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Intrusive Thoughts Anxiety

Updated on July 15, 2013

Unwanted Thoughts And Anxiety

Hi, if you are here then i'm guessing you have experienced an intrusive thought or maybe a few? Intrusive and unwanted thoughts can be very distressing for anyone, especially if you have just experienced your first one. Intrusive thoughts are driven and caused by overactive anxiety and should not be ignored. I ignored the problem i had when i first started experiencing these and they eventually turned very excessive. Excessive intrusive thoughts are actually a form of OCD. It is called 'Pure OCD'.

Do not for one moment think that you are going mad. You are not ill, trust me! Think about it for one minute, 'would these thoughts bother you if you were a horrible person?' The answer is no! The simple fact that these thoughts are bothering you clearly indicates that you are a loving caring person.

Basically what's happening is, you are experiencing an intrusive thought which in turn creates massive, over active anxiety. This over active anxiety causes you to worry about the thought. You wonder how you can have a thought like that and you know its not your character. This in turn creates more anxiety and the cycle begins. You start worrying about the thought you previously had, 'How can i have a thought like that?'

'What if i do that'

'I must be going mad'

'I'm a horrible person'

'What if, what if, what if?'

As i was saying, pure OCD (intrusive thoughts) are caused by over active anxiety. That anxiety causes the intrusive thoughts. If you remove the over active anxiety then the intrusive thoughts will no longer be a problem.

Notice how we who suffer from any anxiety symptom like pure OCD (intrusive thoughts) are very, very creative people.

The thoughts are very creative and cause massive anxiety. The thoughts are completely irrational and completely out of character! But we still let them bother us. I know its easier said than done, but you must not let these thoughts bother you. The intrusive thoughts thrive from worry and anxiety. Also fear, fear is a cause of anxiety too. If you are scared by the thoughts and worry about them constantly then you will still be holding onto them for a long time. I remember having one irrational thought i was literally stuck on for months. The thought was completely out of my character, almost disturbing. Because the thought was completely irrational, out of my character i held on to it. Constantly worrying about it, i was scared that i was going mad. The anxiety i was feeling was very excessive.

Now i have conquered all my anxiety i can see how silly it was to worry about it. I was not helping myself at all. I knew the thought was completely irrational but i still gave it the worry and fear it needed to thrive on. Which in turn was creating more anxiety! If you are reading this and saying 'its hard not to worry about the thought', then i completely agree with you. But there is a simple method that has changed my life.

I hope you can see how anxiety and creativity are creating these unwanted intrusive thoughts. I hope you can see that people who suffer from anxiety and intrusive thoughts are very, very creative people. If you channel that creativity into something else then these thoughts will no longer have a place in your life. You will remove the anxiety which fuels these thoughts and constant worry.

Creativity> Anxiety>Fear>Worry>Pure OCD>Intrusive Thoughts

Have a look at the cycle above^. If you channel your creativity then the cycle CANNOT begin.

If you are like me and have tried Citalopram, Zoloft, beta blockers or any other prescribed drug for anxiety then you can probably see that they are not the answer for a permanent fix to your anxiety problem. I don't like to call it an 'Anxiety Disorder' as many doctors state because you are not sick, a disorder states that you will be permanently like this and that is defiantly not the case!

Creativity and passion breeds excitement which is the exact opposite to anxiety and fear. In other words you must be passionate about things in life. Start doing new hobbies, anything just be creative. There are so many creative things you can bring into your life even if you have a busy schedule. Remember that we who suffer from any anxiety driven symptom like intrusive thoughts are very creative people. We can see that from the completely irrational thoughts that we suffer from.

Our brains need creativity, passion and drive otherwise we get bored. Our mind gets bored and starts creating anxiety symptoms, all anxiety symptoms start with 'What If?' questions!

Even OCD, 'What if i don't turn this light on 'X' amount of times?'

Pure OCD, 'What if i really take action on that irrational thought?'

'What if i'm going mad'

Social Anxiety 'What if they don't like me?'

'What if i look stupid'

'What if i do this wrong'

All anxiety symptoms, anything from OCD all the way to depression, is caused by 'What If Questions' and a lot of creativity. Channel that creativity and the anxiety cycle cannot begin.

Channel that creativity, constantly challenge your brain. You are a very clever, creative person if you are reading this. Maybe you don't believe that this is the permanent fix right now but i promise you if you follow my method in my other article you will see massive differences in your life. I completely stumbled across this method by total accident. I literally forgot about all my anxiety symptoms and thoughts and now i want to share with the world how i did it, because i know exactly how you feel!

