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Success Through Intuition

Updated on January 16, 2015
Use Your Intuition and ESP For Achieving Success
Use Your Intuition and ESP For Achieving Success | Source

ESP: Do You Have It?

Robert Jahn, a celebrated Princeton engineer runs a lab that is trying to figure out the best way to send a spaceship to Mars. He also runs a lab called PEAR that investigates the wonders of extra sensory perception. What caused Jahn to take the leap? This highly logical man glimpsed a colleague sipping café au lait across the Atlantic Ocean. Turned out that his colleague was doing just that at that very moment. No one was more surprised than Jahn the cynic.

You could have extra sensory perception too. Check out the table below.

Do You Have ESP?

• Have you ever guessed who’s on the phone before you’ve picked it up?

• Have you sensed that someone is looking at you and have turned around to find it’s indeed so?

• Have you found that your first impression of someone has turned out to be accurate?

• Have you ever solved a problem in a dream?

• Have you known instinctively that you’ve made the right decision?

• Have you guessed that something is about to happen and it has?

Durant and Hilton --Knowing without Knowing

The brain responds to more than stimuli from our physical senses. This is extra sensory perception or the sixth sense. Call it intuition – the ability to know without knowing.

Alfred P Sloan Jr., late president of General Motors once remarked that William Durant, the giant automobile company’s founder “would proceed on a course of action guided solely, as far as I could tell, by some intuitive flash of brilliance. He never felt obliged to make an engineering hunt for the facts.”

Durant was far from being the only big businessman to operate on hunches. Conrad Hilton, creator of the vast Hilton Hotel empire described his ‘modus operandi’ this way: “I know I have a problem and have done all I can – thinking, figuring, planning – I keep listening in a sort of inside silence till something clicks and I feel a right answer.”

You Can Develop ESP
You Can Develop ESP | Source

Get in Touch with your Feminine Side

Experts say that everyone has ESP but rarely knows it. And today it is even more difficult to get in touch with that intuitive self that has all the answers. We are bombarded every day with information from our personal computers, cell phones, television and more. So how do we hone our inherent powers of ESP?

In her book ‘The Intuitive Way: A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom’, Penney Peirce points out that you must get in touch with your feminine, right brain. You forget to do that because you’re constantly under the pressure of meeting deadlines and you think that this particular linear left-brained consciousness is normal. But there is the feminine state that is quiet and unhurried and tension-free. It is not goal-oriented. It simply appreciates, includes and observes.

Lao Tzu said: “Be aware of your masculine nature, but by keeping the feminine way, you shall beto the world like a canyon, where the Virtue eternal abides, and go back to become as a child.”

Cultivate Silence To Develop Intuition

Says Frances Vaughan in her book “Awakening Intuition” - “The silent mind cultivated in many different forms of meditation is the matrix of intuition. When you are in touch with the still point at the centre of your being, there is no need to use imagery or verbal exercises to activate intuition. It flows by itself, unimpeded by fears or preoccupations.”

One way to cultivate this silence is to stop your internal dialogue – that constant commentator inside your head. Stop him in mid-sentence. Then go blank. More commentary will stream in.

Stop that in mid-sentence too. Keep doing this and you’ll be able to touch that silent centre, resonate with it, listen to it and tolerate it. As soon as you emerge, pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that pop up.

Train Your Mind For ESP By Focusing Your Attention
Train Your Mind For ESP By Focusing Your Attention | Source

Develop ESP By Focusing Your Attention

You can do this best by switching on a television channel (not music, but words) and think of something else – your project or an interesting conversation – or better still, write a great brief or presentation. If you can do the latter, you’ll know for sure that you can successfully concentrate on a chosen topic.

With extra sensory perception then, you can make the right decisions instinctively, foresee the future of your business, communicate with someone thousands of miles away and most importantly, fight the stress with silence.

That’s why Jahn risked his formidable reputation. He says in a September 1990 interview with Omni magazine: “I’d been a traditional faculty member. Teaching graduate courses in aerospace engineering, doing research for NASA and the Department of Defense until twelve years ago. Then I began to ask myself, Is this all there is? Is there nothing else with excitement? With a new horizon? And then this came along. I didn’t seek it. It found me.”

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Music For Stimulating Insight and Intuition

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Music For Enhancing Intuition

You may have heard of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, well known for his pioneering scientific experiments with sound and its beneficial effect on body and mind. He uses certain sound frequencies embedded in soothing music to enhance sleep, balance acupuncture meridians, stimulate the function of the organs in the body and also improve and stimulate intuition and creativity. Check out Track 2 - 'Intuition' - in his Brainwave Suite. The music contains theta waves associated with intuition and creativity.

What is Intuition and How to Develop It


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