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Inspiring Quotes to Nurture the Power Within You.

Updated on June 8, 2019
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Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

  1. Pick the woman with bruised wings and blood under her nails. She will show you a thing or two about survival.
  2. You can not show the sea that you have inside to people that do not know how to swim.
  3. You, that keep telling me you will come tomorrow, but you do not understand that tomorrow for me is already gone.
  4. If he does not come looking for you, you have not made any mistake. You have mistaken the person.
  5. We choose carefully, not to be taken care of. The right person does not heal anything, but they do their best not to hurt you.
  6. Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power – not because they don’t see it – but because they see it and they don’t want it to exist.
  7. Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was.
  8. What do we do of the beautiful words when the facts keep being absent?
  9. You are for the one that takes care of you.
  10. If they sell you out, it is because a thing of real value they have never had.
  11. Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.
  12. When you dim the smile of someone, remind yourself later to feel the shame.
  13. She will bite you with silken textured teeth and though you will feel a slight caress, she will leave all the marks on your heart.
  14. Which are the worst goodbyes? The ones that without knowing are sealed with a forever.
  15. She was one of the sensible ones, with the flowers all around her body and the flames in her heart.
  16. Take me to where the sand knows my step, the sun knows my flesh and the waves know exactly how to undress me.
  17. For those who smile as they drown and laugh as they fall, who are we to define tragedy after all?
  18. Well, I looked my Demons in the eyes, laid bare my chest said “do your bext, destroy me, You see, I have been to hell and back so many times I must admit you kind of bore me!”
  19. The times extinguishes only what did not burn.
  20. Her Angels fight by her side, She is a Divine paradox, she realized her darkness if full of light she is an Alchemist.

  1. The night is drunk and the odds are in our favor.
  2. Walk like a Queen. Love like a Hippie. Speak like a Sailor. Travel like a Gypsy. Garden like a Witch. Work like a Warrior.
  3. The Devil is not that stupid to mess with a woman with a storm in her heart.
  4. The Earth is littered with the ruins of Empires that believed they were eternal.
  5. Here are the women with ancient anger in their veins, and the cruelty of a Goddess in their hearts. You will beg before her, you will scream, but Hera never flinched from the words of a mortal, so Why should she? Do not stand in her way. She will burn down your Kingdom, herself with it, if it meant your ruin.
  6. She threw herself at heartbreak like a moth drawn to a flame, patching up her broken wings just to try it once again and the world all thought her foolish, for she never seemed to learn. But how do you save somebody who is convinced that they should burn?
  7. They say that the loveliest Angels make the cruelest Demons and my darling you were so kind and beautiful before they dragged you to hell.
  8. She needed someone to heal her, so She became the Healer.
  9. Your fall was not an accident, you were chosen for the damned.
  10. They say she was born from the sea and she is just as lonely and just as willing to swallow the world.
  11. I have never feared the wild but it has indeed feared me.
  12. If you know of monsters and if you know of demons, then just remember they know of you too and they fear you because you are the dragon that can overcome them.
  13. There is no hiding from your soul-mate. They will find you, you will fall, and they will stay.
  14. The lines that divide us are not as strong as the ties that bind us.
  15. Through it all, I have always believed that you would find me again. If not in this life, then in the next. Water always finds its way back to the sea and we were an ocean.
  16. I hope this life never forgets the taste of my skin.
  17. She was a wild one and some of us need the storm to feel safe.
  18. May every evil eye in my life go blind.
  19. Believe you have it, and you shall have it.

© 2019 Ensorcelie


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