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Instantly Reduce Stress Using Expert Yoga Exercises like Kapalbhati

Updated on September 21, 2015


Stress is a response that we get when we think too much adversely or we are in a negative situation.

Stress is believed to be the biggest reason for most of the diseases seen today.

Stress can be induced by the external situation or can also be self induced.

Most stressful situations can be handled correctly by using certain yoga exercises.

Reasons for Stress

There are many reasons for stress.

Present situation.

Negative people.

Negative jobs.

Irrelevant sadness.

The gamut of reasons are as wide as the sky and they lead us to the murky plane of human psychology.

Why do we have Stress?


What are the reasons for your stress?

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Pranayama and kapalbhati are powerful stress busters


Kapalbhati & its therapeutic effects against stress

Kapalbhati is a technique of fast breathing done by expert Yogis.

It is an exercise done while seated on the ground, that needs accurate training to get the desired results.

The below video tells us how to do kapalbahti in the correct manner.

Kapaal means Head and Bhati means Purification.

This means the head is purified by oxygen through forceful breathing or forceful exhalation.

Kapalbhati is lately getting prominence as a strong anti-stress exercise all over the world.

Warning: Kapalbhati should be done under the guidance of a trained Yogi or guru only. If done incorrectly it could prove to affect adversely.


Power of Kapalbhati on stress


Kapaal Bhati Pranayama or Breathing technique Steps

  1. Sit down on the ground in a relaxed manner and try crossing your legs.
  2. Practice by inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply once at first.
  3. Place your palm on the belly and feel it pull in as you inhale in a relaxed way and exhale forcefully through the nose.
  4. Notice the belly go in and out as you breathe out forcefully.
  5. Allow passive inhaling to persist this cycle of forceful exhalation and passive inhalation at a firm pace.
  6. Notice that the belly is repeatedly pumping.
  7. Try two rounds of 25 forceful exhalations with the breaths each.
  8. The exhalation should feel like a light sneezing action by the nose, just like you re trying to force air out of your nose as if to clear some phlem out but it should be done correctly.
  9. Do one or two deep inhaling and exhaling after each set of 25 breaths.
  10. After practice you can start this cycle for 100 times a day with 25 breaths at a set.
  11. That is four times a day you can do forceful exhalation set of 25 to complete 100.
  12. Do breathe normally at any time in between these steps when you feel uneasy or drowsy.

Kapalbhati and stress

Kapalbhati in another way

The verdict

Well I tried Kapalbhati and found instant calming effect as blood rushed into my limbs and head.

This gave me some energy that I never experienced, perhaps a feeling loosely related after lifting weights or jogging.

I recommend you train yourself and others in kapalbhati under the expert guidance of a guru or certified yogi.

I practice this whenever I have heavy stress or sadness or boredom to get instant oxygen.

Kapalbhati is said to cure even dangerous disease in the beginning stage.

Warning: Do verify with your doctor before attempting such forceful breathing.


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