very powerful word and if you have trouble saying that to people yet you still find yourself getting hurt then it's time you learned to put you first.

5) Stop Chasing After People

You keep ringing a friend or lover, calling over to their house - yet deep down you feel like you are doing all the running. Stop being the chaser. Let them come to you. In the meantime you can be busy living your life and spending time with people that actually value your company!

6) Let Go

Realize that you have to let go of an idea of someone. A lover who keeps hurting you is probably better off as a distant memory than in your life. Of course that is easier said than done, especially if children are involved but you owe it to yourself to get out of a hurtful relationship and free yourself to love someone who deserves you.


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    • challengethestorm profile image

      Alex Hanna 18 months ago from Wilmington

      Not a quote from anyone famous, per se, but here is the end of a piece I wrote a few months ago when going through a tough time.

      "How do I convey this feeling so grand?

      ecstasy with each breath I take.

      Clarity, levity, I now understand;

      happiness is my will to make. "

      The full poem/post can be found in this link (below), if you wish to view (I promise I'm not trying to spam you all).

    • profile image

      Mmassey 19 months ago

      Yes, yes, yes! Thanks so much!

      Another favorite for when others try to pressure us is, " your failure to plan does not create an emergency on my part".

    • Yanglish profile image

      Yanglish 20 months ago

      "Sometimes moving forward changes what's behind you." Kami Garcia

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 2 years ago

      That is so true Flourish, thanks for visiting and commenting :)

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      Great advice. I am reminded of that song You Can't Please Everyone So You Got To Please Yourself. It takes some of us longer to learn it than others though.

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 2 years ago

      Wonderful quote :) Thanks for visiting and commenting

    • profile image

      mikeydcarroll67 2 years ago

      "Happiness is best tied to a goal not a person." That is one of my favorite quotes.