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Dream Hair and the Meaning of Hair Falling Out in Dreams

Updated on July 8, 2014

Beauty's Depth Grows Deeper Than Hair's Length

Beauty remains even when hair is lost
Beauty remains even when hair is lost | Source

Hair Dreams Can Be Nightmares

Hair dreams can be nightmares
Hair dreams can be nightmares | Source

Introduction to Dream Hair Symbolism


The Merovingian rulers of France believe it had magical powers.

Cutting it was Samson's demise.

Keri Russell lost her locks and her show, 'Felicity,' went down the drain.

In waking life all manner of cuts, products, chemicals, and devices are employed to make the outer hair match the inner image of the self.

More than making a statement about one's physical image, dream hair is also more likely commenting on the inner self. In general, dream hair symbolism loosely falls into several major categories such as:

  • Dreams about hair extensions
  • Dreams of hair salons
  • Dream haircuts
  • Dreams of coloring the hair
  • Dreams of losing hair
  • The condition of hair in dreams

Each of the above ideas are explored below.

Hair Extensions and Impatience

Hair extensions can indicate impatience with natural progress
Hair extensions can indicate impatience with natural progress | Source

Dreams Involving Hair Extensions

Sometimes dreams of hair extensions can be nothing more than wish fulfillment dreams of a waking life desire.

However, typically they are far more symbolic than a real desire for long hair.

Just as hair extensions are unnatural, dreams of such can indicate strong desire to find an unnatural shortcut through something painful in waking life.

For example, instead of experiencing the pain of a breakup, the dreamer may seek the numbness drugs and alcohol provide.

While avoidance provides temporary relief, it does nothing to alleviate the problem, nor does it help make long-term alterations that will help one avoid similar situations in the future.

Elmer Fudd's Salon Experience: The Rabbit of Seville

Dream Haircuts: New You or Lost Power?

Dream haircuts can symbolize a new you or loss of power
Dream haircuts can symbolize a new you or loss of power | Source

Hair Salon Symbolism

Dreams of going to a salon can indicate transformation and change.

If one awakes with or experiences negative emotions during a dream of visiting a salon this can mean that the transformation or changes are ones that the dreamer is uncomfortable with or does not desire.

Sometimes negative feeling salon dreams can also mean that one's self-image has been damaged.

If one feels contented over a dream of a salon visit this most likely means that the changes occurring are desirable, pleasant, and longed for.

The transformation occurring are taking place within the dreamer and may also be reflected in the physical, outer image that the dreamer presents to the world.

Dream Haircuts

The key to discovering whether a dream haircut is positively or negatively charged is to look to the emotions.

When one awakes from a dream of getting the hair cut and feels rested or otherwise happy and content, this can mean that the dreamer is going through a positive transformation of the inner self.

Positively charged hair cut dreams can mean that the dreamer is shedding that which no longer works in favor of that which does.

In fact, shaving the head is, in some religions and cultures an outward sign of that inner shift.

But what about dreams wherein the emotions are negative?

Negative haircut dreams can be symbolic of feelings that:

  • One is being punished.
  • Feelings of remorse or guilt.
  • One's personal power is being involuntarily stripped away.

In the Bible, shaving the head was often a form of punishment or was done as a sign that one felt remorse for one's actions.

When the head is shaved, the result is that the entire world sees the result and perhaps this is why head-shaving was a punitive or remorseful measure.

If one feels that one's powers is being forcibly taken, the identity of the one cutting the hair will give clues as to whom one feels is responsible for cutting the power supply.

Hair Condition Provides Dream Clues

Healthy dream hair symbolizes a healthy waking life
Healthy dream hair symbolizes a healthy waking life | Source

Hair Condition

Hair originates inside the body and then pushes up and out. In fact, hair does not grow through the skin, it is actually a modified part of the skin. It is not only on the head, but covers the entire body.

However, most hair dreams involve the hair on the head and the head is the place of mental activity. Therefore, head hair is symbolic of mental activity such as:

  • Creativity
  • Thoughts

Damaged hair can indicate that ones thoughts are self-destructive or otherwise primarily negative.

Tangled hair can symbolize entanglement in an overly complicated waking life situation.

Healthy hair typically symbolizes that one is enjoying a time of feeling:

  • Confident
  • Powerful
  • Content
  • Mentally healthy
  • Physically well

Carefully examine the condition of the hair in a dream since it provides important clues to the meaning of the dream.

When Hair Falls Out in Dreams

Hair is more than simple protein follicles.

Symbolically, hair represents the ideas and thoughts that are growing out from the psyche.

So what does it means when hair falls out in dreams?

Hair falling out in a dream is similar in meaning to teeth falling out in dreams and can symbolize:

  • Abandoned ideas
  • Lost creativity
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Feelings of loss of power or control
  • Loss of energy

A hair loss dream is typically a manifestation of a stressful situation, one that makes the dreamer feel like she is "pulling out" her hair.

Just as one has no control over going bald, the situation is one over which the dreamer feels he or she has no control. An honest examination of the situation is in order to determine if one is truly powerless or if one only feels out of control as there is a major difference between the two.

Hair Dyes and the Emotions

Dream dyes symbolize emotional states
Dream dyes symbolize emotional states | Source

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Dreams of Coloring the Hair

Color in dreams is always an important factor in interpreting a dream's meaning. Color in hair dreams is no exception.

Depression can be symbolized by either dyeing the hair to a deep black color or by having one's hair bleached with the bleaching standing in for feelings that one's life is similarly colorless and/or stripped of meaning.

Red is a complex color and dyeing the hair scarlet can symbolize various concepts such as vitality, anger, or even deep alchemical transformations taking place within the psyche.

Sutherland Sisters' Long Hair

The Seven Sutherland Sisters
The Seven Sutherland Sisters | Source

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Powerful dream symbols are born out of powerful waking life associations. The more invested one is in one's hair, the more importance one should place on hairy dreams.

For those who place importance on their hair, hair dreams can be serious indications of possible issues in life such as feelings of loss of power or a need to rethink one's personal identity.

Since one is typically in control of taking care of the hair, when someone else is in charge, looking to who that person is and how that person is acting in the dream can be of primary importance. Is that person an ally? Does the change made to the hair create confidence or cause anxiety?

Remember that dreams are not prophecies, rather they are indications of how one feels and how the unconscious mind is responding to what is going on in the waking world.

Dreams exist to inform the dreamer as to how to effectively remedy situations that are creating chaos and to reinforce those that promote well-being.

Never be held hostage by dream imagery, instead use it as a catalyst for personal empowerment.

Remember the Musical "Hair"?


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