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Inversion Table Relieves Back Pain

Updated on October 7, 2021
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Kenna works with doctors and natural healthcare professionals. Her experience as a fitness instructor helps her share positive health tips.

A gradual approach is the best way to describe the method of “feeling” comfortable while hanging upside down on a table that completely inverts your body.

Bad Low Back Pain

I hurt my lower back playing racquetball and took the natural healing route to get back into the game. I am happy to say I am experiencing great success without surgery, drugs, or any traditional medical treatment.

I am happy to share with you some of my successes in healing my low back pain naturally. I strongly suggest that you investigate what is causing the bad low back pain if you hurt your back. Once you discover the cause, you should work with a professional who understands the process of using natural remedies explained in this article.

Burning Lower Back Pain

One of my solutions for my low back pain is the inversion table. I purchased it at Big 5 Sporting stores for $109.00. It was well worth the price. Ensure you have someone go with you and help you carry it to your car and home because it is heavy.

Putting the inversion table together was easy because it was practically together when I opened the box. I just had to adjust the length and read the directions on using it before using it.

Then, I discovered hanging upside down on the inversion table takes the pressure off the spine and decompresses it. The first time I hung upside down, I felt complete relief from my bad low back pain.

Through a gradual approach, I have been able to hang upside down safely, creating a simple method of traction, relieving discomfort and lower back pain.

The table comes with three different levels of hanging upside down. Each level is designed toward whatever makes me feel comfortable. No matter which level I tried, I felt relief right away.

Low Back Pain Stats

I will tell you how I healed my back later in the article. First, daunting statistics always get under my craw when I try to convince myself of the importance of taking care of my body.

Seriously, I can't write it enough. Trade all your painkillers, pills, and missed work with natural back pain solutions for a healthy lifestyle. If you don't think it is vital, then take a look at these low back pain statistics:

  • In the US, Low back pain is the #1 reason for work-related disability in individuals under 45.
  • Eighty percent of the population will undergo low back pain at some time in their lives.
  • One in four Americans experiences low back pain at any given moment.
  • Low back pain is the second most common cause of missing work.
  • Low back pain is the fifth most common cause of all health care visits.

What Do You Think

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Best Stretch for the Lower Back

Hanging upside down on the inversion table is the best stretch for my lower back. I felt completely safe and in total comfort when I did it.

I recommend the gradual approach is the best way to describe the method of "feeling" comfortable while hanging upside down on a table that completely inverts your body. As a side note, some friends with back or neck problems have also used their inversion table with great success.

The idea is to take the pressure off the spine so it heals naturally. I felt relief from my lower back pain right away as I gradually went upside down. I have been using the table for over five years and continue to enjoy the relief of getting off my feet and relaxing.

Hanging upside down is the best stretch for the lower back, as far as I am concerned. Especially after being on my feet all day, I get home and hang upside down and stretch. My kids hear, "Ahhh," coming from my office as I hang there for a few minutes. They know mom is happy.

Alleviate Lower Back Pain

You want to alleviate lower back pain without drugs or surgery. You follow the process of hanging upside down or at an inverted angle with the intention of simple but effective benefits.

If you feel uncomfortable hanging upside or are not sure, your body can take it, check with your doctor and get their professional consent.

Start the process of hanging upside down with a spouse, loved one, or good friend spotting you on the table. The idea is not to rush it. There is no quick fix to bad low back pain, but the inversion table will get you the relief you desperately need.

The manual for my inversion table helped me approach the process with safe and encouraging care. I didn't rush it but took my time and made sure that I was in control of each step.

I felt relief right away as I gradually went upside down.

Best Treatment for Low Back Pain

The concept is pretty simple but relieves a great deal of stress off my lower back and neck. Safely suspended upside down, the gravity pulls and stretches my body, so the joints of my back and neck decompress. I am hanging by my feet and ankles, which I had to get used to but well worth the effort.

Back Pain - Lower Back

Another way to describe what happens while I am on the inversion table is the reverse loading of the weight of my body. The aching lower back relaxes because all the pressure from standing for hours reverses.

My chiropractor and physical therapist notice the positive changes in my back as well. They mentioned I had more range of motion, and I was not as stiff or tight in the lower back.

Best Medicine for Lower Back Pain

I asked my chiropractor why he didn’t have an inversion table in his office. He explained that the inversion table is not for certain people who have health problems. Those with heart disease, high blood pressure, eye diseases (glaucoma), or pregnancy are advised to stay off the inversion table. It is wise to check with your medical doctor before starting this simple but effective treatment.

My chiropractor encourages me to use the table. It is the best medicine for lower back pain.

Achy Lower Back

With that, I cannot go without saying that the first time anyone uses the inversion table, they should have someone standing by for the possibility of needing help getting off the table and so forth.

When I had my lower back problem, my husband stood by a couple of times before I went solo. Now, I go solo, and the achy lower back is gone.

Truthfully, I never felt in danger or uncomfortable while using the inversion table. I hope you consider using one of these tables because it is worth the time and money.

The achy lower back will melt away.

Bulging Disc in Lower Back Treatment

Now that I have been using the table for some time, people talk to me about their back problems. People with bulging discs in the lower back or a bulging disc anywhere in the back use the inversion table as the best treatment.

You can follow my successful approach or discover a different approach to using the inversion table. I began at a 60-degree angle until I felt comfortable. I proceeded to increase the angle gradually until I was completely vertical.

I am on the inversion table hanging upside down twice a day, as much as possible, for about 5 – 8 minutes. I can happily say my back is healthier every day. It is a nice break from standing or sitting in from of my computer writing.

© 2016 Kenna McHugh


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