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Inversion Table Healed My Back

Updated on June 7, 2016
Kenna McHugh profile image

Working with top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor, I've learned health tips, and I am proud to share.

Hurt My Lower Back

I hurt my lower back playing racquetball and have been taking the natural route to healing my body. I am happy to say I am experiencing great success without surgery, drugs or any traditional medical treatment. Of late, I am sharing with you some of my successes in healing by back naturally.

Hang Upside Down

One such success is the inversion table that I purchased at Big 5 sporting stores for $109.00, well worth the price. Through gradual approach I have been able to hang upside down safely, creating a simple method of traction, relieving discomfort and low-back pain.

Gradual Approach

A gradual approach is the best way to describe the method of “feeling” comfortable while hanging upside down on a table that completely inverts your body. As a side note, some friends with back or neck problems have also used their own inversion table with great success.

What Do You Think

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The process involves being upside down or at an inverted angle with the intention of simple but effective benefits. The manual for my inversion table helped me approach the process with ample care.

The concept is pretty simple but relieves a great deal of stress on my lower back and neck. Being suspended safely upside down the gravity decompresses the joints of my body. I am literally hanging by my feet or ankles, which took some getting used to, well worth the effort.


It’s the reverse loading of my body compared to an equal and opposite manner to standing while in the same position of joint alignment. All I can say is “relief” and my chiropractor and physical therapist notice the positive changes in my back as well.

Not For Everyone

I asked my chiropractor why he didn’t have one in his office because. He explained that the inversion table is not good for certain type of people who have health problems. Such as those who have heart disease, high blood pressure, eye diseases (such as glaucoma), or are pregnant. It is a very smart idea to check with your medical doctor before starting this simple but effective treatment.

With that, I cannot go without saying that the first time anyone tries using the inversion table; they should have someone standing by, for the possibility of needed help getting out of the table and so forth. My husband stood by a couple of times and now I go solo.

My Back is Healthier

I started off at a 60-degree angle until I felt comfortable. I proceeded to increase the angle gradually to a complete vertical angle. I am on the inversion table hanging upside down twice a day, as much as possible, for about 5 – 8 minutes. I can happily say my back is getting healthier every day.


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    • Kenna McHugh profile image

      Kenna McHugh 16 months ago from Northern California

      Thanks for the comment. I agree. My table really helps my back and neck. Yes. There are cautions. You need to read the cautions before trying it.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 16 months ago from the short journey

      Thanks for highlighting the use of inversion tables by sharing your experience. Though there are cautions, especially for certain people, I am grateful for the benefits I've received from using mine for back pain relief. Also, other benefits of inversion therapy make using it very appealing.