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Interesting, Unusual and Surprising Exercise Facts Help You Make The Most Of Exercise Opportunities

Updated on September 4, 2013

Dance! It's fun! It's friendly! It keeps you fit!

Dancing is a great way to get good exercise, have lots of fun, energize, spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy maximum fitness benefits!
Dancing is a great way to get good exercise, have lots of fun, energize, spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy maximum fitness benefits! | Source

You Never Forget How To Ride A Bike!

Cycling is fun, easy, earth friendly, sociable fitness fun! Getting around on your bike saves you money, and it's great incidental exercise!
Cycling is fun, easy, earth friendly, sociable fitness fun! Getting around on your bike saves you money, and it's great incidental exercise! | Source

Liven Up Every Day With These Easy Exercise Tips!

Every day we learn more and more about the many and varied benefits of regular exercise. Many people are still of the opinion that harsh, punishing, demanding exercise is the only type of exercise that is actually beneficial. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Adding a little exercise to your everyday life can have tremendous health benefits. In this article, we will present some unusual exercise facts that will help you incorporate good exercise habits into your everyday life. Read on to learn more.

Getting Just A Few Minutes Of Exercise Daily Can Really Make A Difference!

There is a correlation between level of education and level of exercise. A recent study conducted by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) indicates that almost 40% of people who have a college degree participate in vigorous physical exercise several times weekly; whereas, among high school drop outs, less than 15% engage in regular, energetic physical exercise.

According to the CDC, men and women in the United States do not get enough vigorous exercise. In fact, only about a quarter of the women and a third of the men in the US engage in regular physical activity for more than ten minutes at a time several times weekly.

It is not necessary to exercise vigorously for half an hour daily to attain health benefits. While vigorous exercise for half an hour several times a week is very desirable, the fact is only 15 minutes a day of light to moderate exercise can add years to your life and help you avoid illness and obesity.

Incidental Exercise Counts Too!

Make The Most Of Every Exercise Opportunity!

One exercise fact that many people disregard is that you can give yourself credit for exercise benefits attained by walking if you carry a pedometer. You may be surprised by how many miles a day you walk. For example, if you are an office worker, you probably walk about one-and-a-half miles a day. If you are a waiter or waitress, you probably walk about four miles daily. If you are a police officer or a lawyer, you probably walk a couple of miles a day. If you are a mail carrier, you may be logging eight miles of walking a day while carrying a substantial amount of weight!

You will get more incidental exercise if you wear comfortable clothes. A recent study indicates that office workers move around more and burn far more calories on casual clothing days than on days when they must wear formal business attire.

Have Fun With Your Kids And Improve Your Circulation!

To Be Most Effective, Exercise Should Be Enjoyable

Listening to music while exercising can help you attain peak performance while you enjoy your workout. Studies have shown that people who exercise to music feel more energetic and have more desire to extend their workout sessions. Additionally, they feel less fatigued after working out.

Dancing is excellent aerobic exercise because it engages body, mind and spirit and incorporates music into your workout session seamlessly.

Energetic Aerobic Exercise Brings Added Benefits Thanks To Improved Blood Circulation

That improved blood circulation improves many areas of life is an undeniable exercise fact. Regular, vigorous aerobic exercise is a great way to combat depression. In fact, recent studies show that participating in half an hour of lively aerobic exercise three times weekly can reduce symptoms of depression by almost 50%.

Improving blood circulation with energetic aerobic exercise helps improve sexual performance and responsiveness for both men and women. For men regular, vigorous exercise reduces the chances experiencing of erectile dysfunction by a full 33%.

Improving blood circulation increases brain function and cognitive ability. Increasing blood flow to the brain via regular, vigorous exercise helps the brain function at optimum levels.

Exercise Helps You Get The Most Out Of Life In Numerous Ways

Studies on the effect of exercise on smoking cessation indicate that exercise is key to success in stopping smoking. In fact, smokers who engage in weight lifting while attempting to stop smoking have twice the chance of success as those who simply watch videos about healthy living. Additionally, those who lift weights improve in overall physical condition and lose weight, while those who watch educational videos about being healthy lose condition and gain weight.

When choosing between walking, running or swimming, you may be best off with swimming. A study conducted by the Arnold School of Public Health in South Carolina found that people who swim have a mortality rate that is fifty percent lower than that of people who walk or run as a form of exercise.

Exercising in your teen years can reduce your chances of developing a brain tumor during your lifetime by nearly 40%

Incidental Exercise Sets Teens Up For A Healthy Life!

Modern Exercise Facts Dispel Old Wives Tales

Did you know that dark chocolate contains antioxidants, helps ward off depression and improves athletic performance. A couple of ounces of pure, dark chocolate daily is good for your health and fitness level. This is just one of many newer findings that runs counter to the way people have thought about exercise for a long time. Avoid punishing yourself in an effort to get fit. Refer to these exercise facts and keep up with all the exciting new exercise facts that are being revealed every day so that you can have the most effective and enjoyable exercise program possible.



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      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Thanks, JTrader! It's more than just safe, it's actually good for you!

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      jtrader 4 years ago

      Exercise should be fun and knowing that we can safely have a bit of dark chocolate doesn't hurt either ;-)

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