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Interactive Health "Perfect Chair" Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Updated on June 14, 2014

Review of Perfect Chair by an Actual Owner!

I’m going to provide a brief review of the “Perfect Chair” made by Interactive Health.  I’m not just writing about the Perfect Chair because it’s popular and expensive, I’m writing about it because I OWN IT!  And it’s one of the most comfortable chairs you will have the pleasure of sitting in.

Estimates are given that 80% of Humans will encounter some kind of back trouble in their lives.  The Lumbar Spine is the most common area of injury and deterioration followed by the Cervical Spine and then the Thoracic Spine.  By the age of 45 nearly every human on the planet will have a degenerated disc at L4-5.

Most people have no idea just how fragile the human spine is until it’s too late and the pain sets in.  If you suffer from the insidious burden of back pain you know what I’m talking about.  If you do not then consider yourself lucky and take steps to insure the discs between your vertebrae are considered when you talk to your Physcian during your annual check ups.

The reason so many people suffer from back pain can be traced to our lifestyle.  The human body is designed for motion not to stay in the static position of most office oriented service jobs. Without going into the physiology of the disc itself it’s important to note why discs fail and can contribute to back pain.  The discs in your back have no direct blood supply… so they are very slow to heal.  The healing that is done is provided by “pulling” nutrients in from the body endplates from the vertebrae themselves.  The bottom line is you MUST respect your spine or you can expect back troubles.

The Perfect Chair Review

The Perfect Chair is also referred to as a “Zero Gravity Recliner”.  The reason is when you recline your legs are raised upwards and curved to reduce the pressure on your spine and to reduce the burden of pumping blood from your heart.  In short it’s a very comfortable spine stress relieving position.

I purchased mine in white leather and teal back in 2004 and keep it in my bedroom.When I want to meditate I can just turn off my mind, lie back and relax.  I did not buy mine online I purchased mine from a local Retail Franchise Store called “Relax the Back”.

Operation of the chair is very simple… but can take a wee bit of getting used to the first time as the mechanism of recline is very smooth, but quick.  Located on the left arm of the chair is a lever. You sit in the chair then you gently pull back on the lever as you recline.  You can recline as little or as much as you like.  To get back up you simply use the same lever and a simple motion leaning forward.  Precise, balanced movement is the knack and you’ll quickly adjust to how it works.

The materials and craftsmanship of the Perfect Chair are impeccable. The Perfect Chair is a high quality piece of furniture.  I also find the design very attractive and complementary to a modern looking motif.

Will you like the Perfect Chair?  Probably.  I like mine.  But the real question is will the Perfect Chair help you with your back pain?  And the answer is maybe.  For me I enjoy the comfort and can feel the pressure relief on my spine, but I do not have lower back problems.

I also own a Lazy-Boy Recliner that was about 1/3 the cost and while I’m equally comfortable in the Lazy-Boy it does not offer the same relief of pressure on the spine.  In the Perfect Chair I feel like I’m supported, in the Lazy-Boy I feel like I’m “sinking in”.

That’s it, there isn’t much more you can say about the Perfect Chair as you have to experience it to understand how it feels.  There are also knock offs from other companies.  In fact Relax the Back had a competitor’s chair that was about $300 cheaper and looked great, but it just didn’t feel as good.

PS:  I did not buy the extending foot rest, but if you are really tall you may want to ask about it as your feet would hang over the edge and it could prove uncomfortable.  FYI: Human Touch is the brand of Interactive Health.

Happy Shopping.

The Perfect Chair Recliner

You do not have to recline this far to feel the comfort and benefits of the Human Touch Perfect Chair Recliner from Interactive Health
You do not have to recline this far to feel the comfort and benefits of the Human Touch Perfect Chair Recliner from Interactive Health


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