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Intestinal Detoxification and why we need it

Updated on March 5, 2012

Intestinal Detoxification prevents unhealthy parasites from causing colon damage and slowing nutritional absorption

"What's in your intestines maggot!"

Maybe there is more truth to that than fiction...

It has been said that death starts in the colon. Unfortunately we don't discuss this topic as much as we should.

Whether red meat is on our menu more than it should be or our foods aren't being cooked enough, thus allowing parasites an opportunity to enter our systems.

Our diets play a very important role in our intestinal health.

Irritable bowels are no fun for anyone. The reasons could range from diet all the way to much worse

Intestinal Detoxification

How much time do we have to live healthy?

I was messing around on the internet the other day and I ran across this website that had a tool on it that was similar to something I had thought of as an invention many years ago, way before the internet had really come out.

What I had thought about was a Sharper Image style little digital clock that a person could place on their desk or someplace, that would have all their vital information programmed into in such as; birth date, gender, smoker/nonsmoker, body mass index, athletic level, ect. and the devise would compute an estimated time of that persons death. Seriously! The devise would then show a running countdown in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds of how much time that person would have left on the planet, left to spend with family, friends and doing the things they always wanted to do in life. I admit that the "glass half empty" folks out there may disagree, but, by my judgment this is a very positive reminder of life and that our time not be squandered.

On April 22, 2041, I will die

I have about 1 Billion seconds left to live. How about you?

Of course I realize this is just a broad computation. Probably not much different than the actuarial tables available to any life insurance agent off the street. I have to admit, when you can actually see a number staring you back in the face, it's definitely cause for pause.

Sure I can take steps to ensure that I live longer, but when do I plan to get started?

Many experts agree that death 'starts' in the colon

If I want more time, it's up to me to take action

As I'm typing this, I'm surrounded by fast food.

Ironically, I'm typing this lens from my (really old) laptop in the food court area at the local mall. As I look around me I see people shoveling down taco's, burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and washing it down with colas. There is an ice cream franchise to my left and a pizza place right behind me. I see a lady to my right who is eating a fried chicken sandwich and feeding her infant from prepared healthy snacks carefully selected from home before her outing and I wonder; "Why didn't she pack anything healthy for herself too?".

...I digress.

The truth is that fast, fried, processed foods are all around us and when we eat this type of food we are clogging our colons, with undigested particles that line the walls of our intestines, and slowly take years off of our lives and breed parasites that latch on and feed off of the food in our bodies until stopped.

Whip worms, for example, are believed to be in a FULL 25 percent of all human beings on the planet according to statistics. See the video for yourself below.

Whip worm inside human colon feeding on undigested food build up - 25% of all human have these right now

Intestinal detoxification, Better foods and getting my heart pumping

I went to the site listed below for a colon detoxification, I remembered all those Rocky movies and cleaned up my diet!

Will I pack foods ahead of time every where I go? No, but I definitely eat better.

Will I exercise every day? Not likely, but I go for many more walks and get to the gym at least 3 days a week.

Is my colon cleaner. Yes! Definitely! Thanks to a program that I found and worked for me as it has many others! I put the intestinal detoxification link down below.

Thanks for reading my lens and I wish you all the best in beating the clock and living an awesome life!

Find more info on intestinal detoxification here.

Why am I fat - Over 25% of all Americans are overweight. What's in the food we are eating?

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