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Introduction to The Law of Attraction (LOA)

Updated on February 17, 2015
The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction | Source

Have you ever missed someone,it could be a long gone friend or an ex, think about them for a while and a week or a month later you either meet them or you get in touch again, it seems that they come out of nowhere just to meet you. Or have you ever wanted something, your favorite cake for example, you think about how it felt the last time you eat it, and the next day you have a new neighbor saying hi while bringing your favorite cake. You think it’s just a coincidence or luck right? Actually it’s more than a simple coincidence and luck, they are all the parts of the law that we will talk about, the law of attraction. This article covers an introduction to the law of attraction, a basic understanding, and what should you do to begin.

Do you know ‘The Secret’? A movie that tells you about LOA (Law of attraction), there is a reason why they named it ‘the secret’. First there are only a few people knowing this, many people doesn’t believe it because it’s denying their God and seem impossible they laugh at it. Second, even for someone who knows and believes it, it doesn’t mean that he/she is 100% understand and able to implement it correctly.

So what in the world is this Law of Attraction?

LOA is a name for a law in which any thoughts that you focused, positive or negative, it brings or attracts positive or negative results. When you’re focusing your thought, let’s say a positive one, you generate a positive energy and vibrating a positive vibration, the positive energy then attracts another positive energy. The positive energy that comes to you could be in any form depend on your thoughts, it can be food, money, event, or even people. But remember it also work on negative thoughts. For example you have been through a bad day, and keep thinking about what else could happen to you, accidents, being robbed, wife cheating, and etc. and by doing that you are likely to have all of the bad things happen to you later on.

Meditation is an important part on the law of attraction
Meditation is an important part on the law of attraction | Source

The good news is you can control it, as long as you know exactly what you really want, channel the vibration correctly, and prevent negative thoughts from interrupting. That’s a little bit tricky, sometimes it’s just impossible you couldn’t help but doubting it or you’re too attached to it and become obsessive (you can’t get it work if it’s obsessive). So I recommend you to meditate. Yes, meditating, sitting as comfortable as you can, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Any time you aware that your mind is wandering, just go back to your breath. Meditating is important to control your thoughts, anytime the negative one comes out; you’re aware of it and able to just let the thoughts pass and ignore it. If you don't know much about meditation, you can read a brief guide to meditation.

Visualize. Visualizing is a good way to ‘manifest’ things, it’s different from imagining, if you want to visualize you have to feel as it already happens, try to feel how the feeling is when you get the thing you want. That’s tricky too; again, that’s why it’s called ‘the secret’. The point is you know what it feels when the things are already yours. Also you have to be 100% sure that it will be given to you. Absolutely sure, don't let your skepticism take place, that's why you have to meditate as well, so you can control your thoughts, and the most important thing is you HAVE TO BE HAPPY while doing it, if it's not, maybe you're not focusing upon the right point (the thing that you want not the lack of it).

What you have to remember as well is that you just have to be sure that you will manifest anything you want. I suggest you to watch The Secret as well; it’s a good movie if you are new to 'this world', and read the books of Abraham and Ester Hicks entitled ‘Ask and it is given’. They gave a great detail there about the law itself and how ‘the universe’ works. Don’t forget to comment if you interested in this kind of thing or if you already know much about this so we can share our thought. So this is all I could write in this introduction to the law of attraction, keep manifesting and good luck to you all.


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