Click the link below and it will take you to my other article. There i will show you anxiety in its true light. I will show you how to channel that creativity so the anxiety cycle cannot begin. And please leave me some comments with your results, i would love to hear some more feedback!

The link is below 'Beta Blockers For Anxiety'

Thanks for reading

L-Theanine A Natural Anxiety Reliever.

Stated by, L--Theanine is a “Gamma-ethylamino-L-glutamic acid” that is extracted from green tea leafs.

When L-Theanine is taken it has a calming effect on our bodies decreasing the levels of stress and anxiety and i suppose it makes you feel 'More at ease'. L-Theanine is completely natural and does not cause any side effects unlike the prescribed tablets from doctors like Citalopram and zoloft.

Also L-Theanine can be taken whenever you feel like it as it is simply a tea leaf extract. There are no studies to suggest that it interacts with any other drug you may be taking. Although i would suggest talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or under going chemotherapy.

So basically L-Theanine can help lower blood pressure, help your mood, increase the dopamine in your brain and generally put you in a better state of mind.


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    • profile image

      Darmart 2 years ago

      First off let me say that if you're suffering from high anxiety, read my comment cautiously. I am going to describe my own intrusive thought and if you are feeling easily influenced ATM then it's possible to adopt my thought as your own. However I also beat my thought with this creative idea. Ok- I was imagining hurting others, graphically. In my thought I would sneak up behind them and then do them extreme harm. I was obsessed with this thought and imagined harming everyone I saw, even characters on tv. I was sure I was going mad, but then I realized that the "enemy" here was my imagination. And I thought well NO, my imagination has always been my greatest strength! So I decided to take control of my imagination by creating a new thought to obsess over. And I began to imagine instead, sneaking up behind people giving them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. This thought made me feel silly, happy, in control. And yes, at first the two thoughts competed. Which one would I imagine first... but the positive thought would always win because it was the one that I wanted to win. The dark thought just faded away to the background. it took the same amount of energy to imagine something good as it did to imagine something bad. And eventually the good one faded into the background as well, so that when I saw people I wasn't imagining anything anymore. Back to normal. And I've used that method often when I'm experiencing high anxiety coupled with an intrusive thought. Our anxious minds want to create, but we can CHOOSE what to create!

    • profile image

      savita 2 years ago

      hi i've recently fallen into this problem. The thing is I get very dark images where I am doing some horrible things. I am terrified. I've asked myself so many questions about whether I want to do such a thing or whether I am capable. I am so scared I am a bad person or that I don't want to be good. When I don't have anxiety I feel scared because I feel like I should be having anxiety over the things I'm thinking about. Your article has helped me so much. Thank you for writing this. I feel like crying tears of joy.

    • profile image

      fazel 2 years ago

      Thank You for a wonderful and sure fire article to get rid of anxiety.God bless You,for Your love and caring for Your fellow Humans.

    • profile image

      Mazmaz 3 years ago

      Hi I've just read your articles I also suffer from "pure" ocd have had it for 11 years now don't really no how it started just one night when I was out with friends felt like I was dying thoughr someone had put something in my during my brother rushed me to hospital and they said I was having a panic attack it was the worst feeling in the world or so I thought next thing I knew my whole life was disintegrating no appite pallet rations couldn't sit still hole body shaking and couldn't sleep thought I was going mad and then the thoughts came which is the worst of it all I have had different antidepresants I have just changed them 5 weeks ago to floxitine and feel low no change in thought pattern I am a mum of 5 so constantly at home and Thankyou to your article I no realise that my mind is bored I was a very athletic busy out going bubbly person before I had children I love them so much but think I need to put alittle time aside to be Me again I think I'm going to start boxing and try other activities that I did before I sometimes forget that I am not the only person in the world that suffers with this I think " why me " but thankyou to you because I now I see some light at the end of the tunnel Ps sorry for the bad grammer lol

    • profile image

      fr 3 years ago

      cv bxvbvxvxb fvb

    • profile image

      Adam 3 years ago

      This helps me a lot with my anxiety, ocd, depression snd obsessed thoughts, thank you for the assurance that I'm ok and not losing it, your a very smart person.

