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Why Did we Start Having a Health Epidemic in the 1970s? Key Nutrients were Taken out of our Food Supply

Updated on July 4, 2017

Today's Generation doesn't even know that autism, depression, bi-polar, and hyperactivity used to be rare.

The root cause of all symptoms and all diseases is a mineral deficiency. Our bodies are mainly minerals and water.

Your doctor probably doesn't know the truth about mineral deficiencies. Medical students are taught that American's get plenty of minerals. The truth is that synthetic fertilizers and food additives have robbed our food supply of MSM sulfur, and unless you eat sea vegetables daily you are deficient in minerals, especially iodine. Those are the two main deficiencies.

All symptoms are caused by pathogens, inflammation, and start with protein and enzyme deficiency. But the root cause of those three things is a mineral deficiency.

Watch this video for a basic description of the healthy diet people had before 1900 that produces ketones which detox many toxins, including heavy metals.


American's are very deficient in iodine. Maybe not enough to cause cretinism, a severe birth deformity, but enough to cause autism, thyroid and obesity problems, and a long list of auto-immune disorders by leaving us with dirty blood and heavy metals (suggested reading). Most serious illnesses are associated with a heavy metal toxicity.

80% of the iodine in your body is in the thyroid gland which is in the neck and is connected to the jugular veins. Iodine has many roles in the thyroid gland. All the blood in your body goes through your thyroid every 17 minutes where the iodine will detox heavy metals, kill pathogens, and create the thyroid hormone which stimulates proteins and enzymes.

Iodine also plays a role in binding with synthetic molecules. Also, any problems with reproductive organs involve too much estrogen and not enough iodine.

Starting in 1920, the FDA encouraged bread makers to add iodine to their recipes to combat a severe goiter problem in the U.S. After supplementation started, the average American got about 1mg of iodine daily. Most other countries also supplemented their breads with iodine.

In 1963 the World Health Organization decided that we were getting too much iodine and discouraged bread supplementation through fear tactics. By the late 1960s, bread makers had stopped supplementing and our health epidemic was underway. As of early 2010 some countries, including Australia, are putting iodine back into bread supplementation.

Visit for Wholesale Prices on Supplements

HIV is an example of a pathogen that was killed when we got enough iodine in our diets. Some parts of Africa never supplemented with iodine and suffered from AIDS many years before we did, basically in the 1930s, right after sulfur was depleted from their food supply because of synthetic fertilizers.

A website by Dr. James Howenstine gives you the basics about the role of iodine in the thyroid and lists three products and a three-month treatment plan for loading your body with the appropriate mixture of iodine before changing to a normal daily dosage. Another website by Dr. Bruce West is also very informative.

Why don't doctors treat us with iodine therapy? Detoxing and many other therapies are not income-producing treatments (no monthly refills) and are not profitable for insurance companies. In fact, they are money-losers.

Medical insurance companies get 50-65% of their operating budget from their percentage of pharmaceutical sales. The have to have that money to stay in business, so detoxing is not possible through insurance.

Maintaining your iodine levels with a drop a day from a tincture plus sea kelp is a great idea as kelp will provide you with many other minerals. Iodine deficiency is a serious problem and could be the one of the reasons for your medical problems. Iodoral pills, Eidon iodine, Nascent and Lugol's iodine are good iodine products.


Iodine is to sea vegetables as MSM is to land vegetables. There are different kinds of sulfur. MSM is short for methul-sulphonyl-methane which evaporates from the ocean and comes to us through rain water. 25% of your body should be sulfur. People today have about 1% sulfur because of synthetic molecules in our fertilizers and food additives.

Sulfur binds with heavy metals, pathogens and synthetic molecules. In our body, this detoxes us and keeps us healthy. When fertilizers are sprayed on the crops, the sulfur from rain water is trapped and neutralized so that the crops cannot absorb this nutrient.

