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Insurance Coverage for Penis Pumps?

Updated on October 21, 2010

What Is the World Coming To??

On television lately there have been quite a few commercials, mostly late at night, for a product called Pos-T-Vac.  It is a penis pump, no matter how they want to spin the advertising.

The problem with the advertisement is that the company claims that the product is covered by Medicare and most major insurance carriers.

*lengthy and dramatic pause*  What?!?!

Health insurance carriers will pay for a PENIS PUMP but they won't cover medically necessary, life-saving procedures?  There's always fine print for anything you may need to have done at a doctor's won't be covered because of this policy, it can't be covered because of that codicil, it must be a pre-existing condition...there are so many reasons why insurance won't or can't pay for something you NEED, but they will cover the cost of something that is a pure WANT?

Even if you do manage to get the carrier to agree to pay for something, they will only pay for part of it or you have a ridiculously high copay or they find some reason later on to revoke their payment and make you reimburse them.

But a penis pump?  When does having a larger penis become a "medically necessary" issue to be covered by health insurance?  And to be honest, in more cases than not, it's the MAN that has an issue with the size of his package, NOT the woman.

I guess those of us with real medical problems should worry more about a man's performance anxiety rather than dwelling on the fact that our issues could eventually put us in an early grave.  Apparently, that's the important thing with insurance providers!


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    • profile image

      Word Shower 7 years ago

      LOL. Only in America! Just LOL.