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Hi Feel alive! to say that I just stumbled on your post is a dishonor to synchronicity. In my desperate obsessive research to relieve myself of the intrussive, grotesque life torturing thoughts I've had for the last nine years the sources I have researched and the venues I have tried are too many to recount here. The main reason for my post is to thank you...YOU the non doctor, non therapist, regular fellow sufferer have given me more hope than any doctor I have ever been seen by. Up until this post I was ready to throw the towel and was considering putting myself away for the safety of others, your post alone has given a green light...and if you knew the history of my "Pure OCD" a term I just learned from you, a way I think you do know where my head is, in your post you describe the torture my mind can THANK YOU for existing, thank you for using your creativity too write this and thanks to the Universe I found your creation. I know the road out of pure OCD seems not easy but you have given me a PRIECELESS GIFT TODAY...MAY ALL LIFE'S DREAMS OF BRILLIANCE AND FREEDOM BE YOURS FOR THE ASKING AND ACCEPTING.


    • profile image

      whyme 3 years ago

      Where is this article?

    • profile image

      Acknetan 3 years ago

      thank you for your article I have had intrusive thoughts and currently have now about my sexuality which absolutely terrify me I am 40 years old and up to a couple of weeks ago was a very happy go lucky fella but these thoughts really drag me down and make me very sad and tearful.I have 3 wonderful bold kids and a great wife and I just want to get back to enjoying life with them Thanks gain God bless

    • profile image

      GirlonFire 4 years ago

      Thank you, I had an emotional breakdown and started to have disturbing thoughts that were unlike me. I went from feminist and women right to scared and horrible person. Now I understand my condition more.

    • profile image

      Aron 4 years ago

      Hi rav, i would highly recommend this book called 'a life at last' by paul david. Google that and it should take you to his website i can't remember what its called. Its great it teaches you about anxiety and how to deal with it. Fighting the feeling is not the way to go, i had so much relief after i read the book and actually understood anxiety. One thing is you are NOT going mad. Anxiety plays so many tricks and the thoughts and constantly checking up symptoms is all part of it. It was like a life saver that book!!

    • Rav Saujani profile image

      Rav Saujani 4 years ago from Seville, Spain

      Hi Feel-Alive, how are you? Thank you very much for your Hub pages post on Anxiety, Im glad I stumbled across reading your page because Im stuck in this situation at the moment and will try to use your support as much as I can , Long story short - I'm 25 and have been living life to the full and things started to take a turn in my life where at the beginning of 2014 my Life has gone downhill ever since and I'm so upset, I've been going to the Gym for a few years now and during January 2014 I bought a new Protein Shake along with having BCAA's, at the end of my session I had this thing happen to my heart for a few seconds , it stopped for a second and later my heart began to have palpations which I had for a week and my heart felt it had been damaged somehow, I went to the doctor and said there has not been any permanent damage which I was relieved about, since then... I've been very wary and cautious about my health and having the heart palpations gave me thoughts thinking I would have a stroke or a heart attack whenever I felt I had a headache or even having indigestion (mistaking it as going to have a heart attack) and I was on edge constantly worrying about my health and didn't go to the gym for nearly 2 weeks, since then I've become a hypochondriac (constantly researching symptoms that I had on the internet and believed I was having a stroke, heart attack etc tic) but there was a reason why I was feeling this way, about a week or 2 weeks later I wasn't feeling myself, I had headaches and my vision in my left eye was weird in such a scary, disturbing way, everything seemed so bright, my house, places I used to go, everything looked different, my vision was weird and this brought on slight anxiety thinking something was wrong, I was sure of it, it was fuzzy, objects and houses I used to look at from my window looked different as there had been a bubble on my eye making it look like it was doubled visioned some how with some extra brightness, I was scared and didn't know what to do, for 2 weeks I said to myself, it's me thinking stupid things, but I became ill further, having further headaches, things around me become worse, everything was dull, my vision felt like everything I was looking at was shaking, I was so scared, then I decided to go to the gym without the protein shake and shake this feeling off, but it didn't go, I then drank a litre of water at the gym, my head started making me feel worse, I had another litre of water I was scared and decided to go home, on the way home I was drinking more water and felt my eye returning back to normal and everything was as it was, I had a banging headache and I loved it purely because my vision was back to normal and realised I was dehydrated because I was crying all the way home and no tears were forming, I was happy, I went home and started to drink another litre of water (to compensate from working out at the gym) and I was happy, everything was back to normal - or was it? I assumed with all this confusion with hypochondria that I must have done a number on my brain being dehydrated so I was literally petrified that I damaged my brain, so I rang NHS, Looked at further symptoms on the internet, constantly worried thinking I was going to die because I damaged my brain somehow?

