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Invest in a GOOD Pair of Running Shoes! Asics GEL-Motion and Saucony ProGrid Guide 2 - Two of the BEST!

Updated on February 27, 2010

If you are an avid runner or walker…first of all, congratulations! You know the importance of physical activity when it comes to staying healthy and in shape. Kudos! You probably also know how important it is to wear a good pair of running shoes as well. Before I continue, allow me to direct you to my Hub Page: Help! My dogs are barking! Tips to ease aching feet. There you will find tips and information on how to treat tired, sore feet. Now back to the subject at hand…the importance of GOOD running and walking shoes.

If you are new to the world of jogging and walking then the first thing you must do is invest in a really good pair of shoes. Trust me when I say that if you don't wear decent running or walking shoes your feet will most definitely pay later (think blisters, among other ailments!). When shopping for running shoes, fit is very important. Therefore, the best time to try on new shoes is in the evening. Why? Well, your feet naturally swell through-out the day. It is best to try on new shoes when your feet have naturally swollen to about a half shoe size larger than normal. By shopping in the evening, you will get the best fit possible. Obviously, if you already own a great pair of running or walking shoes…then you don't need to shop at all! You are one of the lucky ones who can order shoes on-line as you already know which brand and type of running shoe works best for you! If you take a few moments to search…you can find great prices on the world-wide-web! I bought my last pair of running shoes on-line and not only did I get a great deal on the cost of the shoes…I received free shipping as well. Bonus!

Below are some of the best running and walking shoes on the market. If you are in need of a new pair of shoes these surely won't disappoint! Check them out!

Brooks Infiniti 2

Brooks Infiniti 2 -  Built to encourage and correct your form, these shoes are simply awesome! The Infiniti 2 provides support and helps to stabilize your foot when it turns inward. Don't let this shoe's good looks fool you…they are built for mileage! The heel of this shoe is filled with a special fluid which enhances cushioning (can you say comfort!). This fluid also reduces impact which is wonderful news for your bones, joints and of course, your feet!


Saucony ProGrid Guide 2

Saucony ProGrid Guide 2 – Runners who rated this shoe gave it FIVE out of Five stars! This lightweight stability shoe has extra cushioning in the forefoot as well as extra arch support. Loaded with bounce and shock-absorption, this shoe is a favorite among not only runners…but walkers as well!

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6 – Since I already told you about the Saucony ProGrid Guide 2…it would be down-right mean to leave out the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6! After all, they are family! This running shoe features a flexible blown rubber outsole, a super-shock absorbing midsole and a light, breathable mesh upper to make running…well, extremely comfortable! Long distance runners LOVE these shoes as they are built to cover a lot of ground.

New Balance 1063

New Balance 1063 – New Balance has been in the shoe business for many years…running shoes are their specialty! The New Balance 1063 has extra cushioning and padding throughout the midsole. This not only provides a soft landing…but a smooth ride as well! This shoe also has something called a "Sure Lace System" which prevents shoestrings from coming untied. Best of all, the New Balance 1063 has a built in sock liner which helps to prevent blisters from forming. Wonderful! Only serious runners need apply!

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 ESC

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 ESC – This shoe was highly rated among individuals who enjoy trail running. The Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 ESC has an eco-friendly rubber outsole which allows the shoe to grip many different surface types (this is very important if you plan on running on more than just pavement!). It has a breathable, water-repelling upper shield which protects feet from rain and rocks. They are lightweight, however, that doesn't mean they don't have a lot of cushioning…they do! Runners absolutely LOVE these shoes due to their terrific traction (they also come in many wonderful colors!).

Asics GEL-Motion Walking Shoes

Asics GEL-Motion – When it comes to walking shoes…these are second to none! The Asics GEL-Motion Walking Shoe comes with a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (now that IS impressive!). Packed with extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot provide extra shock absorption. This walking shoe also comes with a custom fit sock liner that keeps moisture AWAY from your skin (now that's an added bonus!). Not only is this walking shoe sturdy…it is great looking as well!

When it comes to running or walking on a regular basis it is very important that you invest in a GOOD, well made shoe. It is crucial that you take care of your feet for if you don't, you will have problems later on down the line. In fact, 75% of Americans, at one point or another, have foot issues during their lifetime. If you take care of your feet…they will take care of you by allowing you to walk or run your way to good health! For information about Shape Ups by LA Gear Fitness, please visit my HUB Page: Walk your way to a better body! Buy a pair of Shape Ups by LA Gear Fitness. Thanks!

Grab a friend and go for a run!
Grab a friend and go for a run!


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