When John D. Rockefeller started selling synthetic fertilizers in the 1930s, he noted that the regions that used them had more sickness. So, he started investing and developing pharmaceutical products. Both medicines and fertilizers are created from petroleum products.

In 1954, Rockefeller lobbied the U.S. congress to mandate the use of synthetic fertilizers after an e-coli outbreak. From that year on, we have been deficient in sulfur.

Ten years later, Rockefeller asked the World Health Organization to discourage the supplementation of iodine in breads. This was step one and step two of causing a health epidemic!

By the late 1960s, we were deficient in iodine, magnesium and potassium after supplementation was discouraged. Add the sulfur deficiency and we no longer detox heavy metals or synthetic molecules, plus we have a much higher level of pathogens throughout the body, especially the digestive tract.

The main treatment in natural health care is clearing pathogens, mainly candida yeast overgrowth, from the intestines and restoring good bacteria. After 6 weeks of balancing the flora, the enzymes can start healing the leaky gut, which causes over 5,000 diseases and symptoms.

Separate from that is balancing the minerals. A healthy amount of Opti-MSM Organic sulfur will take care of the bulk of the cleansing throughout the body. Iodine fulfillment therapy will get the thyroid working and cleanse the blood. Both of these treatments detox heavy metals.

Proteins and enzymes have to be activated by a hormone. Therefore, iodine therapy increases protein and enzyme levels very quickly. I believe MSM is involved in D3 sunlight hormone, which will also increase proteins and enzymes.

Western medical doctors (pharmaceuticals) must follow the standard treatment protocols that are outlined by the American Medical Association if they are employed by an insurance company. The AMA gets 80% of its funds from pharmaceutical sales and they have the legal right to take an MD's medical license away. This is a serious conflict of interest!

Insurance companies get 50-65% of their funds from pharmaceutical sales, therefore they don't do detoxing or natural therapies. If they did they would go bankrupt.

Even though you are forced by law to purchase insurance coverage, you still have other options and outcomes. Alternative health care is a supply and demand marketplace, so you get better care for less money.

Typically, to cure what you have will cost you less than a year's worth of co-payments on your pharmaceutical products, including the natural health practitioner's fee.

The CDC and WHO were also founded by Rockefeller and get 65% and 75% of their money from pharmaceutical sales. In addition to your mandatory participation insurance premium, paid through the state to insurance companies, insurance also needs $20 billion or more in government bail-outs every year. Unbelievable! We need a whole new system of health care which includes ALL forms of health care, not just Rockefeller health care.

Good luck in your quest for good health. This blog is not to be taken as medical advice.

Three Health Care Basics That You Should Treat Before Going to a Doctor


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Iodine defeciency in early childhood should also be studied. I phoned a number of baby food manufacturers and asked if the salt in their baby food was iodized or not they proudly told me it wasn’t!! When I phoned some manufacturers of chicken nuggets, frozen french fries and other such toddler preferred food they were also produced with non iodized salt.

      There needs to be some research to measure iodine levels in babies and todlers diet and see if there is any relation to the prevelence of autism.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Over here in Australia, they started fortifying bread with Iodine again in 2009. There has also been a little bit of awareness regarding the element on radio by advertising it in supplemental form aimed at those who are child bearing.

      Let it be known that Iodine is the reason why kelp is recommended to help the diet. It contains Iodine, obviously.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you so much for this article. I have a goiter and have had a serious candida problem and food allergy problem for a long time and I believe that it is linked to my def. in iodine. Thanks! This helped me a lot!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for the help!

    • Rena61 profile image


      11 years ago from Mineral Bluff, Georgia

      Hi Smoore1,

      Fantastic hub, very informative.

      For nearly 2 months, I have been following a protocol for yeast overgrowth, and am getting good results. For the past couple of days, I have added iodine to the regiment because I believe the lack of iodine was the main cause of yeast overgrowth in the first place. Thanks for the well written hub, and I'll keep you posted of my progress, Thank you, Peace, Rena.


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