      Since I was used to the constant worrying and anxiety (if this is what you call it) more anxiety creeped in... I started to pick up on little things, like whenever I used to go to sleep I was scared of the little dots you see at the night (from normal vision) and that brought on anxiety for an entire week and I constantly saw them everywhere day in and day out, I was anxious and surprisingly let the dots slide, I can't go into any more detail anymore probably because you'll fall asleep. But now in March, I'm still anxious over everything, I keep researching that I have Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia etc etc. and really pshyc myself up and I am scared because this week I feel like I'm not myself and don't feel like I'm speaking (if you get what i mean, e.g. when I talk to my brother or family members, I don't feel like it's me speaking and get so anxious about the situation, today I got scared so much I didn't know what to do or who to speak to because no body understands and I don't want to go to the doctor because I know that they'll refer me to a Psychiatrist who will then shove pills down my throat, label and diagnose me with Bipolar disorder and send me to the nearest mental hospital. I just don't know what to do, I'm scared and hope that this all goes away... you read what happened to me since January and all the anxious crap I've been through, I just want my normal life back but will I ever see that day? I'd appreciate it if you would comment me back on your thoughts.... and oh, speaking of thoughts.. I have disturbing, intrusive, thoughts 24/7 and try to block it, it works but some nights it gets worse when I can feel the adrenaline pump through my body and just hope to fall asleep and pray that I'll be back to normal in the morning, the most stupid thoughts I constantly get are unreal, why? e.g. ("Nothing looks real, you're stuck") I get annoying song lyrics playing in my head, etc the list can go on.... but Man, I'd appreciate it if you could comment back! and Thanks for your post btw! I will definitely read it x2 and go ahead with it and btw where did you buy the L-Theanine from? and is it without caffeine because caffeine spikes anxiety up big time!? Speak to you later man..

    • profile image

      gr8tness 4 years ago

      this is a great article!!! I've been suffering really bad but this helped me a lot. I suffered the worst thoughts and they made me feel extremely horrible and hopeless as if I were a horrible person. I'm glad I found someone who I can almost 100% relate to. thank you with all my heart for sharing your story and knowledge. The information you provided is 100% on point. I'm starting my journey of recovery and I'm confident that I will make full recovery and be better than I ever was.

    • Feel-alive profile image

      Feel-alive 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Gerry :) Your not crazy! And yes it is hard to tell other people who don't suffer from these symptoms as they just don't understand! That don't have the creativity to understand such a complex symptom. Live your life to the full and follow all of the techniques in this article and you will be anxiety free :)

    • profile image

      gerry 4 years ago

      Paul what i read was mind blowing but soooooo helpful. Your better than any doctor ive seen. I personally diddent tell my doctor how bad my thoughts where bcause i was crazy really appreciate your help x

    • profile image

      Savy 4 years ago

      Just to add on ... Yes these thoughts are worst when my mind is not busy.. And I really appreciate when someone says its curable ... It gives hope. Thanks .. Plus it's not easy to share this everyone because people who don't have this symptom will not understand that how much this hurts .. They just say one thing "push them away" " don't pay attention"

    • profile image

      Savy 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot for the post, I have been suffering from a couple of intrusive thoughts for past 3 months, it started with a series of shocks I got in 2 weeks like 3 and half months ago, I never had any major anxiety symptoms before this incident. I started to get a couple of nonsense thoughts which makes no sense but more I tried to not to think about these thoughts, the more and intense they came. So I read an articles finally which helped me somewhat but not completely was " don't push the thoughts away, just be cool with the thought and they will fade away on their own" but now I will try your approach as well to do something interesting, I used to like to do painting, i will try now .. Thanks a lot ... And I joined "Art of living" that helped me also.... But I am not completely well yet thought my symptoms are getting better slowly. I am not taking any medicine yet.

    • Feel-alive profile image

      Feel-alive 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you! I don't think i'm amazing though. Just trying to show people the truth about anxiety and how easy it is to fix.... Got fed up of all the scam artists out there trying to make money from people who know nothing about this problem.... Make sure you follow the article, maybe have a read of my other article, there's a complete method there on how i beat all of my anxiety symptoms.. I appreciate the comment :)

    • profile image

      mg 4 years ago

      you are amazing!! i have been suffering from insane thoughts and could arely function due to paying so much mind to them and i realised its mostly at my job where i am so bored so my mind wonders to a 'whats the weirdest thing you can think of' scenario. i just need to reduce my anxiety and channel my creativity positivly. thanks so much!!


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